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  1. Yeah, I'm a stupid helpless worthless ex-Windows user, and I have no clue how to scan a picture. I have a picture (just a regular Kodak) that I want to scan and email. I put the picture on the scanner (it's a printer/scanner/copier, pretty standard, nothing fancy) and pressed "Scan". It says that "Options not set." So my question is: how do I set options? Second thing is: my mouse. I have a simple Logitech optical mouse. It's got a left and right button and a scroll wheel. Occasionally it jumps erratically around the screen, opening and closing applications, etc. This never happened with Windows. Is it a problem with my mouse, and should I just buy a new one, or does it have something to do with Linux? Edit: Running Mandrake10/KDE
  2. Hallo, Is there any way I can make semi-transparant text, as seen here: If so, how do I make it like this? Or is it just Photoshop only... Thanks.
  3. Is there any way for me to take a snapshot by pressing the Print Screen button and not having to open up Ksnapshot (I use Mandrake 10/KDE by the way) and waiting for it to load? I play an online RPG and sometimes I don't have time to open Ksnap. Is there any package I can install or something?
  4. Hi, Whenever I type something on Open Office, if I've typed it before then it will complete the word for me. Often, the world is something like "there" or "everyone", and I can type it faster if I use the keys rather than realizing it's been completed automatically and then hitting enter. I know I can just keep on typing, but it's bugging the heck out of me. Does anyone know how to fix this? Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, but I figured it wasn't a big enough problem to go under software. EDIT - Moved to Software from Tips and Tricks - LiquidZoo Ooooh... thank you cw! Whichever genius decided that was a useful function... Close please.
  5. I play an online RPG, which means I cannot pause the game. Sometimes, things come up, things that I would like to take a picture of but I do not have enough time to open Ksnapshot and let it load. Is there any way I can take a screenshot using the PrintScreen/SysRq button, like on Windows? Thanks.
  6. Thanks everyone, I got it. I used the FAQ walkthrough, works like a charm. :D
  7. I use Mandrake10/KDE. Under the game menu, I have various programs- the one's I'm interested in are Chromium, Frozen Bubble and TuxRacer. I can use Frozen Bubble, but I can't run Chromium and TuxRacer. When I try to run Chromium, it appears on the panel, then disappears after a while. The same goes for Tuxracer. How can I fix this so I can play Chromium and Tuxracer?
  8. I'm not sure... I just use the GIMP that comes with KDE. Like I said, I'm a very sad beginner...
  9. Hi, Whenever I try to print something from the GIMP, I get a string of text. I tried uploading the file, then printing it from there. No luck. I've posted the image url with the img tags, then right-clicking the image, going down to actions, print, I get HTML. Is there any way I can print directly from the GIMP? If not, is there an alternate way to print it, without screwing up colors, size, scale etc? (Whoo, I love BB code) :woops: Edit: Here's the image I'm trying to print.
  10. Where can I find an FTP program for KDE/Mandrake so I can transfer all my HTML files to the web server without having to uplaod them individually? You are a lifesaver, liquid.
  11. Thanks everybody. Got it.
  12. Linux Newbie


    I know this probably sounds like a really stupid question, but how do I change screen resolution? Right now, I'm at something really small, so everytime I get onto Mozilla I have to press ctrl+ a few times. I can't find screen resolution anywhere in the configure options. Does anyone know how to change screen resolution for the whole computer?
  13. Linux Newbie


    I installed j2re and j2re plugin, then created a sybolic link following MottS' guide to installing Java: subsituting "ln -s /usr/java/j2re1.4.1_01/plugin/i386/ns610/libjavaplugin_oji.so libjavaplugin_oji.so" with the appropriate changes. The exact commands I issued were: cd /usr/local/mozilla/plugins pwd (which told me I was in the directory /usr/local/mozilla/plugins) ln -s /usr/java/j2re1.4.2_05/plugin/i386/ns610-gcc32/libjavaplugin_oji.so This command told me: "ln: `./libjavaplugin_oji.so': File exists" So I opened up home, went up two steps so the location bar only said "file:/", clicked usr, then local, then mozilla, then plugins, and there were 2 icons there-- one was labled "libjavaplugin_oji.so" The other one is called libnullplugin.so. However, when I open the Mozilla browser and go to help-about plugins, there are no symbolic links. The terminal said I had already made the symbolic links, so how come they aren't there? When I go to the link in MottS' guide: I restarted the browser and my computer, but when I clicked on the link, it didn't work. So, basically, here's my problem: I installed j2re, the j2re plugin, created the symbolic links, but my java still doesn't work. Any help?
  14. Ah... I was hoping for there was a site that displayed the images in the browser without having to download and save. (Like imageshack or orcplanet) Unfortunately, they only handle Windows-type files.
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