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  1. I found this link in somebody's blog. It's freely downloadable now. It's pretty hardcore users' stuff so in case you're unsure if it applies to you or not here's the short TOC:
  2. The news was about a weapon system. So unless the army starts to shoot at vehicles in traffic jams or accidents Linux won't really have any effect on those cases.
  3. Unfortunately removal is not as straight forward as installation. In your case you should try to remove kdebase which in turn removes the whole KDE desktop. There is a separate tool for removing complex transactions called urpmi.recover. It's not installed by default and I never tried it myself but it's reported working nicely.
  4. Since Cooker is the testing ground of Mandriva it doesn't make any sense using the backports and testing tree of cooker. You can use the rest. During the testing phase cooker becomes frozen (no new version only bugfixes) and eventually becomes the stable distro. Mandriva puts it into the public mirrors then opens cooker again. So if you're not careful enough you'll have another unstable system again.
  5. 1. Right click on the window header and choose Special\Always stay on top. I'm not using English settings so the actual text can be different. 4. You should write a "&" without quotes after the command.
  6. This is an old topic. It's for Mandriva 2007. In 2008 you have to change the menu icon in a different way. There are a few topics about it already. They also explain howto get rid of the menu text. Sorry but I can't remember these things.
  7. Did you restart X-window? Or just logged out and logged in?
  8. Australian university students have developed a Linux-based data-forensics tool to help police churn through a growing backlog of computer-related criminal investigations. Read the rest here.
  9. The ATI Catalystâ„¢ 8.3 Proprietary Linux Driver is out. You can read the new features, resolved issues and known issues here. You can download it from here (32 bit) or from here (64 bit).
  10. Is Zapata telephony what you are trying to compile? Because if it is then you can find it in the contrib repo.
  11. I read some bad things about 2008.1 RC1 but nothing that would come close to this. So let's start at the beginning. Did you check the download and the burn?
  12. 3. I think you can mount an ISO image only in read-only mode, so no.
  13. In mplayer left\right arrows moves back\forward 10 seconds, up and down 1 minute and PageUp and PageDown 10 minutes. I don't know if it's configurable though.
  14. I guess the warning message is there because the mirrors are currently updating. They just want to wait until it's finished.
  15. Older versions of IPB used to add my posts to the previously written ones automatically. Why isn't it working anymore? Also how can I delete my post?
  16. You know you can edit your posts. Troll (Internet) From the unofficial Microsoft distributors (piratebay, mininova etc.)
  17. We all heard about a couple of companies, some very large ones, switching to Linux. But now, according to The Register, the US Army is planning to use Linux for its next generation weapons program called Future Combat System. Future Combat Systems, or FCS, is a roughly $200 billion weapons program that military officials consider the most thorough modernization of the Army since World War II. US Army struggles with Windows to Linux overhaul (The Register) 'Battle Command' Summits (DefenseNews) The Complex Crux Of Wireless Warfare (Washington Post)
  18. i586 in the package names means only that the package was compiled for Pentium class or above processors. So it's 32 bit. You can use existing Linux partitions for a new install. You only have to delete or change them if you want to change their size or want to completely delete Linux. That bug is important because you should add only the update repos first, update your system and then add any other repos you want. I don't know though if it's responsible for your screen.
  19. Common sense could tell you that by working with other guys you could do a bigger repo therefore a more visited one than just by yourself. So if you're doing it for fame then it's actually wiser to team up with somebody.Working with somebody doesn't mean you won't have individual reputation. Joining an already existing repo has also the benefit that your work won't disappear when you had enough of making rpms. You can also lure some other people to make more and better packages. Common sense could tell you that. But the main thing I was first thinking about is that these repos are not built against each other. So having fewer repos means more stable system. Talking about his motivations with you is pointless IMHO so no comment on this part. Or are you mapi Reiver?
  20. Common sense could be a reason for the opposite (not making your own repo). But I was asking about his motivation.
  21. Why don't you team up with one of the existing sites or directly Mandriva? What made you make your own repo?
  22. Thumbnails? The whole point of two pane file managers is displaying file lists. How could you display thumbnails in a file lists without a, displaying miniature images b, displaying looooooooong lists? Besides generating thumbnails sometimes takes a of time and it slows the system down. Anyway I have no problem Krusader not being the default file manager as long as it exists.
  23. Briefly no. Because if nobody cares nothing will change. If you at least report it than it will be recorded at least. If you participate in the solution it will be more likely solved.From the bugs reported to Mandriva I have everything from "solved in days" to "reported a year ago and still opened". Of course I would like them all solved within days but I know that open source projects are usually underfunded. They don't have enough developers. They do what they can and so do I.
  24. dexter11

    KDE 3.5.9

    KDE Community Ships Ninth Translation and Service Release for Leading Free Software Desktop. KDE 3.5.9 features translations in 65 languages, improvements to KDE PIM suite and other applications. The KDE Community today announced the immediate availability of KDE 3.5.9, a maintenance release for the latest generation of the most advanced and powerful free desktop for GNU/Linux and other UNIXes. The most important changes have been made to the KDE-PIM applications, including the KMail email client, KOrganizer, a planning application and other components. The rest of the Release announcement is here. The Changelog is here.
  25. I think you mean the kickoff menu style. Anyway this feature is not related to menu style. You can use it with the original menu style if you want. The only confusing thing is how it works. Because if you just click on the Reboot button the machine starts to reboot immediately. But if you click and hold the mouse button down the menu appears and you can select any boot entry.
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