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It's time for a survey!


Which version of Mandriva are you running on your main day-to-day PC:  

49 members have voted

  1. 1. choose one

    • older than 2006
    • 2006
    • 2007.0
    • 2007.1
    • 2008.0
    • 2008.1
    • 2009.0
    • 2009.1 cooker (or RC1)
    • other Linux (not Mandriva)
    • legacy OS (Windows, OS-X, Solaris, ...)

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Just curious to find out how many of you upgrade all the time versus how many prefer to stick with one version for a longer period of time (according to the principle: if it ain't broken don't fix it).


Please indicate only what version of Mandriva you are using as day to day OS, not whatever secondary experimental installs you might have.


I'm currently using mdv 2008.1 on my main PC and my Libretto laptop and I expect to stick with it still for quite a while, as it's next to perfect, everything just works great!



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I'm running a fully updated 2009.0 with KDE4.2.


I was unable to get 2008 to run my raid array correctly, tried 2009 and it worked, so I have stuck with it.


At first the switch to KDE4 didn't worry me that much, but the more I use it the more I find funny little things that have probably just been overlooked, so I made the decision to run the non-mandriva supported KDE4.2.


I've spent a bit of time reading the KDE documentation and I can see where they want to go with KDE, they're on they way, well on the way. It has great potential if utilised properly.


I intend to update to 2009.1, I think it will be a great distro. 2008 was fantastic, would be using it if I didn't have that raid issue. 2009 kde4 is a huge step, but has the potential to be fantastic as well. It's relatively stable, fast and usable (wouldn't say simple, that was lost with kde4 I feel).


Like Dave, if 2009.1 does what I want, I may grab the power pack.

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I'm currently running a mixture of other distros. One machine has CentOS 5 x86_64, another has Ubuntu 8.10 x86_64, another has Debian 5.0 x86_32 and a server running Gentoo 2008.0. Wife's laptop dual boots Windows and Mandriva 2007 just because I put it there in a hope I might get her to convert one day :) but it's not been updated and doesn't get used much (other than for Frozen Bubble - she likes that). One other machine has Windows XP because videos made with my JVC camera come out crap when they've been made into DVD's under Linux. Video is too jumpy when panning from left to right. Is the only reason I require Windows now - at least until I find a fix which has eluded me so far.


Last Mandriva I used was Mandriva 2009.0 before it was replaced with Ubuntu.

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2009.0 on my desktop and 2009.1 cooker on my laptop but I voted 2009.0. Interesting so many people stuck with 2008.1, I guess most of them must be kde users. Mdv2009.0 kde edition was indeed not very good, unlike the gnome and xcfe versions. Cooker KDE does look promissing however, even if it won't convince all kde3 users yet

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Still using 2007.0, which is my first Linux distro, and my one-and-only OS. I will be keeping it on this hard drive unit as a back-up. Current plans are to buy a used Pentium 4 system unit and install the current version when KDE issues have been solved. In the meantime, I have ordered copies of PCLinuxOS 2009.1 KDE and Gnome to keep on-hand if KDE development remains troubled. I would prefer to update only when packages are no longer available in repositories, not annually or semi-annually as some do.

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I too am very happy with 2008-Spring. Found 2009 nearly impossible to get my head around. Tried all the pre-releases of 2009.1 and still not been impressed.

I have PCLinuxOS-2009 on a second drive to play around with and like it a lot. I will try 2009.1 Official but it will have to be a vast improvement on what I have seen so far to sway me. Yes FFI, Iam talking KDE here. I don't know about the Gnome side of things because I don't have Gnome installed anywhere. It is likely great but is not to my personal taste and since it is personal taste is the reason I don't knock Gnome, I used to until I wised up. :-)


I suspect I will be sticking with 2008-Spring for a long time into the future.


Cheers. John.

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Currently I don't use Mandriva. I simply didn't like 2009.0, although it is hard to tell what I disliked except the graphics (bootloader, wallpapers,... looked like an amateurish early 90s OS to me...). Currently I run Ubuntu, but don't like it either. :lol: (rather slow and somehow doesn't feel right and... brown with orange... *shudder*) I want to install something else but haven't really decided which distro I'll install (Fedora? Debian? Arch? Other?) and .. I don't have the time needed for a reinstall right now... :rolleyes:

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A happy Mandriva user since the VERY early days (1998). I switched to Archlinux in mid-2004, and got even happier.

Currently, my second best distro after Arch is Debian unstable (Sid), but Mandriva is a close third. It could be second, but somehow I've disliked the RedHat packaging system (RPM), and never really got into its intricacies (although, to be fair, the deb one is not simpler, either- maybe just the opposite... just more reliable and trustworthy).

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I found the artwork of all editions horrible.


Mandriva's Gnome default look is horrible indeed, but that is why gnome-look.org exists, and a bunch of others...

Used to like openSuse11.1 but for some reason it is way slower than Mandriva and its nVidia drivers are crappy ones.

Mandriva 2009 was buggy when i first installed it but after few updates it become fine and i'm happy with it now.


P.S. i'm talking about Mandriva One 2009 Gnome

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Why are Windows, OS X, Solaris etc. listed as "Legacy OS"? A "Legacy OS" would be NeXTSTEP, OS/2, etc. - the listed ones are simply "Not Linux".


I did not vote as there is no option for "shit ton of different operating systems" or "depends on my needs at the time".

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