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  1. addr

    Video codecs

    Well I can't understand it. I have the plf repos enabled and have from the start , neither win-32 codecs nor mplayer are showing. However Kaffeine is so I downloaded that and it plays the video fine so I'm OK. I'd still like to know why I can't find those things...because I am on 64 bit maybe? Thanks for all your help. Viva Kaffeine!
  2. addr

    Video codecs

    In 64 bit KDE Kaffeine I can play everything fine (the suggested gstreamer packages when it first opens seemed to do the trick.) However in Gnome I can play most commercial DVD's but not a first jump skydiving video which was probably made on a Windows computer at the dive centre. The introduction is obviously commercial and that plays but the rest doesn't. I have lib64dvdcss2 installed but don't know if the win32-codecs are since I can't find them. As far as I can tell all the gstreamer stuff is installed.
  3. Thankyou. I successfully loaded in text mode. Then I installed with the bootloader going to sda6 the root partition. Copied the boot info to the menu.1st of my booting distro as I always do but on selecting Mandriva I get an Error 2: File system or Folder error I think it is called. Here is my menu.ist info: title Mandriva 2009 32 bit (sda6) kernel (hd0,5)/boot/vmlinuz BOOT_IMAGE=Mandriva_2009_32_bit_(sda6) root=UUID=0839d419-034e-4975-8fcd-11a87537e14c resume=UUID=a0277cd5-8eb1-41c7-b3b2-9802da939097 initrd (hd0,5)/boot/initrd.img Edit: I found in searching some problem with older GRUBs so I tried to update grub in my boot sector but it seemed the latest available. Then with reluctance allowed Mandriva to overwrite the MBR and this got me past ERROR 2 but still didn't load the xserver...fiddled about with ctrl-alt-f1 but couldn't startx. Checked xorg.config which seemed OK. Gave up, reinstalled my original MBR and reinstalled Mandriva for the fourth time but back to ERROR 2 having now spent three days on this and no desktop. I have Mandriva Powerpack on it's way by mail but I suspect the same thing is going to happen. So if there are any suggestions out there...please help.
  4. md5 checksum is correct, slow burn verified. When the live cd gets to the point of the x server it stalls with two lines at the top of the screen each starting with the word audit. I have tried ctrl-alt-f1, becoming root and startx but I get error messages saying it can't find the xorg.config file among other things. Eventually I tried the disc on my wife's computer and it worked flawlessly. Her machine is 32 bit with a Viewsonic FP and mine is AMD 64 with Dell FP. What else should I try? Thanks
  5. addr

    ktorrent basic

    I can't connect with Ktorrent. AMD 64, Mandriva 2008, two computers hard wired to a router which as far as I know has no firewall set up. One computer has a Windows partition and the router disc was used but nothing set up. Does Mandriva have a native firewall which I may have set up on installation a year ago and forgotten about? Guarddog is not installed. Ktorrent seems to set up correctly but doesn't download...as if being blocked. All plugins have been enabled. My connection is a fixed IP. Don't know what to try. [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  6. Well yes, that's what I've always done but I couldn't find it this time. http://www.mandriva.com/en/download
  7. Bad download then. Thanks Ken. Where did you find the checksum?
  8. My Mandriva 2009 live cd freezes. How can I check the md5 sum? I suspect a download problem but can't find a checksum.
  9. Is there a 64 bit 2009 available yet? Dying to try KDE 4...so much controversy!
  10. addr


    This must have been asked a million times but the search gives me nothing. What do I need for videos? My DVD disc will play but with poor quality.
  11. addr


    Trying to install this but the only thing available is kde4-kcron which doesn't appear anywhere after install. I have tried to install from source with no luck. This is a basic program, so I am doing something wrong. Need some help here.
  12. My new flashdrive opens Konqueror when attached and works fine. However there is no desktop icon to use 'Safely Remove'. I have been using 'umount media/disk' and that works. Mandriva 2008 AMD 64. I am not sure if I should be editing fstab or not. I have two SATA drives so sdc would be what I use I guess? I have been searching but there is so much stuff on this I am more confused than when I started.
  13. I've got it....my own stupid fault! I had put /dev/lp0 instead of /dev/usb/lp0, so it was trying to use the parallel port. I have a very red face! Thanks for your time and sorry to have wasted it! Sandy
  14. hplip-model-data-2.7.12-2mdv2008.0 hplip-2.7.12-2mdv2008.0 hplip-hpijs-2.7.12-2mdv2008.0
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