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  1. Your Pentium 4 1.3GHz is a Socket 423 Pentium so even the newer Pentium in the market wont work. You might still be able to find an older Pentim somewhere though (last produced 2 years ago). You memory is also either SDRAM or RDRAM.... both of which wont work with a motherboard that supports an XP2500+.
  2. ral

    ATI cards

    Oh my 9100 runs great in Winodows too... it is Linux it has problems with.
  3. ral

    KDE self destruct

    This is good to know.
  4. Here is Abiwords GUI: http://www.abisource.com/screenshots/AbiWo...d-2.0-Gnome.png
  5. @ramfee. As already answered by QChem. Abiword can save in MS document format. @gowator. Actually Abiword runs fine on the PIII 450's... server for OO might work, but the other reason for using Abiwrod is the more user friendly interface.
  6. Yes, we have a fair number of free licenses for StarOffice already and use OpenOffice too. The problem with StarOffice and OpenOffice is that the interface seems to confuse a fair number of users. We also run a couple of PIII 450's and Star/OpenOffice launches slow on these older boxes.
  7. Thanks for the feedback. Showed them AbiWord and Mozilla.
  8. ral

    ATI cards

    I had a pair of NVidia cards before. A GF2 MX and than an MX440, and had no problem getting 3D Acceleration working with Mandrake and RedHat. Now I have an ATI 9100 and could not get 3D Acceleration up and running with Mandrake 10. I think I will get a NVidia 5700LE next.
  9. Ken Brown's Motivation, Release 1.2 http://www.cs.vu.nl/~ast/brown/followup/
  10. The problems I have had with Mandrake 10 are minor. Got my sound card and other hardware detected properly and the original install went flawlessly. Not needing to mount and unmount CD's and floppy's will help many a Windows convert (one of the most common problems I have had with people trying out Linux). On the other hand, in 2 years I don't think I have converted anybody to Linux. Reasons: 1. It wont run most games. 2. It wont run some apps like MSOffice/Kazaa... yes there is a alternative, but people want the same program. On the other hand I have moved a lot of people over to Mozilla and OpenOffice.
  11. I am not an expert. Only tried Mandrake and RedHat. RedHat... was less problematic IMHO but offered less... but that was pre Fedora days. I am not sure what RedHat on the "cutting edge" is like. One of the other persons here may be able to help you.
  12. Anyone here make the jump yet? Is it much faster? What does it do better?
  13. Last time I used ML was with version 8.2. I first went to Mandrake for its reputation as being a user friendly distribution. Jumped to RedHat when they came out with the simplified BlueCurve desktop and anti-aliased fonts. With the support for RedHat 9 expiring, I jumped back into Mandrake 10 and found out it had most of the things I went to RedHat for, plus a few things like Supermount, which is working well for me. I can see why Mandrake has not been able to make the same waves RedHat has. I would have to put it to "quality control". Despite efforts, I cannot get 3D Acceleration with my ATI card. I think I need to use a different Kernel version to get it to work. I cannot watch VCD which use to work fine with RedHat and Xine. The other day I tried to install the Gnome desktop (from the OE CD's) and got an error during the install. Also I cannot seem to play a Region 3 DVD (not sure if I could do this with RedHat). In the end... I am happy with it, a few minor problems for me considering I still dual boot with Windows. But for most homeusers the problems I outlined would be show stoppers and back to Windows they would go. Maybe Mandrake should let the other distro's go forward and be cutting edge and iron out what they already have? A bit short of the mark for the home desktop. To be fair, so was RedHat, but we do knwo that they are not targetting the home desktop.
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