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  1. Thanks, I missed that it was a devel source. I'll give it a try and let you know.
  2. No floppy in my lappy- but usb works # generated Fri Oct 27 10:43:12 2006 { } Installation\ CD\ 1\ (cdrom1) removable://mnt/cdrom/media/main { hdlist: hdlist.Installation CD 1 (cdrom1).cz ignore key-ids: 70771ff3 removable: /dev/sr0 with_hdlist: ../../media/media_info/hdlist1.cz } Installation\ CD\ 2\ (cdrom2) removable://mnt/cdrom/media/main2 { hdlist: hdlist.Installation CD 2 (cdrom2).cz ignore key-ids: 70771ff3 removable: /dev/sr0 with_hdlist: ../../media/media_info/hdlist2.cz } Installation\ CD\ 3\ (cdrom3) removable://mnt/cdrom/media/main3 { hdlist: hdlist.Installation CD 3 (cdrom3).cz ignore key-ids: 70771ff3 removable: /dev/sr0 with_hdlist: ../../media/media_info/hdlist3.cz } contrib ftp://ftp.cise.ufl.edu/pub/mirrors/mandra...6/media/contrib { hdlist: hdlist.contrib.cz ignore key-ids: 78d019f5 with_hdlist: media_info/hdlist.cz } gatech ftp://ftp-linux.cc.gatech.edu/pub/linux/d...i586/media/main { hdlist: hdlist.gatech.cz key-ids: 26752624 update with_hdlist: media_info/hd AND FOR /etc/mandrake-release Mandrakelinux release 10.1 (official) for i586 Also when I try to run rpm drake from the menu I get Command '/usr/sbin/rpmdrake-root' not found. from the command line when I try to run rpmdrake I get /usr/bin/perl: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/libpango-1.0.so.0: undefined symbol: g_return_if_fail_warning
  3. Maybe I could if I had a browser working
  4. I was using rpmdrake. Not sure where I was getting the updates from. I had just updated the sources, but don't remember.
  5. Was finally updating my Mandrake 10.1 with newer Firefox and Thunderbird. Just got done with those two but before the update was finished I lost power. Now RPM is broken and none of the Mozilla applications will launch. How do I get RPM working again? Can I insert the CD and run repair or rescue?
  6. eppoh

    Mozilla rpm's

    Got it thanks, Now if I could only get it to install. I had 1.01 installed but it will not start. Galeon works great. Tried to install 1.3 but is calls for a slew of dependencies that I am almost sure already installed. Didn't want to uninstall ver 1 because it would disable galeon due to a couple dependencies. Why wouldn't the 1.3 rpm provide the libraries that are dependent anyway?
  7. eppoh

    Mozilla rpm's

    Anyone know where I can get Mozilla 1.3 RPM?
  8. Checking the jumper pins on the drive I found that one was bent and possibly touching another. Booted with CD1 and tried to reinstall lilo. First time it did not work, but inexplicably it did work the second time! Hurrah. The Acronis Migrate easy is a nice ultiliy, even if it must be paid for. It is made by Acronis who describes themselves as "partners" in the ASP Linux project.
  9. Lilo apparently thinks the new drive is /hdb. When I tried to reinstall Lilo from CD 1 it said, root device found on /hdb Fatal: open/dev/hda no such device or address How do I get that drive renamed as /hda? If that would do it...
  10. Just copied my hard drive w in98se/mdk 9 that uses lilo. When I swapped the drives the bios cannot find a boot record and gives 99 99 99. Tried the mdk boot floppy and got a kernel panic and something about ...not found. Did the exact copy procedure on my laptop ( using acronis migrate easy and it worked perfectly) Any ideas?
  11. I didn't think Powerquest could handle linux partitions such as ext3 or reiser. Have you had experience with them?
  12. Has anyone had any luck copying a drive with dual boot Win98 and Mdk9 using Acronis Partition expert or Migrate easy? Both claim to handle any Linux partition, but neither has worked for me. I need to both my PC's upgraded with new drives as simply as possible sithout reinstalling anything
  13. Found the file and appended as instructed but I get the following message when I try to burn with x cd roast cannot open '/dev/pg0' Cannot open scsi driver.
  14. [(It's more fun to set it up manually rather than using a GUI)] I wish it were more fun for me. Is there a way to do it with the GUI? I couldn't even find the files listed in the howto. /etc/lilo/config I would like to get my new burner going.
  15. Tried doing explicitly as you instructed. Nothiing happened , There was no file to go to the last line of... So I issued the commands and tried to save them in the /etc/rc.d file by clicking save then save in /etc/rc.d ... I'm screwed now. Linux won't boot. I see a message fly by about some /etc file does not exist then the systems hangs at logger.... Do you know how I can get this back working? 20 hours of downloading other programs and setting favorites and address books are waiting to be rescued[
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