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  1. Thanks for the info! It's greatly appreciated!
  2. No Mandriva users have used this particular Canon all-in-one?
  3. I'm considering switching back to Mandriva after trying out other distros. I need to know if my Canon PIXMA MP280 all-in-one will work using Mandriva? I finally got it to print and scan in Kubuntu 11.10, but could not get it to scan in other distros because I could not get the scangear drivers/application to install.
  4. I did the install of Mandriva 2010 Powerpack edition as a dual boot with Windows 7 early this morning and it went without a hitch. I am dual booting without any issues at all.
  5. Are there any issues with installing Mandriva 2010 as a dual boot with Windows 7? I'm considering dual booting them, but heard something about Linux not recognizing Windows 7 as an operating system, but as a file or something like that.
  6. RevJack


  7. Ever since I began using Linux, which was roughly 5-6 years ago, I have always preferred to login as "root" and absolutely nobody is going to change my mind about it. It's called "freedom of choice" and the "Linux Police" will never get me to change my mind about it.
  8. I think the problem is with Firefox 3.0.4 as it happens also with the Windows version of the version of Firefox running on Windows Vista. Had no problems with the previous version of Firefox in Mandriva 2009 or Windows Vista.
  9. I see nothing "arrogant" about his post. What I DO see is a lot of FRUSTRATION. As an Admin, you should be able to tell the difference.
  10. I did the upgrade via urpmi and my system was pretty much intact, other than some files not being able to be installed during the upgrade process. Grub didn't pick up my Vista partition, and my Ethernet card was not detected due to supprt being disabled since it is one of the effect cards, so I had no internet connection, so I reinstalled 2008.1 Powerpack edition. Hope this corruption issue with the ethernet cards gets fixed soon!
  11. I'm using the 64-bit 2008.1 Powerpack edition. How do I upgrade to 2009 RC-2 using urpmi?
  12. Is it safe to upgrade from 2008.1 to 2009 RC1 using the repositories?
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