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  1. The regular ways to run programs which are outside the system paths are two: 1. Creating a helpfolder (e.g. /opt/progs), linking the programs in there and finally adding /opt/progs to the system PATH 2. Creating aliases to the user's ~.bashrc file. These are user-specific, of course.
  2. http://www.verisign.com/support/roots.html Download the certificate, and then add it (via the advanced settings tab) to the list of the trusted certificates.
  3. You're probably using an old mirror? I can find this package. e.g. ftp://ftp.ntua.gr/pub/linux/mandrake/official/2010.1/i586/media/contrib/release/ruby1.9-1.9.1.p378-3mdv2010.1.i586.rpm
  4. "rpm -Uvh *.rpm --force" is defintely not a magic spell. It's an extremely bad practice, which is guaranteed to break your system. NEVER, EVER install rpm's or similar stuff from sources outside your system's PMS. You will regret it, promised.
  5. This isn't a terribly active forum for the last four or five months, for sure.
  6. Maybe a stupid question: Did you make your scripts executable? (chmod +x) and given them the right permissions?
  7. You can touch the config files directly, but Fedora used to have a GUI tool as well. yum install switchdesk-gui and then you can use it to choose between kdm, gdm, lxdm or probably another login manager. Or, alternatively: yum install system-switch-displaymanager and then from root console system-switch-displaymanager kdm Or, finally, always as root: nano /etc/sysconfig/desktop add there two lines: DESKTOP="KDE" DISPLAYMANAGER="KDE"
  8. Most likely caused by a plugin, it could be java, acrobat reader, or many other things. Try disabling the Thunderbird/Firefox plugins one by one, to find which is causing the crash.
  9. systemsettings --- startup and shutdown --- session management Tick "on Login" the Restore Previous Session option.
  10. Run as root sane-find-scanner If the scanner is recognized, then it's either a missing backend (you may have to install hplip to get it), or a permissions issue.
  11. Delete xorg.conf completely. 2010.1 is evdev managed, and xorg.conf is not needed, unless you use the proprietary nvidia or ATi driver (the latter does not work anymore with old ATi cards). Does your KDE session work OK when starting in "failsafe" mode?
  12. If you are using the qtcurve themes in both KDE and GTK applications, then you must remove gtk-qt-engine. They don't play nice together. I can't tell if qtcurve is better than oxygen for both KDE and gtk+ with gtk-qt-engine. Both have advantages, and disadvantages. I use qtcurve myself, because it's much more customizable.
  13. What about dropping the disfunctional Mandriva draknetcenter, and using wicd or NetworkManager instead?
  14. scarecrow

    pulse audio

    It's the default sound server in Ubuntu, and it's working sometimes. Ain't that enough for you? :P
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