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  1. I use photoshop. First I did big fonts using arial black. I moved fonts together. Skewing fonts and editing outlines of fonts. First I did this Those fonts are actual black. I coloured those using various filters. Also I did couple different layers and using special transparent efects for those layers. So I get it look like more plastic/metallic. So if u disable those filters u get just black and white logo. Background is actual photo from mine mainboard. I colored it and finally just take a snapshot of 1x100px slice and skew it. Colored photo from mine mainboard. Same picture on two layers. Other picture is just skewed and masked transparency and special layer transparency. Just skewed image from mine mainboard. Those mine pictures is just fast drafts (10-45min). So I hope you point me to the right direction and comment what u like or not.
  2. Ok, here is without sun. Better? Have to finish some other day. Yes, it is tileable as rest of my works. Just take 1px width and 100px height image and repeat it. http://img177.imageshack.us/img177/5194/jo...rslogo109ns.jpg
  3. Here is two drafts. Logo is now little stylish. Like it? Colors? Outlines? Both? -josk
  4. Cant stop laughing. That star eyes lsd tux is way too cool. I have to stop drinking beers and photoshopping at the same time.
  5. You have it! Here it is. Mandriva star, psychedelic colours and no modern look like penguin at all. So I'll collect your vote! How about tux with Mandy2005LE star eyes and some flavor from pacman and supermario?
  6. Time to go home. I had 30 min idle time at work and here is one more. That background is actually photo from mine mainboard. http://img204.imageshack.us/img204/645/jos...rslogo055lg.jpg http://img204.imageshack.us/img204/738/jos...rslogo064tg.jpg
  7. Little bit improved. Flying penguin 100% homemade. There is nothing from yetisport. Added BSD and smokin cannon. If I have some idle hours I'll do something more original. http://img45.imageshack.us/img45/4026/josk...rslogo040bk.jpg
  8. I have allready edited that yetisports look a like background. I think just editing that flying penguin and there is nothing from original.
  9. Maybe that windows logo should be removed. I think Mandriva wont care cause there is allready board logo that contains their logo. And tux is freeware.
  10. These pictures may take some time to load*. Here is my very fast look'n'feel. If you like that I will polish it more. Background could be scaleable. Just clone one 1 x 100 px image slice. Community powder that shoots much further Is that new slogan ok? Could it be something else? Hmmm... community powder that shoots user much further -josk [*images converted to attachments by spinynorman]
  11. Im feeling totally noobie with this problem, argh.... but I cannot do this dilde (~) character. I have finnish keyboard layout. Normally I think I get it pressing ALT+button with that character and then press space or something. Hope someone could help me cause copy+paste isnt so user friendly.
  12. Is there PLF kind of solution for Kanotix (debian, knoppix)??? Now I cannot find even mplayer.
  13. Finally I found replacement for mandy. Kanotix. No more waiting now I get latest and greatest right away :D
  14. Ok, this is solved now: title Win map (hd0) (hd2) map (hd2) (hd0) chainloader (hd2,0)+1
  15. I just installed Kanotix (grub) over my Mandriva (lilo). But I cannot launch WinXP from bootloader anymore. I cannot understand where is the problem. Grub find mine XP partition but when I select that line and hit enter it just hang up. And I can just turn off power and restart. Any help is more than welcome! Short map about my volumes: HDA FAT32 (just files) HDB FAT32 (just files) SDA1 WINDOWS XP (this i want to start) SDA5 FAT32 (just files) SDA7 KANOTIX (raiserfs) SDA6 SWAP (linux) And here is my grub config
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