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How do I make Linux shiny and clean?

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Now I have been speculating and searching for the answers but without luck so I throw the question in here.


this question might insult someone but here we goes and I may sound M$-ish. All my computer life I've been running M$ and recently change to Mandrake linux and one thing occure(sp?) to me; Where's the defrag and the clean up option to linux??? Is that something Linux don't use? How to keep old unused files filling up the harddisc?




.:=The AI Dude=:.




It's not quiet true that I've only been on M$ machine. My first computer was C64 and later Amiga500 :cheesy:

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see my response in this thread to answer your question(s).





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Usually, in most cases defragging is not necessary in Linux.


But this is a commercial company we are talking about. I mean.. if they want to make a product and market it (as long as the marketting is not outright lies), hey it's ok with me. Remember, there is a sucker born every minute.


Now, O&O has to deal with the multiple linux filesystem types that exists. That's going to be a serious undertaking.

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The company probably is serious................by thinking that they can sucker Linux users into believing they need a defragmentation program, at a price ,i.e. to make money.


I know darn well that if such a process was needed by Linux then Linux people would have written such a program years ago.


This is just another of the windows world thinking they can now move in on Linux and make a financial killing, just like the anti-virus companys are hoping to do.


They actually think Linux users are as "dumb" or naive as the vast majority of Windows users.


It also shows that these "hopeful" companys have NO IDEA how Linux works.


Cheers. John.

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a defrag utility for linux would be redundant and (if it wasn't free) would be a waste of money...

that depends on how old your install is. Eventually, like years of use, it's said that linux would bennifit from a defrag. BUT who can keep anything that long, other than a server, maybe.

I haven't been managing Linux servers long, but I have never come across a server needing to be deferagment. For a matter of fact, most people don't keep servers as long as computers.

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i think linux dose need a defrag option, i have found that i can hear my had drive seekinf files when i double click them. where it didnt a week or two ago,


in windows when that happens a defrag cleans that up. so linux probably would benifit form one




already a master of filesystems....


If you bother to read up the documentaiton you would see why its impossible for filesystems in linux to become fragmented....


if you think this is a sign of frangmentaiton then you are way off. It sounds like your using swap to me...

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Hi Gowater .

I tried a number of times to figure out how to answer this one and bypassed it because I knew I didn't have the answer to what it might be even when I knew the posters assertion was wrong.

You nabbed to birds with one stone.........solving his problem........and teaching me some extra info. Thanks mate :thumbs:


Cheers. John

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I know it is short and I beleive there are no stupid questions BUT when people simply refuse to beleive what several people say then what else can you do except direct them to read up themselves.


Its ages since I did but plenty of articles out there explain the difference between the inode system and FAT system...


I did also suggest why they are getting a whirring which is that they are probably running swap that they were not before!



Does MaximRealitV need help....?

I dunno check out every other post they make from "Windows is better because..." to "Mandrake isnt the best " as an anser to networking problems????

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