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  1. Rik, I get the same error BUT if I just continue and ignore it it does actually keep working.... and produce the output you need on step 3.
  2. It depends on features..... My GF uses her's far more than I do and more extensively.... my normal use is 15mins to 1hr on a train or such so battery is less important to me...however size was reasonably... My Gf got an iRiver.... it does work D&D but then the songs aren't indexed in the database but you can select by album and directory... Again depends on music... this part doesn't bother me that much but thats maybe the music I listen to... I got a cheapo chinese made import REALY cheap.. plays MP4 (after a bit of messing about) Another friend likes being a DJ... so he tends to use his iPod playlists in bars he knows?? Horses for courses?
  3. Sorry... no windows here so I haven't really looked into the 3g stuff ..... One thing to consider though is that if its a backup drive then you want it to be readable by the max amount of PC's.... without needing to start messing about (not saying you need to with 3g since I didn't try but something to consider).... If the worst happens then being able to plug that disk into any computer might be real useful :D
  4. Gowator

    Turn off core dumps

    Hi, and John would you guess it its a photo app :D Anyway, I think I know the cause..... but boy did I spend and perhaps waste a lot a time on it.... LOL but in the end closed source its hard to say.... and its one of those apps will always be closed source because of the nature of the algorithms... The hard thing is (IMHO) that certain apps will always be distributed like this with static linked libs just because of the nature of linux. Either they support a single distro and set of libs which is more like a snapshot for something like Debian since its always rollin-rollin or they end up in support hell. theres some other SW I use on linux as well called LightZone which is FREE but not FREE for linux.. the win and mac versions cost money... but they allow the linux version to be packaged and distributed. The reason I mention this one is because its a java app... and the linux version (I don't know about the others) uses OS decoders for the raw image files (dcraw) so its a bit of a mix n match... They used to distribute it with and without java... and bearing in mind the linux version is unsupported (officially though they do allow users to post on thier forum) they decided it was just too much hassle distributing the app withiout the bundeled jre. The other app (bibble) I presume distributes the static linked libs for the same reason... but the problem of course is its using to a large extent the same libs as are already present (libtiffxx and libjpgxxxx) etc. etc. so I think... but don't know (and this took a lot of blind experimintation from a almost completely minimal install) that its a version conflict between the libs ...however it stil shouldn't core dump ..GRR ... Problem for me is I put on a different hat when I'm processing photo's.... much as I like messing about under the hood not when I'm just trying to get something done.... This is one reason I don't really have any linux games.... Im not adverse to playing... its just somethings I can't be bothered (anymore) to mess about with just to get working... It must be old age :D I remember spending hours in Dos x.x getting doom to run.... LOL Anyway... I also try not to mess with kernels and stuff... its not I can't its just experience tells me once you do that you have an equal chance of causing another prob... but more importantly (for me) is each time you then upgrade a kernel you have to repeat the whole process... and this already involves work like recompiling nvidia drivers and any other non built-in ones etc. I do agree that its best to solve or at least know what's causing the prob.... its just sometimes its a law of diminishing returns... if you spend a day trying then the chance of finding it after that (for me) starts to go down since its something hidden progressively deeper.
  5. Ok.. those should play natively..... Like I said either way you need to follow the instructions for easy urpmi.... but you'll be glad you did after :D If you worry about editing files just copy the file first.... and call it .backup or something.... Then reread your sig and don't worry.... Worst possible case one of us can go through the thing for you and make you a file to download but then if you need to add a source later you'll still have a learn... I know it can be daunting when your new.... we were all there once and beleive it or not I even remember some of these excellent people helping you starting where you are now :D I learned far more about linux by breaking it fixing it, reinstalling and stuff than I ever learned from books .... just make sure you don't have valuable data or a deadline and go ahead and break it ....
  6. Chronopost do actually have english pages.... If you know about them :D http://www.chronopost.com/en/ if you have the tracking number you can stick it in and try... If you need any help on translations (like if after sticking in the number it directs you to a French page give me a call.) Sorry to say like java guy.... Except I was actually stubborn enough to pay for it several times!
  7. Are you possibly running out of disk space? f-spot is prety weird .. first time you open it it tries to copy all your photo's to your home directory...unless you RTFM a lot first.... (this was pretty serious for me since my photo's directory is 250GB) Some people seem to love it but I find it really unusable..
  8. Gowator

    Turn off core dumps

    I think Tyme and John gave solid advice. I DO admire their knowledge and ask it quite frequently (although this doesn't pertain to the current discussion). Regardless of how you classify the severity of the core dump, it is still there and you do have a problem that requires fixing. Sorry your favorite game is the cause. I've never examined core dumps (nope, not even once). However, maybe it's worthwhile to look into the problem. Yeah but sometimes you just gotta be pragmatic.... One of my progs regualrly core dumps 500MB files too and its a commercial app. What are my options...? Change the kernel (might not fix anything) Stop using an application I paid $160 for (seems like cuting of my nose to spite my face) Start the thing from a bash script that deleted the core dump after .... Of course, I'd love the devs to fix the damned application but its closed source so nothing I can do... I'm not exactly happy about it but I think I just gotta be pragmatic... I even have a pretty good idea what's causing it ... because basically some of the libs are statically linked and the problem only occurs with certain versions of lib's installed (on a clean Deb SID it doesn't core dump) but after installing krita and various other stuff it does... From my way of thinking I can start messing about with library versions and I'll probably end up in a whole chain of stuff... or I could deinstall a load of stuff I use and the libs ... but why bother.. I know which app it is and I want to use it because .. well firstly I paid for it and secondly there's nothing opensource that can do the same job as well. Right now everything is working I just have to band-aid the core dumps...
  9. Just a quick sanity check but last time I looked (which is a long while ago now) Mandr* (download/free) didn't play MP3's by default.... (Its easy for old hands to forget this cos its one of those things you do pretty quickly after an install then forget you had to do). jesthenewbie: Just want to check... do you actually have ANY sound? You can try to play say the KDE startup sounds for themes which are /usr/share/sounds/ (and ogg not MP3) If this works then you still need to do the easyurpmi thing and then select a Mp3 decoder (like lame)
  10. Yes he's absolutely correct.... although I guess its not impossible to write a driver for Windows that could read the linux metadevices... but you'd then need a compatible filesystem on top.... OK, that makes it much easier..... indeed it opens up lots of simple options.... The simpest by far is work out what *needs* backing up and what's convenient and the like... For me the RAW files from my photo's are by far the most important along with documents and offical stuff and my mailbox... However I only have about 300 GB of photo's whereas I have something over a TB of movies and audio... but worse comes to worse I'll just download it.or rebuy the DVD or CD.. (I really can't be bothered re-ripping my DVD's for archival) so I just use an external 500GB disk for my backups and a simple rsych script to copy new only files across every so often. In between I unplug thr disk and it sits in a seal metal box in my drawer... if I were really paranoid I'd take it to a friends house in case my place burns down... This has an added advantage in that I can take the disk offsite .... but the added disadvantage I need to remember to do it every so often.... RAID isn't foolproof either... RAID 1 is the closest to looking after you data but "wastes" half the diskspace anyway.... RAID 5 is usually badly implemnented, even by so called professionals.... in short RAID 5 is useless without the RAID metadata.... at protecting ALL your data. So if you keep the metadata on the array itself (the most common) its useless if 2 disks fail at the same time... this might sound unlikely but its not.... the reasons being often the disks are all of a similar age and by definition (being in a RAID 5 array) amount of activity. However when one diosk fails in a RAID 5 array all that info has to be rebuilt and shuffled about.... if your 2nd disk was almost ready to fail then.... well now would be when its being pushed the hardest... Another disadvantage of a RAID array is they take lots of planning and stuff but once they're set up then you more or less forget about them ... until they fail... If you buy a cheap external disk .. say 2-3 times the capacity you need right now... (which seems to be about 100GB) you can buy this really cheap.... use it as a backup and then sooner or later it will start to fill up.... at his point... just buy a 200GB one.... (assuming you can still buy 200GB ones then) transfer everything and you just created an extra backup.... (at least up to that date) you can drop round a friends house in case you have a fire or flood. Advantage is disk prioces per GB are dropping every month... but if your going to make a decent RAID array you need to pay for that space up front... once the space you paid for is full... you have a few options but most of them involve... yep buying more space up front... A modern unplugged disk you spin up once a month is incredibly unlikely to fail.... and its the backup disk.... so you already have a 2nd copy... a RAID array spinning 24x7... chance is it will eventually fail and you'll spend a long time reconstructing it. If your paid to do this its one thing..when you just want your stuff back.... its another. Personally I have 1 RAID array (a simple RAID 1) on my server for /var I used to build enormous arrays for a job on unix... yet my array only looks after dynamic stuff for mysql and the like for my web pages... the rest is unimportant, its OS files and stuff I can reinstall anytime faster than rebuilding a failed array...
  11. Scythe: It depends on the RAID controller.... The terms simple and complex don't really fit because they swap over somewhat... Perhaps the easiest way to explain is to take a step back.... Take a normal SCSI controller... You can install onto a SCSI disk BUT you need the controller to be supported...not ALL SCSI controllers are HW... I once got one with an old scanner which was a SCSI equivalent of a win printer or winmodem. However you plug in your SCSI devices to a real sCSI controller and the onboard firmware takes care of everything... for instance I have a AHA2940UW in my GF's machine... at the moment its only connected to a scanner. I can however attach an internal or external disk, CD writer or a whole plethora of stuff. Once I do it will just be recognised... I can set it up outside of any OS at all, it has its own BIOS (which is firmware and upgradable) so long as I have the driver for it then the peripherals just work... I do however need SW.. so for my scannert to work I need a TWAIN driver and for the CD writer to write I need the libs for CD writing... RAID controllers are pretty much the same... the best of them have their own LCD controls... you set the array and you can even do it not connected to the computer at all. When you finished setting them up you just connect them to a SCSI controller and the SCSI controller SEE's them as a single disk. It even has a transposed geometry.... At the other end you have WinRAID, this is just SW RAID... Inbetween you have lots which is less expensive than a stand alone cabinet (some RAID arrays are the size of a small room) ... some have the configuration stuff using an external program... so for instance you might need Windows to define the arrays but once they are defined they appear as a single disk presuming you have the SW... In the end you might want to consider why you want a RAID array? You are going to have to use a common filesystem... which is basically FAT32 or something like reiser... or you could use NTFS but its not dreadfully reliable... FAT32 is very limited on permissions etc. You could for instance use Xen and run SW RAID in linux with samba and then the Windows "machine" could use these disks... I do something not completely different but I only use Windows occaisionally so I have a VMWARE session (not good for gaming but that doesn't bother me) and I just use samba to read/write ... Perhaps something along these lines but with Xen might provide closer to what you want?
  12. any HW raid should just work, the whole idea is they are transparent in use. True HW raid however is expensive.
  13. Yep I think that's really about the bottom line .... Obviously for those in the know through long experience we know the drivers must be available if not from Mandriva themselves elsewhere... I think its pretty sad that Mandriva are probably maintaining the letter of the GPL while making it as awkward as possible... especially for n00bies... and completely bypassing the spirit of the GPL ... at least from my opinion... Like Iph said drivers for Xorg... but legally these drivers can be distributed .. mandriva just doesn't unless you pay... but they bypass this by making you pay for something else (club or powerpack) and then bundling the drivers. I think the wost part is companies like Intel are making a big effort lets give them some kudos for the graphics drivers and wireless stuff... and Nvidia aren't too bad either.... but if companies like Mandriva deliberatly withold these drivers or make stuff difficult for n00bs then people are not getting either a proper linux experience or a proper use of the hardware that the manufactuerers have actually spent time and money developing.... Its as well coverup isn't a n00b and already tried other stuff and realises what can be done... but for the hundreds who dopn't its really a negative experience from which Mandriva might gain a few club members who will probably become even more disatified once they realise the drivers were available for free anyway... Pretty much a good description of Suse as far as I'm concerned... which just makes it even more sad IMHO for Mandriva. If you factor in the Powerpack vs paying for Suse then its just as much difference, Suse are profesisonal in their customer relations and give you far more for less? This wouldn't be so sad If I wasn't really anti-Suse... hardly my favorite distro but they have got some things off pat as far as the experience is concerned.
  14. No because that is the difference between OS and closed source. Linux is ....... just what it is.... OS-X benefits from being built on top of OS... whereas Windows noone can see the code except MS... But these always make me laugh.... the question I ask is why did MS have all these vulnerabilities in the 1st place? On what benefits Symantec.... ?? well saying linux is more secure doesn't help if they sell 90% of theit stuff to Windows users? Telling windows users it CAN be secure, just give us a subscription .... generates income.
  15. True. But we also discussed how to install Java last week, and yet the question still pops up. Topics like this are re-occuring, and while they might be old-hat for some of us, are probably worthy of discussion for new users. Some of it will be rehashing for sure, but we'll also get new ideas and updated info. That's how I see it anyway :P Also installing java is a good subject for the Wiki.... whereas this isn't (IMHO)... What I'd love to know.... is how do Mandriva think they are doing? Honestly I don't know, do they not realise or just not care or ???? Very astute my old friend!
  16. I've had a dud boxed set.... its not fun and Mandrake (at the time) had absolutely no interest except suggesting I join the club and pay for expert.... In the end I used a magazine cover version... but it was the last time I paid mandriva for anything!
  17. Gowator

    cheap software

    adding to the above.... The most reliable install is downloaded from the distro site and checked with the MD5... Its unknown for a major distro to have any spy/trojan virus this way... Next most relaible is most distro's also have recommended places to buy... some like Debian from non profit, Ubuntu for free, even postage etc. Next cheap bytes etc. its thier business and it would be really stupid of them to add a virus like anything, it would be on the internet in hours and they would neve4r sell another CD.. (well barely)
  18. http://wiki.mandrivausers.org/index.php/Burning_ISOs
  19. /root/photosort: line 13: syntax error near unexpected token `<' /root/photosort: line 13: ` read iY iM iD ih im is < < (identify -format "%[EXIF:DateTime]" "$jpg" | sed -r -n 's/^[[:space:]]*([[:digit:]]{4})[^[:digit:]]*([[:digit:]]{2})[^[:digit:]]*([[:digit:]]{2})[^[:digit:]]*([[:digit:]] hmmm.. and this is still JPEG's ... have still to work out how to get it to work with my raw photo's ...??? Anyone spot what I did stupid???
  20. Many thanks for posting that :D willl give it a try ...and modify it a bit
  21. Ive got tens of thousands of photo's in directories and I wanted to re-touch the folder dates and possibly names according to the date the photo's were taken.... anyone got good ideas??? [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  22. As neddie says but remember the completeness of that list is down to US. That's the whole point of community wiki's...
  23. fixfonts -e should be a good start... you can also install the mscorefonts (for web stuff) ... All of this can be done from h2-s script... it actually just chains together the various utilities. Basically its dpkg does the fixing .. you just need to run it a few times on really major stuff....as it works through layers of deps... Set it to HW clock at GMT then use timezones... adjtimex works for non connected machines.... but I use ntp...(apt-get install ntpdate)
  24. good luck.... any probs try the script (h2-s DU script I pm'd you)
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