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  1. i used the set up new network connection under control center. pick wired connnection and the phone showed up as usb0 (htc android phone). just accepted defaults and it worked.
  2. upgraded forums. :) now view new content works.

  3. got it installed. haven't found any issues yet.
  4. same here. update when fine and no issues so far.
  5. i'm not sure about compbiz (if that's what you're trying to use) but the vbox's video driver doesn't seem to support kde4's desktop effects. at least i can't seem to get them to work under windows 7 and vbox 3.1.
  6. did you install mandriva to the raid or to another drive?
  7. are you talking about mandrake 10.0 or mandriva 2010.0?
  8. i've got windows 7 on a raid 0 array and mandriva 2010RC2 on an ide drive. no problems accessing data on win 7. i'm using grub installed to the ide drive to boot both oss.
  9. mcc/network and internet/set up a new network interface. it's on the 4th config page. i'm not sure the name of the config file.
  10. thanks for the info. updated kopete. it was just sitting at "connecting".
  11. i have a brother hl-2040 monochrome laser. got it for $50 last year. it's networked on a dlink print server. i would think this would make things more complicated than having it hooked up by usb/parallel. but it works fine. it's not listed in cups but brother has linux drivers on their website.
  12. CygnusX1

    KDE 4.2

    if you enable the testing repositories, i understand 4.2rc 2 is already posted. i imagine 4.2 final should show up in the next few days.
  13. while i've got ur attention, any idea why kdiskfree looks like this? is it normal?
  14. pasting the uuid from blkid into fstab worked. thanks for the help. with 2 gigs of ram, the swap doesn't really seem to get used much for what i do on the computer but it was bugging me that it wasn't working properly.
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