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How do you pronounce Linux?


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Tried doing explicitly as you instructed. Nothiing happened , There was no file to go to the last line of... So I issued the commands and tried to save them in the /etc/rc.d file by clicking save then save in /etc/rc.d ... I'm screwed now. Linux won't boot. I see a message fly by about some /etc file does not exist then the systems hangs at logger....


Do you know how I can get this back working? 20 hours of downloading other programs and setting favorites and address books are waiting to be rescued[

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To inject a certain amount of sarcasm/controvesy into what is quite an amusing thread (apart from the posts about boot speeds etc),


If something is said in english, it should really be said in the english way. If something is said in american, then it should be said in the american way.


I say this, because I feel that they should be identified as two very distinct languages. Lets face it, that is one of the reasons that with most word processing applications, you can select english(GB/UK), english(US), english(CA), english(AUS), etc etc as custom dictionaries.


In the past, there has even been the debate, here in the UK, as to who speaks the closest to what is considered "the Queens English". Logic could dictate, that I speak the queens english, because I was born and brought up (debatable!) within 50 miles of London, which should mean that my english is closer to the queens, than say someone who was born and brought up, say in Yorkshire, which is maybe 300 miles from London.


But, that's all crap. Because, from what I recall, in public opinion polls, it was decided that those who spoke the closest to the queens english i.e. clearest and most concisely, probably originate in the Inverness region of Scotland.


It depends entirely where you come from, your upbringing, education, point of view, politics, etc to name but a few factors.


Personally, there are some of the english accent's, that I don't like. Though I will admit that these thoughts are based largely on sweeping generalisations.


I am more likely to admit that if one want's to be purest about it, linux should be pronounced the same way that it is pronounced by Linus Torvalds. After all, it's "his baby". So the earlier comment attributed to him of "I don't care how you pronounce it, just use it" is the most valid.


I have only heard it prounounced LIN (as in bin) NUCKS (as in shucks). There is probably some idiot from the "Oxford English Dictionary" who can bore you stupid, as to why this may or may not be the correct way to prounounce it, but who really gives a "monkey's toss" about lexicographical pedantics!!!


Perhaps it is of greater concern how to say SuSE correctly, is it, SOO ZEE, or may be SOOS, or even SOO SAH - though they could just change it to be called gecko linux, just to make our "linguistic lives" a little easier.


Keep up the good works





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