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  1. From memory there was an option to mute system notifications in the Pulse audio sound prefs... not at my usual PC so can't tell you for sure!
  2. I've been using Mandy 2009.1 x64 in cooker. Haven't noticed any compatibility issues or anything weird... Flash, Java etc are all happy. It is quicker, but thats probably due more to the kernel and Mandrivas changes rather than the 64 bit-ness.
  3. Nice... I wasn't aware of that game. It looks very old school Baldurs Gate style.. awesome :)
  4. Eschalon is pretty cool, brings back memories of those old school RPG games. I had trouble with sound in Mdv 2008, though it was fixed by using the soundwrapper script - if that helps someone! :)
  5. Strange it doesn't take.. there should be a folder in your home directory/.kde/share/config with a name like clockpanelapplet...... it should say in there something like this: [General] Initial_TZ=0 RemoteZones= Type=Plain
  6. If I run ksmarttray, it goes off and checks the latest packages, and then comes back saying "Upgrades are available" I click the icon and it opens smart - then comes back saying "No interesting upgrades are available". Make your mind up already! :) Am I missing something here...? Running smart --gui and doing an update works fine, but I'd rather use the tray icon if I can.
  7. bingus

    Grub query

    Its probably a bit of a noob question, but something I was wondering. In the menu.lst file for Grub, you have entries like "title linux" and "title windows" But when booting up it lists "Mandriva Linux" and "Microsoft Windows". Where is that info stored...?
  8. Or get a no-CD/DVD crack and try again with Wine.. but don't hold your breath :)
  9. Yeah... I did give that a go, but it wasn't working either. I found a post from a Ubuntu user who had the same issue, could only get them to terminate by rebooting. Ah well, it was only a once off... so I'm not too worried about it. Cheers though!
  10. Take the chance, I say. Or just install from cooker... go on, take the risk. Its like exxtreme Linux - all the cool kids are doing it! ;)
  11. Anyone had problems with wine crashing, then being unable to completely kill it off...? The wineserver I can terminate, but I am left with other running processes called "wine-pthread" which don't want to be killed.
  12. Aye, it did. More annoying than anything else really. I've seen it working on another machine though, with KDM and compiz enabled. Maybe its a Nvidia thing?
  13. No worries, gotta look out for the fellow Aussies ;) OK.. to turn off the splash screen totally, go to KDE Control Centre / Appearance and Themes / Splash Screen - and set this to None. The compiz-fusion splash screen comes with the "compiz-fusion plugins extra" if I recall correctly... once thats installed, and all you need to do is tick the box to enable it in the Compiz Settings manager.
  14. Sounds like you have the same bugs as me :) The kde-window-decorator bug is here: http://qa.mandriva.com/show_bug.cgi?id=30778 and the white splash screen thing is here: http://qa.mandriva.com/show_bug.cgi?id=27236 I changed the splash screen last night actually - I ended up disabling it, and then using the compiz-fusion splash screen instead. Its kinda cool.
  15. I really like the new menu. At first it was missing some things I use a fair bit.. like the KDE Control Centre, and Drakconf, but then they suddenly appeared one day after an update. I guess the standard menus were still being decided upon. Not so much a fan off the kick off style menu.. I can see how some will like it, but it seems a bit... um.. Vista-ish or something to me :)
  16. The fonts in Thunderbird look somewhat crappy when using the RPM supplied with MDV Spring. I downloaded a copy of Thunderbird from Mozilla, and when I launch that it looks a lot better. I've noticed that Open Office also looks pretty bad... Any ideas? I've included examples of what I am on about. Mandriva version of Thunderbird: http://www.supernerd.com.au/~bingus/thund_mdv.jpg Mozilla version of Thunderbird: http://www.supernerd.com.au/~bingus/thund_org.jpg [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  17. Thats right. The options are definitely set to show buddy icons. I've tried turning this off and on, deleting my .gaim folder and resetting things up. Still no joy. I've never had problems with GAIM before, just with MDV 2007.1 Is it working normally for other people...?
  18. Any ideas what could be causing GAIM not to show all of my buddy icons..? Some of them show up, some of them don't... but I know they should be there. They show up fine in Kopete, but I would prefer to use GAIM. I am running Mandriva 2007.1, with the included GAIM RPM.
  19. Anyone tried Cedega 6 on Mandriva 2007.1? Just wondering if it all works OK with their Mandriva RPMs. [moved from Games by spinynorman]
  20. Ah OK, cool. I dunno.. next Mandriva should be out soon, right? Maybe I'll just wait until then, and give it a nice, sexy new install!
  21. I've installed Mandriva 2007... and then XP.. which of course over wrote my boot sequence. I know there was an option to repair it with the Mandriva DVD... but I have since "misplaced" my copy of it. Is there a quick and easy way to fix this up, without having to download a whole CD/DVD again?
  22. I think from memory you can edit the "azureus" file, and there are some options in there for it should go looking for the Azureus and Java program files. Theres also newer versions of Java available. I've got version 1.5.11 running with Azureus OK. I just saw this post: https://mandrivausers.org/index.php?showtopic=38296 which DarkFoss was kind enough to do up :)
  23. Will try that again... I have installed beryl 0.1.2 previously, but the rest of the components I had installed (like plugins etc) were still version 0.1.1 - which it REALLY didn't like :)
  24. It seems to be called "Evolution Exchange" now. I used this, which worked fine: http://fr2.rpmfind.net//linux/RPM/mandriva...007.0.i586.html
  25. I had a similar problem when I first fired up beryl.. the effects and things seemed to work, but I lost my window decorations (minimise/maximise buttons etc) I had to run beryl-manager and choose one of the Emerald themes, then it all seemed to kick in OK after that :)
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