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How do you pronounce Linux?


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hhh,, linoooo? 20 years ago when I started comp sci, I used unix. It was pronounced YOU NIXS. When I saw linux, its the same with a LIN NIXS. I have the benefit of age to add to my argument (GOD WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME???)


That's the only way i have heard it pronounced in New Zealand.

Anyway this is a pointless debate people will continue to use the word the way they always have.


You say Linux i say Awesome :wink:

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i can´t tell you how to pronounce linux right, i´m not from sweden...  :oops:  

here in germany everyone pronounces it as it were a german word, whats probably false.  :(  

i think first you have to now how to say linus. then you have to "mix" it with unix  :)


The thing that is funny about it is that in the US a lot of people pronounce linus as line-us not lin-us.

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Guest Cyclops
I am NOT a Texan and I do NOT say it like a Texan and cannonfodder is in big trouble.  I live in Texas but I wasn't born and raised here and don't have an accent.  Even my kids don't have accents!  Cannonfodder!!!!  :evil:

I was born and raised in Texas and still live here, but I don't have an accent, either. It seems that just about everyone else does, though, especially once I leave Texas. :wink: :lol:


BTW - I've always thought it was pronounced 'Li-nucks', with a short 'i' sound... :?:

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Guest CloakedPenguin
you americans really think you can pronounce everything the american way?...
Yes it's seems that we do. We are the pig head bullies of the world and want things done our way :(


Anyway, Americans butchered the English language so much that they dare to butcher another language

This is soooooo true I was brought up on the Queens English by my mother and father. I went to college (also grade school, middle school, high school) here in the United States and was given hell because of the way that I wanted to spell certain words! *SIGH* So now I do things the "American way" with "American English". (BLEAH!)


I get really frustrated when I go to purchase products with Italian names and Americans correct my pronounciation.
Just another point to show how we Americans think we know it all! (when we don't)




:roll: :roll:

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If you are using Mandrake 9.0 then you will probably prononoune it                                                      S-L-O-W


I would pronounce it F-A-S-T so i guess im more lucky than you, and have it setup better.

Certainly if i had winblows xp on my box it would be much slower.

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