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Is Mandrivausers dead?


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On Tuesday midday I am off To Melbourne, direct flight, then straight up to Ballarat for an RAAF Radio Apprentices Reunion over 5 days, so I'll be sampling a few reds and whites over the time. Then it is up to Wollongong, just south of Sydney, for the wedding of Grandson number two so I expect it will mean a few more reds and whites. Gee life can be tough sometimes can't it ?. :lol2:


On a side note.....................I downloaded the 2011-beta 64 and it won't install from the opening Install choice nor will it install after using the Launch choice and then trying to install from there. It reaches the Wizard in each case OK and from there on does nothing in one case or reboots in the other case. I see that the 32 version is an extreme disaster as well. The alpha2 version installed OK and didn't seem to have much of aa problem. Onee I remember was that you could install programs OK but to delete any you could only do so via the CLI and urpme. Not a very good sign is it, even for a beta version ???. Maybe all the really talented people have actually gone to Mageia after all. :)


Cheers. John

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Have a good time around John.


For what it concerns Mageia, i am quite happy with the two Alpha-versions so far.

All is working very well, must say, this gives me trust in their future products.

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Unfortunately, my life is extremely boring so I can't set a good example... :rolleyes:


I hear y'man !!!

boring ! :(

although I did register my first NZ company this month .. not ready to go live yet, but working on it every day




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Hello all.

I am still here. :) I have completed the Victorian part of my trip. Melbourne, Ballarat, Bendigo and Kyneton still as cold and weather miserable as it ever they were. Now in Newcastle but off to Wollongong on Friday for a grandsons wedding. Saturday it is off to Brisbane and I hope for warmer weather.

Met lots of nice people along the way so it still has been extremely worthwhile.


I see the Mandriva 2011 beta 2 is running very late, or at least I think it is. Sad.

I will still hang in there for the long term and that includes MUB.


Cheers all. John.

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Hi there.


Yeah, I am still alive. :) I had way too much work during the last months, which included lots of traveling (a journalists life can be very demanding from time to time), setting up my business, building up new contacts and aquiring new Photo-equipment (damn, it cost me more than my car...). So, as I wasn't (and cannot be) around here a lot, I cannot say for sure that Mandrivausers is dead. But I can assure you that the traffic on other forums (non-Mandriva related) also decreased dramatically as there abound less problems nowadays than a few years ago, when Linux-systems required some tinkering. There are enough distros that work okay out of the box now. Thus many people will not use a forum. No problem - no forum.


But I must admit that some distros take a bad path. Ubuntu is IMHO quickly deteriorating and CentOS and Fedora also move into the wrong direction. Suse was always quirky on my hardware and Mageia is still in development. :unsure: My Mandriva systems got replaced as they got buggy at some point. The switch to Ubuntu I made was not the right choice to make - a lesson I learned during the last months.


My hardware is ageing and I need something new in order to develop the huge RAW-files from my DSLRs in a reasonable time. (21MB and 18MB RAW-pictures take a looong time to develop on a five+ years old 1,6 Ghz PC). At my work-office, I use a Mac (i don't like it - way too many quirks). For home, I plan to stick to Linux on the new hardware I plan to buy. But I need to find something useful, as Mandriva, Ubuntu and CentOs just don't deliver, what I am seeking right now. Thus I will give several distros like Mepis, PinguiOS or MoonOS a try very soon. But I still hope that Mageia will finally release a very good product. ;)

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I am looking for an upgrade distro as well. I would like to stick with Mandriva, but the last time I did an upgrade (using the 2008 One CD) it took me a month to get it working. I have about 5 kernels installed in a crapshoot trying to get drivers to work for printers, graphics card, etc. It was not fun or easy.


I am thinking of just buying the 2010 PowerPack DVD set to get everything I need in one place. The first two Mandrakes I installed were from PowerPacks, and they just worked. I cannot afford a month of down time because this is our main PC at home, and we use it for work on a regular basis. But that release is getting a bit long in the tooth.


I just downloaded and ran the OpenSuSE Live CD to see what it would do, and it crippled my graphics card.... which means that I would be searching for drivers again.




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