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Show off your desktop (July 05)


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Installing Clearlooks engine worked. Are the ish items not actual themes, but just individual settings on the three tabs inside "theme details"? That is how it is on my system. Nothing Ish shows up under the main theme window. I have to select a theme and then use the Ish choices to change that theme, then save it as a custom theme. Is that how it is supposed to be? Works great though, and I do like them. Thank you bvc.



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Yes, the main window shows you 'Metathemes' = gtk, metacity, icons


These are just clearlooks color schemes and a metacity with color schemes (buttons). It would be tacky to put 8 entries as metathemes when they really aren't. I never use the main metatheme screen anyway.

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Harddrive = dead


I've no choice but to use my old pc which sadly only has windows on it, not to mention it's not really mines anymore. I really hate sata drives, i'll never trust them again, i think it lasted 2 months pretty sure it has a guarantee, i sure hope so anyway.


Scary. :angry:



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What if the icon in the upper left of the browser have the same background as the upper text of the browser? Like a round button, where the icon is "parked".

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