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  1. I must be a bit of an oddball because I use kmail. I tried Thunderbird but couldn't get used to have another app open on the task bar. Kmail just sits nicely on the right hand side of the task bar. All my mail is left on the servers because there isn't much to worry about. So if I want I just download it again.
  2. I've been thinking about your problem John and I ask myself what are the pop-ups that you are getting? Do you get a chance to read them, or are they to fast at disappearing again? Rather than doing without the things you want to run maybe it would be an idea to deal with whatever is causing the pop-ups. I have checked and Akonadi is installed in Mageia also because it is something that binds many parts of KDE together. All to do with PIM or Personal Information Manager. So I'm thinking if you are getting warning pop-ups it may be worth fixing that.
  3. Hya John, have you tried rpm -e --nodeps ? I'm running Mageia so can't test it for you. I must say that I have never been bothered with popups, even when using Mandriva.
  4. Not knowing exactly what your input is like I am guessing a little. However I did paste the wrong Regex for the second sed. The first is OK as it should split the input into a list of lines, each line with a \n where there is a space in the input. That is sed 's/ /\n/g'<input.txt >temp The second part should be sed 's/SA/-Replaced-/ 1' <temp >out.txt Notice the absence of the 'g' The '1' in the expression should replace the first occurrence of SA on each line. Now if SA occurs before the 6-9 numbers that is a different situation.
  5. The only instance replaced is the first instance in the string. The magic is the '1' in the REGEX as in sed 's/[a-zA-Z][a-zA-Z]/-Replaced-/ 1' <temp.txt >out.txt Also the single quotes are part of the expression.
  6. Have you tried it Ian? If so did it work or was it totally off the mark?
  7. Depending on the length of line that is input a simple way of doing what you want is. sed 's/ /\n/g'<input.txt >temp.txt #This will give you a list with newline at then end. sed 's/[a-zA-Z][a-zA-Z]/-Replaced-/ 1' <temp.txt >out.txt #Job done! Sounds a bit too simple for me! There must be a gotcha somewhere. :) input.txt temp.txt out.txt
  8. Do you want to preserve the spaces? Are the number of spaces always the same?
  9. That's a bit drastic Boatman. LC. Run alsamixer as Isadora suggests, in a command window, and look for any control that is muted. If there are none then look for the 5.1 volume control, usually at the extreme right. Select it and press 'm' to mute it. Setting the control to '0' will not work, you have to mute it using the 'm' key.
  10. To add to daniewicz, what release of Mandriva are you installing and are you dual booting?
  11. Downloaded full version, installed as a dual boot. Apart from a few problems with my USB keyboard and Logitech Bluetooth mouse all went well. The small niggles are now sorted and for a Beta the release is better than some Mandriva finals that I have installed. It is good enough to use as a main desktop as is, so I am looking forward to the final stable release. Met some very familiar names in the forums. That was an added bonus. It could be that Mageia will become the main distro on my machine and Mandriva as a test distro in the future. ;)
  12. Glad you are also sorted daniewicz.
  13. daniewicz, have you gone through the other suggestions on this thread? I have and maybe something else has helped. Personally I think it is a kernel problem, as there are so many having similar problems.
  14. Thank you daniewicz, your link has sorted it. Going by the number of posts in the forum it obviously was not just a KDE thing. Anyway I have added the options to xorg.conf and it seems to have worked.
  15. Thank you for the suggestions, most of which I had already tried. I have now disabled all the possible options in the section that John suggests and will wait to see if that works. I will have a look at the link that daniewicz has posted. Thanks again.
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