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  1. I think your PC is powerful enough for the task, it's more likely that openshot isn't, after all it's written in python which isn't exactly known to be very fast and efficient. Maybe try a different video editing software (can't give you any suggestions as I don't do video editing).
  2. Unfortunately those aren't packages that I use much so I haven't built any updated versions of them. With regards to pdf viewer, why don't you just get the latest acrobat reader from adobe? (just make sure you disable javascript in the acrobat reader options, to avoid security issues)
  3. I also still have a PC running MDV2008.1, I have built some updated packages for it myself, what are you looking for specifically, maybe I can help. One of the packages I did was a backport of the MDV2009.0 2.6.27 kernel (32 bit) to 2008.1 with support for more than 4GB, in order to support newer hardware (the 2.6.24 MDV 2008.1 kernel has some serious USB related bugs with ATI chipsets).
  4. I'm still running MDV 2008.1 too, but since I also upgraded my mobo like you I also had driver problems so I backported the 2.6.27 linux kernel (from MDV 2009.0) to MDV 2008.1. If you want it I could provide you my kernel RPM packages so you could try to see if 2.6.27 is new enough for your mobo. The backported kernel is the desktop version for 32bit. I also changed the config so that it supports more than 4GB RAM. It has been running absolutely stable here since I installed it.
  5. I strongly recommend a BIOS upgrade, the BIOS changelogs are never complete, they only list the most important changes, if at all, so it's very likely they have added the option to switch off the HPA in the meantime, if it's not already in your BIOS. I have a Gigabyte mobo too and it has that option, I can't check the exact naming as it's in a PC that runs 24/7 and I can't reboot it right now but you should be able to find it. The HPA is normally placed at the end of a disk and about 1MB big, so it's best to leave a couple of MB empty at the end of a disk when partitioning, this avoids any conflicts with the HPA, should it get created accidentally. I still continue to buy Gigabyte mobos, as they are by far the best quality mobos.
  6. It's the mobo BIOS that is creating the HPA, especially Gigabyte BIOSes are notorious for that. The good news is that there is a BIOS option to turn this off, can't remember how it's called but you should be able to find it.
  7. tux99


    Oh yes you do and you are very good at that at the slightest hint of any criticism towards Mageia or the Mageia core-team, in fact you come across like a true Mageia-fanboi (in the worst meaning of the expression). The fact that you have kicked off another petty fight here doesn't surprise me at all. I don't want to bore anyone else here with details, but I just had an experience of this with wobo on his german mandrivauser.de forum. --
  8. tux99


    You can here: http://mageia.linuxtech.net/forum/
  9. I meant actually letting somebody remotely log into their computer, not just advice in the forum. The thought that he/she is simply a Windows troll out to have some fun at our expense did cross my mind too...
  10. I agree, a clean install from CD/DVD is the only safe solution. Somehow I don't believe this is real though (seems more like FUD to me...), why would anyone who really has found a trojan on his box trust random strangers on the internet to fix his problem? It's extremely unlikely that your machine would get infected just because you ssh onto an infected box, unless your PC is somehow insecure and the TROJAN is explicitly made to target anyone who connects to it, with the capability of scanning your box for vulnerabilities and the code to exploid any of them (like I said extremely unlikely, that would be the kind of super-trojan that only an entity with a lot of time/money to invest could make).
  11. Check the last changelog entry of the package, it says who did the update.
  12. Well, it turns out that FUDforum is actually quite light and the virtual server provider (Linode) is quite good, their servers don't seem to be hopelessly overloaded like some of the cheaper VPS competition, so don't worry about it, use it as much as you like! :) In case you notice any problems, please let me know, thanks.
  13. Since I'm not a fan of mailing lists and while gmane is a good option to follow the Mageia mailing-lists through a news reader, but not through the browser (their web interface is very primitve), I have set up an experimental ML forum gateway for the Mageia mailing lists. I have used the FUDforum BB software, that i mentioned in some other thread here a while ago, and I must say it works great. Of course FUDforum is no comparison to IPB, but it serves this particular purpose very well. The ML forum gateway is located here: http://mageia.linuxtech.net/forum/ FUDforum automatically creates a forum user for every person/email address posting on the MLs, so anyone who has posted on the MLs since I started the ML forum gateway will already have an account on the forum, all you need to do is click on Login > Forgot Password to get a password emailed to you. To post to the MLs via the forum you will need to be a forum member AND a subscriber of the ML you are posting to (I can't help that, that's the way the MLs are set up and the Mageia guys were unwilling to change that), but of course you can read all posts and threads without being a ML subscriber or even a forum member. See instructions here: http://mageia.linuxtech.net/forum/index.php?t=msg&th=81 I will keep this Mageia ML forum gateway running until the Mageia guys implement a comparable functionality on the official forum, as they said they will do. In the meantime feel free to use my ML forum gateway, if you like! :)
  14. It's not a problem with your Linux laptops but with your TV, you need to turn overscan off on your TV. It could be called something like 'PC mode' or 'just scan' or something similar in your TV setup menus.
  15. tux99


    I guess there have been a lot of misunderstandings due to the difficulty to communicate with language barriers, opposite timezones, the noise on IRC and the ML, and the fact that the core team is probably a bit overwelmed and overworked by the first week of Mageia activity. I do believe it would have been a good choice to transform mandrivausers.org into the official english-language forum of Mageia, since mandrivausers.org has already so many Mandriva users registered (and we want to entice them to become Mageia users, don't we?) and so many posts and threads with useful information that would benefit Mageia, too. Even if this forum (mandrivausers/mageiausers.org) would need to be migrated (users + post history) from IPB to a FOSS forum software, it could still be a very good starting point. A busy forum requires quite a powerful server + storage space + bandwidth, it would make more sense for Mageia to take advantage of this free opportunity rather than spending donation money on it (which could be used for more important things like the build servers). My suggestion would be for all of the people involved (Paul, Raphael and Anne) to agree on a date/time when to have a chat ideally using skype or at least a private IRC channel without other distractions at the same time, to work it out. I think a good solution can still be found when putting aside misunderstandings. Anyway, that's just my suggestion, it's obviously up to you what you all will do.
  16. tux99


    Thanks, but not well enough as I wasn't able to change their mind about IPB... Anyway, as long as we have a Mageia forum soon, that will be still better than nothing and if Paul runs it, then I know it will be a great forum! :) Paul, will you be using myBB then? AFAIK (correct me if I'm wrong) that's the only FOSS forum software that get's security patches quickly (which is crucial for a forum software).
  17. Is there any special reason why you are using such an old version of Mandriva? I'm asking because you might likely find that a newer version will handle this better and therefore save you a lot of config fiddling.
  18. tux99


    oh well, there goes the continuity for the user base... Why make things easy when they can be done the hard way?!
  19. The Mageia mailing-lists are now also available through gmane.org, where they can be read with the web browser or using nntp (with a suitable newsreader, like for example Seamonkey). mageia-dev: http://news.gmane.org/gmane.linux.mageia.devel nntp://news.gmane.org/gmane.linux.mageia.devel mageia-discuss: http://news.gmane.org/gmane.linux.mageia.user nntp://news.gmane.org/gmane.linux.mageia.user mageia-announce http://news.gmane.org/gmane.linux.mageia.announce nntp://news.gmane.org/gmane.linux.mageia.announce The announce list will only show up once it gets a first post.
  20. Yeah that gave me a headache too when I was doing the translation to italian, I understood it as in them (the devs) trying to improve their understanding of computer users and electronic device users (as in their needs, in other words make sure the distro is based on user needs and preferences).
  21. It's greek for 'magic', which should make the choice clear: mandrake magician -> magic :) Gay means happy, whats wrong with that? The queer have no monopoly on happyness! ;) ---
  22. Well those are all moot points now, Mandriva is the past, Mageia is the future!
  23. I'm contributing already (italian translation of the page).
  24. What migration costs? Mandriva already has an office with developers that work on the distro in Brasil (the former Conectiva staff and office), all it needs to do is increase staff in Brasil to compensate for the reduction of staff in Paris. The distro is not being developed for Brasil but rather from Brasil. I'd imagine the main focus will be for Russia, for that project of Linux in all Russian schools that the new investor is involved in. I don't see any problem for Mandriva the company (in fact if anything it's on a more stable financial footing now than 6 months ago), the potential concern for us users is how will the distro change (providing it will change)?
  25. Starting a new thread for each of your press releases shows a complete disregard of netiquette. You could have at least posted this in your old thread (in which you never bothered to reply to any questions and concerns): https://mandrivausers.org/index.php?/topic/105471-zfs-port-to-linux-all-versions/
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