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  1. The manual on the links was no so specific. A am a linux newbie
  2. I have same problem. Any tv progam In linux works. Iam a linux newbie. I Though may be it s the bttv that I have to install. Or may be its allready in mandrak package. I have mandrake 10.0 powerpack Intel P4 200 MHZ 358 Ram 80 GB Hauppauge Win Theater Nvidia Geforce 3 TI500 Guys please help if you now what the problem is
  3. I installed the 4.5.2 version and I get the same problem. Somebody has told me that I have to recmpile vmware. and I need to install gcc compiler. I installed the compller and I get this message What is the location of the directory of C header files that match your running kernel? [/usr/src/linux/include] What does I need to fill in?
  4. Here are some tips how to mount iso files to be used as " an medium" to load rpms automatic via software medium center. But I wonder was if there is a simpler way via gui.
  5. Hallo, bvc Take a look a this page->http://www.mandrake.tips.4.free.fr/configuration100.html
  6. What do I have to fill in the pathlist? And second; can I do that with iso-images allso? Or is that different setup?
  7. Hallo guys, How can i add an local file to media sottware media manager? I have an file in my home dirrectory where I download rpm from the internet. And I would like to install the rpm directly from that file. And I also want to put the mandrake cd-iso on the hard drive and use the software media manager to install it directly form the harddrive so i dont need to use cd ( cd deejee-ing ) every time when i install a new package. Thanks, Gregory
  8. Where did you get the 4.5.1 (4.5.2)? Thanks, Gregory
  9. Hallo, guys I have an SCSI and IDE hard drive. I have linux installed on SCSI harddrive and I want to mount the second IDE harddrive as a storage disk. Can somebody help me out Thanks, Gregory
  10. The version that comes with mandrake 10.0 power pack ( version 4.0.5 )
  11. I got this message trying to run vmware: [gregory@localhost gregory]$ su Password: [root@localhost gregory]# vmware & [1] 2621 [root@localhost gregory]# vmware-config.pl Making sure VMware Workstation's services are stopped. Stopping VMware services: Virtual machine monitor [ OK ] grep: /proc/ksyms: No such file or directory grep: /proc/ksyms: No such file or directory grep: /proc/ksyms: No such file or directory Trying to find a suitable vmmon module for your running kernel. None of VMware Workstation's pre-built vmmon modules is suitable for your running kernel. Do you want this program to try to build the vmmon module for your system (you need to have a C compiler installed on your system)? [yes] Can somebody help me with this problem? Thanks, Gregory
  12. Aliendrake

    install VLC

    Hallo, if you use and buy mandrake 10.0 you do have the contibution and PLF. PLF are RPMS that you can download that are not supported in mandrake distributions because of legal proceses of copy rights. And contribution are rpm that you can download when you are a member of the mandrake club. If you buy mandrake from the store you get it included in the pack.
  13. Hallo, Ixthusdan Many but many thanks men, it works. I have done what your said and I got it work. realy thanks, Gregory.
  14. Hallo, Is there a simple manual how to use nvidia reinstaller or could you break it down in pieces? Hey men, many thanks for your support, it has been an long way since. Gregory
  15. Yes. I saved the config-4. But after restart my computer I need to reconfig the nvdia driver again. Thanks for repling xthusdan, Gregory
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