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  1. I remember seeing some options for that in kcontrol -> peripherals -> display, but now I can't see it. Maybe it's only visible if you have more than one screen connected (I had that before).
  2. I have the same mouse as you. To get it working in debian I installed the package "imwheel" and changed my xorg.conf to: Section "InputDevice" Identifier "Configured Mouse" Driver "mouse" Option "CorePointer" Option "Device" "/dev/input/mice" Option "Protocol" "ExplorerPS/2" Option "Buttons" "7" Option "ZAxisMapping" "4 5" Option "Resolution" "800" Option "Emulate3Buttons" "false" Option "ButtonMapping" "1 2 3 6 7 4 5" EndSection
  3. PowerTop is such a program.
  4. well yes, its KDE so it wont help you... I don't use gnome so, I've no idea...
  5. Try to run kmenuedit from a terminal-window and see if it gives any error.
  6. The same has happened for me on Debian. I figured that when you issue the command, it's the first time the game is trying to play a sound. So I went to options and tuned all sounds to minimal, and next time it didn't crash anymore.
  7. This can happen if you have changed network card (and probably other cases as well), well, I don't know all the details but, the snippet below is the important part: The easiest thing to do is to remove line 5 in your .ssh/known_hosts, and all will be solved.
  8. I don't know which is the best, but, like Arctic, I installed Debian on my G3 and it worked very well.
  9. You have to be root the run that command, therefore: Open a terminal ("Konsole") type su <enter>, enter your root password <enter> and then run alsaconf.
  10. Mhn

    Remove KDE

    How much space does your personal files take up? Check with: du -sh /home
  11. What says # fdisk -l about the partition?
  12. Mhn

    Installing Pidgin

    It's in package 'libqca1-tls'.
  13. By 'modules' you now mean 'packages', don't you? 'modules' is something different.Well, you can see which command it starts and then search for that in rpmdrake. Mandriva 2007 has something called 'urpmi_rpm-find-leaves' that find those packages installed that nothing else depends on.
  14. What if you go to localhost/nut/index.html ?
  15. Hi and welcome aboard! :D Dumb question: have you tried pressing Esc?
  16. Install 'alsaconf' if you don't have it already, then run it in a terminal as root. To become root, type: su (your root password)
  17. Mhn

    bootstrap partition

    Since no one else has answered: They are probably necessary. When I installed Debian on my iMac G3 I let the installer make the partition-table, and as far as I remember it made one extra partition in the beginning of the disk (it can have been /boot though). Haven't got it here right now so can't tell for sure.
  18. Probably a hard drive with a 32-bit system installed.
  19. I think it is Metisse that makes the nine desktops. Haven't used it myself, so I don't know if there is a Control Center or similar for it.
  20. Run 'alsaconf' as root, then try again.
  21. Hi, and welcome to the board! :) Sorry, I have no experience in neither nvidia nor Mandriva One(?). I think it will work even if you plug it in afterwards, at least that was the case with my Dell and a C/Dock II. And as you can read in this thread linux is very good on detecting hardware after an installation. What about the internal screen?
  22. Well, it says it cannot find the file. You're sure it's the right filename? Try open konqueror and then navigate to the file and unpack it using Ark (or file-roller if you're using gnome).
  23. Mhn

    LAN 2100 Help

    Hi, and welcome aboard :) Read this post for information on how to get access to more software for Mandriva. After you have done that you should be able to configure wireless. It should then install all required packages automatically.
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