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  1. I put disk 2 in and I get the same thing.
  2. ok will i will try it a bit later,thanks! By the way what is that device you use as your avatar?
  3. I put disk 1 of 4 in of my burned mdk 10 but i didnt get any install prompts.The cdrom started spinning though but it just booted up normally.BIOS is set to boot from it.
  4. i downloaded the other 3 also.I downloaded them from this site http://planetmirror.com/pub/mandrakeclub/standard
  5. I downloaded mdk 10 cd4 iso to my hard drive.I then burned it with k3b it went to one disk.Was this the correct way?
  6. fiery

    mozilla shortcut

    Thanks spiedra,that click and drag worked perfect!Also thanks for the response liquid zoo!
  7. fiery

    mozilla shortcut

    Thanks i will try it.I have KDE and Gnome.
  8. How do I create a shortcut on my desktop or in the toolbar for mozilla? I have mdk 9.2
  9. Do I have to download it as an update and install it with rpmdrake or do I downlad it then burn it to a disk then install it? Does it have any video editing software included in 10?
  10. I tried deleting software in rpmdrake but I think I went delete crazy because I cant launch Konqueror now and other apps! I reloaded 9.2 logged in as root went to rpmdrake and now I see lots of software that wasnt there before!I installed mozilla,kopete and they both work nice,but how did they get there this time?
  11. In rpmdrake I try to install xine-ui-0.9.22-5.1.92mdk and get this message: There was a problem during the installation: medium "contrib uses an invalid list file: mirror is probably not up to date,trying to use alternate method
  12. I followed the easyurpmi instructions 9.2 mdk logged in as root pasted into terminal window then a long download even with broadband.I see lots of software in rpmdrake now.I always get error messages when I try to install something.
  13. I have a wheel mouse optical usb mouse.The middle wheel doesnt scroll the konqueror web page up and down.I used the auto config for the mouse setup at install.What would be the correct mouse choice to enable this function?
  14. Yes,thank you it looks like it used deskjet 510.I dont see deskjet 5150 in its list.Is that the correct one or should i try and download a 5150 driver?That would be a new experiance for me,thanks!
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