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  1. kyzzar

    my root is full

    Hello I really really apreciated your all suggestion, now my problem using du -sh `ls` it is a dos mode i can see the capacity each folder wow im so happy now i know already whats really goin on inside of my hdd. someone suggested that i have to pay attention in logs yes its true i saw httpd logs it consume 12gb i dont know why... thats another problem that i have to trace it...anyway... thanks guys many many thanks
  2. Hello there im using mandriva 2008 and i install it in my desktop pc in Intel DUO Core with 1gb memory my purpose is i want to establish vtiger crm using mandriva 2008 and I was sucesfully done this pass 3 weeks i can connect vtiger through web connection but after that i got problem everytime i log the username password cannot go inside so i decided to troubleshoot it. I found first the HDD is full but only the root / i dont know why...but /home its okey and laso /var/www the capacity is good hmmm. i really really dont have idea for this... i dont know what folder is going to full i did not set auto update the media... please anyone can help me... here is my partitioning of my HDD FileSystem Size Used AVail USe% Mounted On /Dev/sda1 15G 14G 492M 97% / /Dev/sda7 17G 194M 16G 2% /home /Dev/sda6 39G 258M 37G 1% /var/www thanks [moved from Installing Mandriva by spinynorman]
  3. Hello i have found site that i thought it can help me to share internet i followed the instruction but nothing happen my configuration is i have 2 lan card eth0 - for ISP provider eth1 - for my sharing internet which is i put since i followed the instruction but nothing happen even i manually input it the ip... so i decided to reformat my HDD to follow again the instruction maybe i miss something...:( please anyone can help me...
  4. hello thanks but i think the link for my modem is unavailable http://www.modem-help.co.uk/mfc/honestar.html#MD5628 please can you help or maybe you can recommend me about modem for linux, i need modem for easy to install PLease please tank you very much
  5. Hello Guys I have problem on my modem i want to install it on my Mandriva2007 but cannot support the device...gosssh what am i suppose to do...huhuhuhu.... Coz I have plan to install HylaFAX server and AVANTFAX but my modem is unknown by mandriva 2007 Model: AMBIENT MD5628D-L-A Please anyone can help me or anyone can recommend which modem support by linux... Thank you cheesewizz
  6. kyzzar

    URL Block

    Read what daniewicz said again - he's talking about Linux! It's the same idea, just that the file lives in a slightly different place (as daniewicz says, the file is /etc/hosts). Hello Goodafternoon okey i'll do that first, thanks everyone... kyzzar
  7. kyzzar

    URL Block

    Hello, I think that is for windows yes i know that and i never try to modify it...how about linux? is there any way to to block the URL... thanks kyzzar
  8. kyzzar

    URL Block

    Hello All, Goodmorning... I have Mnadriva2007 in my office and I setup ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) using mandriva2007 and my internet connection is working properly. I Installed Bind, DHCP, and Iptables... My question is How can i block other URL's like yahoo.com or pornosite...because other PC's browsing any website. Please anyone can guide me... Thank you Kyzzar
  9. kyzzar

    USB Modem

    Hello zibi1981 Yes I am using DSL connection but my boss want to have a dial-up connection to his house using mandriva linux... I will read first your instruction you gave to me then if not working i will post my problem... thank you kyzzar Hello zibi1981 I appreciated your instruction the one you gave to me but is there any easiest way to follow the instruction its hard for me...hihihihi thank you... Kyzzar
  10. kyzzar

    USB Modem

    Hello guys Good morning I am newbie in linux and i was trying to install my USB modem it is d-link HSF model, when i plug my USB modem the hardware is detected but its not recognized of Linux...I search in google to find some instruction on how to install USB modem I found some and i follow the instruction first i download driver for my USB modem when i install it nothing happen... Please anyone can guide me on how to install my modem i want to use dial-up to connect in internet... thank you kyzzar
  11. Hello All, Goodmorning. I just want to ask about wireless I have wireless lan card installed on my mandriva2007. but when i try to install it gives me an URL address about MIDWIFI. I follow the instructions but i was failed in SVN... Please any ideas for this error [root@linuxmaster ~]# svn checkout http://svn.madwifi.org/trunk/ -bash: svn: command not found [root@linuxmaster ~]# Thank you regards cheesewizz
  12. Dear sir/mam, I would like to ask why my printer HPDeskjet 1280 failed to configure eventhough the drivers is support of my mandriva... thank you very much kyzzar
  13. Hello All, For almost one year I study the LINUX FIREWALL by myself Please does anyone can help me o guide for the simple instruction or basic to give me an idea.... Thank you... Kyzzar
  14. Dear All, I am newbie in Linux! I just want to know what is my error in apache virtual hosting coz it shows to me an IP address when i type the www.tailin.net/egroupware My IP address is already registered in DOmain My IP address registered by a name of www.tailin.net the egroupware is my virtual website and I put inside of my main website which is tailin.net like this: as you can see only the ip address can show in browser including egroupware please help me... Thank you... Kyzzar
  15. How! I have no idea... can you guide me... Thanks Kyzzar
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