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Mandriva Linux 2008 RC2 released


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The second release candidate of Mandriva Linux 2008, codenamed Kepler, is now available. The release notes are available here. A guide to major new features is available here, and the detailed technical specifications are available here.


New features since the release of RC1 include the final release of GNOME 2.20, the inclusion of the new 8.41.7 version of ATI’s proprietary driver in the non-free repository to support Radeon HD cards, significant kernel updates that improve support for certain ATA controllers and many audio chipsets, some new features in the urpmi and rpmdrake package management tools, and over 500 bug fixes since RC1.


source: Mandriva blog and Mandriva club. Also related: Adam's blogpost.

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You can register for being an early seeder of Mandriva Linux 2008.


As per usual you will get numerous people signing up for it, get the release early and then forget the rest of you, as you try to leech onto the few honest early seeders doing as they promised. Great idea (yes I did just give praise in Mandriva's general direction, but please don't tell the world ;)), but abused by far too many people, which is quite sad!

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Got there by updating Cooker. Still bugs around, but its getting better. Not installed Gnome 2.20 yet, but XFCE4 is working great (better than Mandriva 2007 Spring).

My other desktop (KDE4) is totally broken, but that was expected.

The urpmi frontend behaviour is extremely erratic (and annoying), but thank god smart and smart --gui are working like a champ!

Right now pulling some updates (including a new rpmdrake, 3.107-1) which will hopefully work better.

Looks like Mandy 2008 will be a good release, but urpmi issues MUST be addressed ASAP!

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Scarecrow, I installed gnome on my cooker system and it has way fewer bugs than the rc1 version or 2007..1 (where gdm was pretty borked). It works very well now and the "use browser mode" in nautilus finally got fixed. :) Also, the constant freezing in Firefox seems to be gone... for now. I will have to push the system to its limits though for confirming that the cpu eating is a thing of the past.


Seems as if 2008 will be one of the better Mandriva releases.

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...where gdm was pretty borked...

It isn't "pretty borked" here, but it doesn't behave terribly well, either.

If I set autologin then whenever I log out of XFCE4 the damn thing logs me me back in automatically, instead of giving me the login screen! :huh: And what's more puzzling, this happens "just" two times out of three - the third time the GDM login screeen does appear! Go figure...

With autologin disabled, it is OK. Haven't tried yet any other login manager (KDM, XDM, SLIM...)

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Looking great! I diffently going to try it :thumbs:*shows his silver star member card*


By the way, how well is the 64 bit version of Mandriva? I'm asking because I'm going to invest in a brand new 64bit PC.


I see there have been some work on Rpmdrake (in the release notes) which is really great (one of my beef with mandriva earlier).


Also hope Mandriva "clean up" the menu or put it better together :)

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Also hope Mandriva "clean up" the menu or put it better together :)

I don't have any complaints with my menu (2007 Spring, KDE). It's only two levels deep, and the ordering makes sense. At the top level I have








More Applications


I don't want it cleaned up any more than that. In each section there are a reasonable number of entries, eg under Graphics I see

OpenOffice Draw







and that's it. No submenus, no subsubmenus.


Apparently there's a new menu scheme with 2008 whereby applications built for the current desktop are shown first, and apps for other desktops are shown in submenus, but to me that sounds like a cluttering rather than a clean-up.

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well, tell us what you think of the new menu in 2008. personally I didn't have a problem with the old menu either, but the new one is definitely nice.


I really like the new menu.


At first it was missing some things I use a fair bit.. like the KDE Control Centre, and Drakconf, but then they suddenly appeared one day after an update. I guess the standard menus were still being decided upon.


Not so much a fan off the kick off style menu.. I can see how some will like it, but it seems a bit... um.. Vista-ish or something to me :)

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I like the new menus a lot. I also managed with the old one because it was thankfully well organized (except maybe the burners in system...), but the new one is a lot cleaner, a lot easier to use, and in my opinion a lot better.



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