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  1. Welcome to the board. :D You could try their website : www.sendmail.org which has a FAQ as well as links to other useful documentation. Is that of any use to you? Leo
  2. I have a d-link dsl-g604t modem/router and it works fine, what make/model/issues do you have? Leo
  3. I am just getting to grips with Arch on my PII Compaq Armade M700. It runs really nicely and took a lot less effort to get the basic setup running than I expected. Leo
  4. Leo


    Just to add to this, my mother-in-law got NTL broadband and the modem that came with it supported both ethernet and usb connections
  5. HURRAH!!! Thank you all for your help. I got pissed off (patience is not a virtue of I posess) and decided to get rid of all network connections and reset the modem/router to it's factory settings. I then started from scratch, reenterd all information into the modem and set resolv.conf etc. I restarted the network and it all worked. Thank you once again to everyone who helped. Leo
  6. I have used it for LAN connections but not internet I am not sure about the controller but I think it is via (the eth0 is listed as 'eth0 via-rhine' - or something similar). It is on board. Leo
  7. I amended resolv.conf to include:nameserver isp.dns.ip.address1 nameserver isp.dns.ip.address2 nameserver my.router.ip.address but still no dice. I'll give this a go tonight. Thanks Leo
  8. Hi John. I generally don't trust MCC as I am never sure what it is changing (plus it has a nasty habit of removing my menus). In most cases I have found CLI better as it usually involves a couple of extra lines in a config file or a few commands that I can read up on and see what they do (plus I find it gives me a better understanding of my system, which is something I am desparately in need of :D ). In MCC I went to the security section and the firewall setting and changed the internet connection from ppp+ (as used by my old adsl usb modem) to eth0. This changed the internet conection from adsl to LAN (this is a good example of what I was saying about the confusing nature of MCC). I have not seen the new device working with Linux yet, although I used Google to find examples and people report it working with both SUSE and Mandrake/Mandriva (both), so I know it is possible. Leo
  9. OK I found it, it was a firewall setting however it still does not work. I am guessing that the problem is in establishing the connection for the internet from my pc to the router (or vice versa). I tried turning off the firewall on both the modem and the pc but still no luck. Any other suggestions? Leo
  10. OK, I turned off IPv6 (no noticeable effect but now I know how to do it :D ) I checked miscellaneous Internet settings in MCC and it tells me my connection type is adsl but does not let me alter this (I hate MCC so would really appreciate a command line method of doing this) Thanks for the help so far. Leo PS. I can ping the router using $ ping -c 3 -I eth0 xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx but not any external ip addresses
  11. I have a D-Link DSL-G604T and an ADSL connection but I am unable to get it working. Using the modem/router/AP I can get a connection to my ISP but am unable to browse any pages I have set nameserver xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx in resolv.conf which allows me to open the config page foor the modem in Firefox (and this allows me to ping external IP addresses) I do not think that the network is getting set correctly (and this may be a part of the problem) as at boot I get a whole load of failed messages for each network device. I know next to nothing about networking so please be gentle and give me the Janet and John explanation Thanks Leo
  12. Just to add a further opinion (whilst attempting to stay on topic :D ) I found papaschtroumpf's comments both useful and relevant to the topic as it was about blocking outgoing communications by application rather than as a whole and I am embarrassed to admit that it is something that had not occurred to me and has made me think more about my security setup. It was also a very good point about our attitude to security in that we tend to blame MS for a number of users indiscretions. Leo
  13. Leo

    USB Mice Stop Working

    Have you tried any of the mouses on an alternative box? It would rule out any hardware problems to do with the usb on your current machine? Leo
  14. Leo

    USB Mice Stop Working

    Welcome. As a guess I would say that for some reason the mouses are timing out and turning themselves off due to inactivity (or if wireless they are low on battery power). open a terminal and when the mouse fails type dmesg and have a look at the end of the output. If it is the systme turning off the mouse you should get some explanation there. Do you have any issues with other usb devices? Leo
  15. Leo


    have you tried ogg2mp3 a nice little command line app that does exactly that? Leo
  16. Leo

    MDV 2005

    John, yes you are right, a clean install should fix most problems, I thnk that Trio3b probably meant the Display Manager (I will admit that I have also referred to it as the login manager ) Leo
  17. Leo

    MDV 2005

    The best place to start when looking for more information is the manual pages just type man [command] at the prompt in a shell and if there are any pages available they will be shown e.g. man inittab will display the manual page for inittab. Another place worth a look is, as always, google or more precisely www.google.com/linux for a linux specific search. There is also the search function on this board (see the top of the page) although personally I find this rather difficult to use as I ca never narrow down the search to my satisfaction (this may well be a user problem though :unsure: ) As for the sync option if you look at man /etc/fstab there is an explanation although I do not undertand it myself so I will not attempt to paraphrase it. Bear in mind that you can also get help with the manual page itself by typing man man I hope this was not too 'Janet and John' for you, feel free to ask again if you need more help Leo
  18. Leo

    MDV 2005

    1. Have you checked that you are booting into runlevel 5 (the gui)? If not then check the file /etc/inttab and ther should be a line: id:5:initdefault: where 5 is the runlevel (3 is command line). Failing that have you looked for the module that isn't loading? If it exists try maually loading it (modprobe [module_name]) and see what happens. 2. I don't know about t ther apps but tuxracer seem to have changed its name to SuperTux 3. Short answer is you can't. The numbering of each app is the version number of that app and gives no clue as to dependencies. However if you use urpmi then it ought to take care of any dependencies. I hope this helps Leo
  19. Which version of Mandrake/Mandriva are you using? I had a similar problem with a usb graphics tablet in an earlier release which hasbeen fixed in subsequent releass. Leo
  20. what has changed in your system between you last booting correctly and this error message occuring? Leo
  21. There are some apm modules available in the default build (enough to make my ABIT board work). As for compiling your own kernel, relax, it really is not as bad as it sounds. There are lots of instructions on the board and all you need to do is add in some new modules (you can base it on a pre-existing build so you don't have to worry about not understanding exactly how the rest of it works). You would be surprised how straight forward it is (plus it sounds cool to say you compiled your own kernel :D ) Remember DON'T PANIC! Leo
  22. I am not sure what you are trying to do here however these instructions ought to work (it requires you to have CUPS running) Leo BTW I fixed the links in my previous post
  23. I googled it and there were a number of sites experts exchange seems quite a good bet (scroll down to below the ads). Itt woould appear to be a rrebrandedLexmark 1150 and not partcularly reliable so may be worth checking that it works on windows. Let us know if this works otherwise we will try something else Leo edit: corrected links
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