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9.2 ISOs

Guest tuxthepenguin

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Guest tuxthepenguin

psyco666 : well considering you'll get the isos tommorrow, maybe you could put them on bittorrent for us ?


Sorry I haven't posted mine yet.. I'm still having problems and homework is piling up.

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They are not "officially" available yet. Mandrake is releasing them to the club members and developers before the public release, although there seems to be quite a hoop to jump through with "bittorant", there chosen distribution method.

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Guest QuaffAPint

For the dense among us - could we then do the following...


1. Download the i586 directory

2. Burn its contents onto a 'regular' CD

3. Create a floppy using the floppy image file

4. Put the floppy and CD into your computer and reboot

5. Install (I guess) w/ basic add-on packages

6. Find the new 9.2 repos for URPMI

7. Update the URPMI sources for main/cooker

8. Use URPMI to get all those packages that are on CD2 and 3


...sound about right?



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Just a note about Mandrake iso's: we would prefer to not post any links that might be construed as our trying to get around Mandrake's new distribution policy. The official Mandrake iso's will be readily available by out download sight, as soon as they are released to the general public. If you would like to share information, please do so privately, and not in a post to the forum.


Thanks to all of you for being here, and helping us maintain the best Mandrake help board on the 'net!


I should add that anon's post above linking to the entire tree is not a violation of any kind.(He is, after all, an admin! :lol: ) The caution noted in this post pertains specifically to Mandrake iso's of the new 9.2 release. :wink:

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