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System not shutting down [solved]

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Guest mandrivauser

thanks for ur reply.


but i'm using lilo not grup as u assumed


i added the changes suggested in /etc/lilo.conf. it didn't work.

this is the piece of code wid changes






append=" resume=/dev/hda12 splash=silent acpi-off apm-on apm-power-off"



any suggestion? :wall:


n consider me as newbie while replying :D

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Here's something new for you on this problem.


I was experiencing some problems with my power supply recently, obviously unable to provide enough power when I switch it on, because the light goes green briefly but nothing happens. So I figured the total of my components were maxing out the 300 or 350 watts my power supply is able to kick out at max. So, I took out all the components like PCI cards and disconnected the hard disks and CD-ROM drives so I could get it to power up. Then I added each card back except my SCSI card and modem.


When I shut down my machine after using it, I found it powered off completely. I thought blimey, it's not done that in like ages. Anyway, since I'd finished what I was doing, I decided to put the SCSI card back in. After this, it now won't shut down, it just reboots instead.


So it seems, that since a kernel update from 2.6.12.x to the 2.6.17.x that came available in Mandriva 2007.0 caused this problem in that acpi and having this SCSI card installed causes the failure to shut down properly. Pull the SCSI card out, and it shuts down fine. Which is OK, since I'm not using it anyhow, but rather an odd problem!


Oh, it's an Adaptec Ultra 160M AIC-7892 in case anyone else has a similar problem.

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Yeah, if you pick lilo (which is some sort of anachronism in itself) you do have to run "/sbin/lilo" as root after every little change you do in /etc/lilo.conf

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