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  1. Hi welcome onboard First open Konsole (assuming you are using KDE-desktop) You find it in Menu-> Tools In Gnome desktop you use Terminale Log in as administrator using su command Type su hit enter Type your password as promed, you will not be able to see the cursor moving, hit enter type this urpmi.removemedia -a hit enter after this type exit and hit enter Go to Easyurpmi follow the screen, and in a few minutes you will be able to install software, and keep your system updated. You will be able to find answers to a big deal of your questions on Mandriva Wiki
  2. Hi @ianw1974 I have already tried that, nothing helped. @all This morning I had trouble logging in to my system, I belive that I had messed with to many files, so I choosed to reinstall Mandriva from scratch. I searched a little more last night to find a solution for my problem, and I saw in another forum that someone suggested that it could be a difference bettween the version of KDE, when some packages was from 4.2.1 and some from 4.2.2 or maybe 4.2.3. But what do I know? ;-) Still saticfied with KDE4 REgards and thanks for your support. Orts
  3. Thanks But that wouldn't do it, because I have allready removed/uninstalled all software regarding KDE4. I'm convinsed (not entirely sure) that it's somewhere in /root, like /usr or anywhere els KDE has a directory, because I have made another user an I have the same problem with this user. My desktop is simply "transparent" no plasma, wallpaper og taskbars :(
  4. I installed some extra features for KDE4. suddenly I had some trouble with desktop, and I got a plasma failure. I thought that I just had to logout and in again, then it would run smoothly again, but no, the desktop are transparent like when you start a new layer in The Gimp. And I have a lot of red icons with a white cross inside. I have tried to uninstall everything I could find regarding KDE4 including renaming the .kde4 directory. I dont have a clue what to do, to get it running again. Thanks in advance.
  5. I have just tried to play an Youtube video, and then marks it in Firefpx Cache while playing. After it had stopped playing, the video stille was in the Cache directory. You have to be sure that you are on the same file in the cache, course it changes size while playing. I have copied the file from the cache, and renamed to to something.flv and Totem plays it without any trouble. I hope you understand my pour english spelling, but it's a late night for me ;-)
  6. Have you added the PLF repos from this site https://mandrivausers.org/easyurpmi/index.php ? If you have or after adding the PLF repo, then in Rpmdrake search for win32 and install them, if that don't help then your AVI can be broken. But if the AVI file are on another partition, especially if it's a partition with FAT32 or NTFS, that can be the problem. I have tried that my self. Hope this helps you
  7. orts

    KDE 4.3

    I quite happy with KDE 4.2, and haven't noticed that it seems to "hungry", but that's surely just me :D But some improvement are a great wish from me too, and I'm sure that it will be improved for each release, it has been so far.
  8. I got it :D Somehow I found out that Composite wasn't enbaled in xorg.conf, when I had done that was done and I tried to enable 3D-desktop again, the sytem wanted to install x11-server-xgl, and now I have a 3D-desktop running on my laptop. Now I have to take my words about the ATI driver back again, and it runs even smoother than my nVidia FX 5200 does, but I think that's because ny ATi card has 512 mb and the FX 5200 just has 128 mb.
  9. I have discovered that Composite not are running, if I enable that I can't get a desktop running. Compiz settings manager is installed. I really do belive that all of this is caused by an lousy ATI-driver.
  10. I ment of course reliable, not stable, but thats just something that happens when you don't speak english as a native language :D I was going to buy WD harddrives, in my old stationaire I have an WD and one of the first Maxtor SATA harddrives, both of them just runs without any problems what so ever. I have had an Seagate it couldn't run for more then 10 month, and after getting it switshed on the warrenty TWICE, I trew the third one out, and bought an Samsung spinpoint, and I had to use the RMA four times, before the store gave me my money back. And now I'll lay down for a while, got the flu, very borring :sad:
  11. I did checked it sunday, using then command as mentioned earlier, it said everything was ok. [root@mfaqAThome orts]# urpmi x11-driver-video-fglrx Package x11-driver-video-fglrx-8.552-2mdv2009.0.i586 is already installed but I tried running XFdrake from konsole. Found the graphiccard, have to use ATI Radeon X1300 and later, my card is an ATI Radeon Mobillity HD 2600. Then it told me this: I say yes and follows the onscreen instructions, and end with this: I log out and in again. After logging in I check for fglrx section, and thats as it's supposed to be: [orts@mfaqAThome ~]$ aticonfig --initial=check Check: Found fglrx section. just as it normally is. Then I runs drak3d from konsole, enables Compiz, logs out, this time I can log in, but no rotation or anything other of the fancy stuff. I don't need the fancy stuff for my daily use, but somethings is wrong here, I have never had these trouble with my old FX 5200 card.
  12. Found this one in RPMdrake x11-driver-video-fglrx - ATI proprietary X.org driver and libraries​ Version 8.552 ??
  13. I have Backports enabled, and then I can find this one x11-driver-video-ati version 6.9.0 In which repo can I find the Ati driver in, Main, Non-free, contrib or PLF?
  14. don't know the version. But updated sunday with this command: urpmi --auto-update --auto-select
  15. Hi All And thanks for all your answers. An ATI card is not an option, I have one in my laptop and every time I try to load Compiz I can't login. I don't use Compiz very often, but it's a great thing when you will show of Mandriva for teenagers. When I try to play a game it will not run 2 out of 5 times, because I don't have an 3D performance????????? Something I don't understand, because if I check with this command: [orts@mfaqAThome ~]$ aticonfig --initial=check Check: Found fglrx section. [orts@mfaqAThome ~]$ But no 3D performance, and I can change the setting again and again with no luck, I have to restart the laptop before it works. I have heard about the lack of support for the Creative soundcards, so I'll look for a motherboard with a great onboard soundcard. :D It's better than before, but it needs some improvement :D I have the FX 5200 in my stationaire, and I love it, but as you point out it can run the big 3D games, it even have trubles running my daugthers Ratatouille, and thats one of the reasons that I want a new pc. I'll think about your advice regarding both graphiccard and harddrives, but how stable are the VelociRaptor?
  16. Hi all I need a new pc, and I have some wishes aka dualscreen and a great soundcard with a proper output. Which graphiccard is recommenddable for dualscreens? I prefer a card with Nvidia chipset. Does Mandriva/Linux support any of the Creative soundcards? Or mayby I shall look for a motherboard with a great onboard soundcard, if thats the case which motherboard would yóu recommend? Regards Henrik
  17. orts

    Firefox passwords

    Exactly, there are way to many, sometimes I'm wondering why do we need all those homepages? :P I think that I have security debat once or twice a week, and "wins" most off them, even my contact in the bank are asking me for adwise for her personal pc Security and freesoftware are two of my biggest interests. Have a good new year Regards Henrik
  18. orts

    Firefox passwords

    Hi John It wasn't because of my netbank password I needed to move them, but because I had porblems with my JavaApplet. Then I made a new .mozilla directory and now where missing my passwords to a lot of other sites. And I have so many different passwords, that it would be a very hard job to start typing them all over again. But I'm glad for your warning, this is something which not can be said often enough. Cheers Henrik
  19. orts

    Firefox passwords

    Thank you very very much, exactly what I needed. I was ready to do the worts case scenario, installing Windows again But now it seems to work
  20. I have had a problem with using Firefox/Mandriva to log on my netbank, for quite some time now. And I have discovered that it's something in Firefox that's blocking for the javaapplet to load, then today I tried to create a new .mozilla directory that helped, but now I miss my passwords, is there an easy way to move them from one directory to another? I that there is a program to Wondows for something like this, but is there a program to Mandriva/linux for it? Regards Orts
  21. On my XyZEL router I have WPA2-PSK, I don't know which encryption TKIP or AES because it doesn't give the choise. On my D-Link I have WPA-PSK with TKIP and I don't have any trouble with connection an any of them.
  22. hi You'll have to come with some more information. Open Menu -> tools -> Konsole I Konsole type su type your administrator password as promted (cursor don't move) Now type lspci, and paste the output in here. When I open MCC-hardware I have a lot of unknown issues in the list, but everything works. And it's not every networkcards you have to use ndiswrapper for. But ndiswrapper proberly have to get installed.
  23. Try rightclick on the panel, choose panel settings, now it should be possible to move the icons to the right place. I have heard that solution before, but somehow I'm not able to do it. can it be a wrong setting somewhere?
  24. Open menu, find the program, rightclick and choose taskbar, panel or what it's called in english ;-)
  25. It installs correctly here. Try to install new repos, that have helped me a time or two in the past.
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