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The return of Show Off your Desktop


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Guest MugenAcc99

Hey there... mind a noobie screenshot? ;)


I actually have to update this when I get home, but for now I will post my desktop as of one week ago. The wallpaper was made by a guy, eXotic, on deviantart.com. He has some awesome wallpapers which I would definately suggest checking out. My window manager is KDE (although if I hadn't spent so much time customizing it I would switch over to fluxbox) and the screenie shows me running gkrellm2, xmms and a transparent, borderless eterm.


Since this shot I made some changes. I made a skin for gkrellm which is all dark red with transparent backgrounds. It fits my desktop theme better than the skin in the screenshot. I also reskinned xmms making it red and white which looks much better. Now I have root tail running where the eterm was and an eterm running in the white space at the bottom of the screen.


Okay.. check the screenie out. Ill try to post an update later today.


Old Screenshot

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    We're still trying to figure out why thumbnails aren't working. And I have to own up to the fact that it's my fault that the thread was accidentally deleted. That's what happens when it's late and you're tired. I meant to delete a test post and deleted the thread instead


Integrity! :thumbs:


We all still thank your awesome! :woops:


thank your awesome? :unsure:


Yes, I'm thankful that she is awesome?



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Just messin around, new theme.


made the gkrellm (from scratch as i didnt have internet and couldnt download a transparent one), fluxbox style, icons, and the wallpaper is a hacked up version of one I got of deviantart. The GTK style is hacked up version of Industrial-Debian with a few slight changes in the colours.


I dont know whether I will make a full iconset with the icons, maybe, ill see how I go.




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many people have been asking for it...so here it is! my screenshot of OSX


running XChat Aqua and Adium, theme is Brushed which I am thinking about porting to gtk2. I named the system "Reisender", which is German for traveler (atleast from my limited knowledge of the langauge - german speakers please correct me if I'm wrong!)


without further ado...


as always, click for larger image.

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