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Show off your Desktop - August 2007


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Well, reminded me of some Metisse screenshots I saw... I was thinking this was a "live" desktop with some

3D effects being applied to it. My Gdesklets guess was off though, if you're using KDE I should have known it

is Superkaramba.


Well, nice screeny anyway. :)


lol.. just a picture on KDE with superkaramba - 'linux create your world' is just showing windoze users what their missing (I hope)
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Guest l2esonance

Hello, I'm somewhat new to Linux/Mandriva - loving it so far.


Here is my desktop screenshot (props to Artificial Intelligence for the idea for the icon set).



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Hi All


This is how my desktop looks in Mandriva 2008 Beta 1.


I hope you like it, this is only my second piece of graphic made in Gimp. As you can see I'm not the very best friends with The Gimp yet, but I hope that we will be better friends as the times goes by.



If any would like to use this wallpaper, you can get it here, from My homepage Just rightclick and "Save as..."



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Here's something I've used through the years;



Dark tech theme - One of the first wallpaper I used on Ubuntu Warty beta.



Dark futuristic theme - also one of the first wallpaper I used on Ubuntu Warty beta.



November Theme - Very nice wallpaper, it makes people think, Fit nicely with Beryl water drop effect :D



Norse Theme - Odins two ravens Huginn and Muninn (thought and memory) - As a Norse pagan this wallpaper have been priceless for me :)



White Glass Theme - When I was experimenting with KDE (Gnome rulez!!11) I was using this wallpaper which seems to fit nicely with the icons and stuff that are available for KDE.



I'll look for more on my backup CD's and see what I can come up with.

I'll see if and vamperic will show up.... :D

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