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My New Website!


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Some quick points:


- Your menu is a bit small if I enlarge the text. Try to make the container for it a bit bigger/wider.


- You need a header for your website (in the empty area above) with a byline telling who your site is for and what it does. For example the http://www.xandros.com/]Xandros website[/url] is a nice example: "Xandros - Making Linux work for you", but in their site the header and byline are too far apart. Ideally this is also a link back to the homepage on every page (except for the homepage itself)


- It is great that you offer a "Latest Updates" summary right on your homepage. Very good habit to do.


- You need to structure your texts a bit more. Nearly none of your visitors will start reading the text immediately. Most people scan it. Meaning they jump with their eyes from one point of interest to the other (menus, headings, lists, ... )


Be concrete and to the point. Work with subheadings and lists. Use whitespace (your doing it already). Stuff like that.


For example I rewrote your homepage a little bit (I'm not saying this is the perfect text, should be more scannable though):


Welcome to Linux Solutions


Goals of this website

Linux Solutions is my personal website that offers frequently updated FAQ's and interesting news about Linux distro's and software.


I hope you enjoy the content on the site and find it informative and useful. I shall be adding more and more to the site as it develops further and as my knowledge grows!


My background

My first experience with Linux

My first experience of Linux came in about 1998, when I installed Mandrake Linux 7.2 on my machine at home. I think I had it for a few days, because at that time, I didn't have the time to try and learn it fully, so ended up going back to Windows full time, and removed Mandrake from my system.

Further Linux experience - biting the bullet

Then back in February 2005, I decided to make a more concerted effort to use Linux completely. I installed Mandrake 10.0 Official, as Mandrake was something I had briefly used before, so thought it would be a good starting point for me. Since then, I've had Mandrake 10.1 Official, Mandriva LE2005, and 2006 on my systems. Now I'm using Mandriva 2007 on all my systems at home.


What I use at home

My work systems tend to be a mixture. My laptop is currently running Mandriva 2007. My desktop system is running Fedora Core 6. My VMware Server is running CentOS 4.4 and my email server is running Gentoo 2006.1.


Other distributions that I use are Red Hat, Arch Linux, Debian and Slackware.


Learning something new every day

I've gained considerable knowledge in the last year or two, now that I use Linux solely on my systems. But not only that, from my job as well, which has helped in acquiring knowledge on various different distributions as well as getting to a higher level of understanding quicker. I'm due to be Red Hat Certified in the near future, of which I'm waiting for my course and exam for RHCE :-)


You can see the headings and sub-headings plus I've reordered it a little bit.


"LinuxSolutions.org has been active since 1 September 2006."


Maybe if there is more of this information you'll need an "About Us" section?

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Thanks gowator, I was looking forward to your input since you started a joomla thread that got me interested in it.


Actually, I looked at a few phpmywebsite or something like that, xoops, and others, and just didn't like the look and feel. Joomla seemed to look and feel more slick.


I turned off a lot of the features, such as people registering, etc, as I didn't really need those requirements. But, maybe in the future, I'll enable more as time goes by.

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Ah yes, I'll add that little nugget now :)




OK, added that now :P


I'll get the banner done sometime soon. I figured I'll get some content first before I start bothering too much about the cosmetic side ;)

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Ah yes, I'll add that little nugget now :)




OK, added that now :P


I'll get the banner done sometime soon. I figured I'll get some content first before I start bothering too much about the cosmetic side ;)



(by the way, that banner IS content :P)


Oh, and you can code a list like this (ul means 'unordered list'):


<li>item 1 of the list</li>
<li>item 2 of the list</li>
<li>item 3 of the list</li>


In your WYSIWIG program, there should be an icon with (a) bullet(s) on it, use that to make a list. You will get a marker before each one of your list items, and it's easier to read because the list marker separates all the items.


For ordered lists, its "ol" instead of "ul" and in your WYSIWIG there should be a button with (a) number(s) on it.


I saw that you didn't on this page:



Of course, you use unordered lists when the order doesn't matter, and ordered when the order matters e.g. because one has to be done before the other.

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I tried putting bulleted points before, but they don't show up :unsure:


So I just went with indenting. Incidently, I've just bulleted that link you just showed. So let me know if you see bullet points. Because I don't.

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Unreadable black on blue on this link




Contact Us:

personal opinion: I like finding the real adress when I have

a my own mailer available (So I can cc the email to myself)

instead of using form

Put email in clear with antispam wording


Lots of space wasted at top of page in blue, 3cm on my PC

even before the blue bend


No counter? Is that a choice?


Maybe clarify that you do not do or do consultancy? cf contact page

Maybe clarify whether you acceot contribs


FAQS provided under GPL? other?


Nifty otherwise


Search engine works! Cool. What does it?

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