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  1. isadora


    Exactly the same experiences here. My MSI-laptop (with NVIDIA on board) needed a fresh install to Mageia 6, because re-partitioning was needed in my case. The older desktop-machine went smoothly through the upgrade-procedure from Mageia 5. My brothers' laptop i upgraded remotely through a SSL-connection, and also that was no issue. Now i have Cauldron in VirtualBox, besides openSUSE-Leap and openSUSE-Tumbleed VM's. All of them up-to-date. Though, it must be said, i had to reinstall Cauldron one more time, after one update-session went miserably wrong when systemd-update hanged and frooze the virtual machine. After reboot i was left with only a grub-prompt. I also fiddled around with the other desktop-environments, and must say, was pleasantly surprised by XFCE, very neat.
  2. But, by the way, in between we created the longest thread for years. :lol2:/>
  3. Very nice offering grendal, but thanks no. LibreOffice is suiting fine and more.
  4. Sorry, no grendal, no experienced user in that scope. Know and used Crossover years ago, but even don't remember for what reason. And i am a neither a gamer, though i like to try, getting planes into the skies with X-Plane on the Steam-platform.
  5. isadora


    But the magic continues. :) On air again.
  6. isadora


    And down again. :( Must be overheating.
  7. isadora


    You were absolutely right John: http://blog.mageia.org/en/2015/06/07/mageia-servers-are-down/ Bad timing as amid the final magic in the making of Mageia 5. But gladly everything is going smooth again.
  8. Did you try to get help in the Mageia-forum? Mostly people are helped rather soon.
  9. And......the information of John and Ian combined. could lead to one of the Mageia-Live-CD's (also suitable for installation): https://www.mageia.org/en/downloads/ Have fun!!!! :)
  10. Found after a simple Google-search: http://www.tecmint.com/install-firefox-in-rhelcentos-6-3-fedora-17-16/ But,.......RHEL6!
  11. Sorry, don't use RHEL myself unfortunately. But YUM seems to be your best friend, where it concerns installing/updating software: https://access.redhat.com/site/documentation/en-US/Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux/6/html/Deployment_Guide/ch-yum.html Best of luck! :)
  12. Hi Jadidi, Why don't you use the RHEL-provided Firefox-package? This to make sure, you get the right packages pulled in.
  13. isadora


    Sorry John, i can't help you out. Ever since my first Linux-days i used KMail, until some years ago, when problems started. Also spend many hours, getting everything to work. In the end i converted everything to Thunderbird, which is now the standard mail-client in the house. All the best ;) BTW: found this link, hope it gives you some hints: http://en.pardus-wiki.org/HOWTO:Transferring_email_messages_and_account_%28receiving%29_settings_from_KMail_KDE_4.6_%28Pardus%29_to_Kmail2_KDE_4.8_%28Mageia%29
  14. Congratulations Dude67, great you have this solved. Thanks for the big beer!!!
  15. Okay, another place for PulseAudio preferences: paprefs Don't know it helps you out, but i want to be sure you know about it's existence.
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