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  1. I'd give gthumb a try. Do not forget to set the communication mode of your camera to ptp mode instead normal and everything should work well. Good Luck.
  2. Yeah, before posting I had tried adding -R to the command, but it didn't work. edited to insert the output of the commands: [root@localhost storage]# chgrp william mymp3 -R chgrp: changing group of `mymp3/Miles Davis/miles davis - prelude to a kiss.mp3': Operation not permitted chgrp: changing group of `mymp3/Miles Davis/Miles Davis - Pharoah\'s Dance.mp3': Operation not permitted chgrp: changing group of `mymp3/Miles Davis/Miles Davis - Moon Dreams.mp3': Operation not permitted chgrp: changing group of `mymp3/Miles Davis/Miles Davis - Human Nature.mp3': Operation not permitted chgrp: changing group of `mymp3/Miles Davis/miles davis - freddie freeloader.mp3': Operation not permitted chgrp: changing group of `mymp3/Miles Davis/Miles Davis': Operation not permitted chgrp: changing group of `mymp3/Miles Davis/Miles Davis/Miles Davis - Prelude To A Kiss.mp3': Operation not permitted chgrp: changing group of `mymp3/Miles Davis/Miles Davis/Miles Davis - Pharoah\'s Dance.mp3': Operation not permitted chgrp: changing group of `mymp3/Miles Davis/Miles Davis/Miles Davis - Moon Dreams.mp3': Operation not permitted
  3. Does anybody know if it's possible to change the group and ownership of an entire directory and its contents (subfolders or files) at once? i.e.: I have a dir named "mymp3"full of songs and they belongs to root' s group and ownership. When I try: chown william mymp3 chgrp william mymp3 only the mymp3 dir is affected by the commands, the contents inside the folders not. Thanks.
  4. You will have to check if the isos are corrupted. Have a look at this thread
  5. put disk 2 instead and choose for a new install, it will ask for cd #1.
  6. Just attach the second HD to the computer and go to mcc>mount points>partitions (i don't remember the name) and check if it was recognised.
  7. put the output of lsmod here!! edited to say: BTW. With lsmod, check if you have any eth1394 module. If positive get rid of it. reboot the system and type in a terminal: rmmod eth1394 Afterwards, try to get internet conection.
  8. It'd be great if you could paste the error message here. Sorry for the stupid question, but are you trying to install something running 2 instances of urpmi or any other installation program at the same time?
  9. I'm with SoulSe. It's a very dangerous procedure. Back up your photos, mp3s, videos, documents, .xinitrc file, XF86Config-4, etc and go for a new install. Probably, the time (depending of the specs of you box) u'll spend trying to do the job with partition magic, qparted and fdisk (not sure if they do it, the only option would be a complete partition reformat), Acronis partion expert, patition manager and whatever will justify the choice for a new whole install. Good luck!!
  10. after many boots the system stopped trying to load the module. thanks.
  11. william


    go to mandrake control center > hardware > screen resolution
  12. gqcam is for webcams not for still cameras
  13. Great, bvc. It should work (it's just the oposite of modprobe), actually this module has been loaded at random, but after 4 reboots I'll be able to check if it really resolve the issue. I'll let you know. Thanks.
  14. Does anyone know if it's possible? Sometimes I have to "rmmod" when eth1394 is loaded during startup and it'd be great if could be done automatically. Thanks.
  15. there are lots of post on this here, I´d do a search ...
  16. william

    Flux Menus

    [begin] (Fluxbox CVS) [exec] (Eterm) {Eterm --trans -g 70x35+0+350 -b black -f honeydew2 -x --bordless --scrollbar=off --buttonbar=0 -c grey89 --font anorexia} [exec] (Firebird) {/home/william/firefox/firefox} [exec] (Run) {fbrun -bg black -fg white -font anorexia} [exec] (Xkill) {xkill} This is part of the .menu file when I used flux. You should give the entire path of where thunderbird is installed. It should work...(see firebird entry)
  17. For the BitDefender issue, if you haven't been there yet, this link may give you a hand. Which browser are you using? Try to figure out where the plugin folder is located in order to symlink to the correct one. Maybe, you should use /usr/java/j2re1.4.2_04/plugin/i386/ns610-gcc32/libjavaplugin_oji.so instead ns610 or ns4 ... just a guess...
  18. I think he's getting some errors related to gcc and anything got installed. jmr0311, You should better install it using a terminal, hence we could be able to see what is going on during installation. Do not forget to check the links posted by feralertx, maybe they can be useful in the future, anyway go to a terminal window and type: su <enter> type root password <enter> rpm -i BitDefender-Console-Antivirus-7.0.1-3.linux-gcc3x.i586.rpm <enter> and you should get a bunch of error messages or one saying that you successfuly got it installed. If the installation ran smoothly, open a new terminal window and type: exit <enter> Go to your /usr/bin folder and try to see and bitdefender file. If you were able to see it, go back to a terminal window and type its name. If you faced problems, paste the error messages here. Good luck.
  19. Those keys were PAM. If someone else faces this sort of issue: Go to Desktop Preferences>Advanced>Sessions>Current Session>Select pam-panel-something_or_other (I don't remember)>click Remove>click Apply and when you logout save your session, or in your favorite terminal run gnome-session-save You should get rid of the silly keys.
  20. william

    Pentium 4 HT

    Sorry, tyme. Actually, he asked me what is the grep command for and I explained to him in Portuguese, that's it.
  21. william

    Pentium 4 HT

    Esse comando lista os rpms que vc tem instalado na máquina, no exemplo eu pedi para listar todos os rpms que continham a palavra kernel. Eu quis lhe mostrar que o HT funciona no kernel e It's not necessary to compile the kernel to have HT support.
  22. mine goes to gnome. edited to say: and wm enlightenment
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