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  1. if I remember correctly kernel 2.6 is too large to fit onto a floppy which is why this problem exists. :sad: EDIT: which big john already said :-|
  2. ok. what are the permissions on /dev/hdd to find out do ls -lh /dev/hdd and paste the results here
  3. uninstall then re-install the libMESA rpm
  4. i don't have that section in my file anymore since I have a different video card so I can't check what it's called exactly. but in the file /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 there should be a DRI section in there. Anyone else with an ATI wanna check?
  5. just open up a terminal and type the name of the program.
  6. did you get this working yet scoopy? if not check that /etc/sysconfig/lm_sensors exists and actually has content in it. i'd check if /etc/rc.d/init.d/lm_sensors is there too.
  7. open up as root and turn off harddrake. That will stop the checking for new hardware. Then try with devfs=mount again. Also you might try using udev instead of devfs (which became deprecated as of kernel 2.6)
  8. is 3d DRI installed. It's been a long while since I've used an ati card but if memory serves there should be a DRI section in this XF86Config-4 file
  9. well if you can't see it as root there definitely a prob. before adjustiog jumper settings, paste the contents of the /etc/fstab file and /etc/lilo.conf file in here.
  10. http://lists.suse.com/archive/suse-linux-e...4-Apr/0361.html That link is a post of someone using the same burner that worked with mdk 10 but not SUSE so the problem is not likely to be one with mdk. What you should so is set the DVD burner to Master (NOT cable select) using the jumpers on the back, and set any other CD drive to slave or vice versa. As long as both aren't the same thing you should be fine. I usually set my burners as Masters. also check the permissions on the /dev/hdX link where X is the letter corresponding to the DVD burner device. ll /dev/hdX this should be a link and point to another device. then find out the permissions of that device and paste it in here ll /dev/whatever/the/link/was chances are only root is being allowed access to the drives for burning. The easiest way to test this out is to just try burning as root.
  11. it seems my medium pimping will be held back a while. I'm leaving tomorry for ohio and i sorta wiped the cvs directory today anyways. mkfs.reiser works at least...
  12. argh. that .so file is in the kdebase-devel I'm rebulding. after beta-1 is released i should get out proper rpms. The end of the week is the earliest you should expect 'em.
  13. this is with alsa btw, not OSS.
  14. ok sometimes there is a mixer that it's volume is up which causes crackling noises. Use kmix or aumix to adjust the volume (mute) of all the mixers except pcm and master. This took care of it in my case. after that i just went back and enabled the mixers I needed (cdrom and line-in)
  15. it can be done via a normal cd. just get the boot.iso, boot up, you'll see options of where you can boot from and chhose hard drive. Then all that's necessary is to give the location to your mdk iso files.
  16. I'd say going to the authors would be your best bet. Just go file a wish on gnome's bugzilla.
  17. should be in ftp://mandrake.secsup.org/pub/linux/mandr...0.0/i586/images but i don't see it there
  18. other dependencies are libart_lgpl2
  19. ah. the dependencies haven't been worked out yet. i'll add libaudiofile also try installing without the devel files. those are only needed for compiling progs w/ kde
  20. arts-20040522-cvs.i586.rpm libarts-20040522-cvs.i586.rpm libarts-devel-20040522-cvs.i586.rpm kdebase-20040522-cvs.i586.rpm libkdebase-20040522-cvs.i586.rpm libkdebase-devel-20040522-cvs.i586.rpm kdelibs-20040522-cvs.i586.rpm libkdelibs-20040522-cvs.i586.rpm libkdelibs-devel-20040522-cvs.i586.rpm i forgot my gpg key. it'll be up soon
  21. no clue what code junkies is but i've finished the preliminaries. arts, kdelibs and kdebase are done. I'm contemplating qt 3.3 but they seem to work well enough with 3.2.3 from 10.0. I'm also gonna wait till i checkout from cvs again before releasing because the editing apps have developped an annoying bug since my checkout a day ago. grr
  22. Anyone interested in having KDE 3.3 rpms. If so i can build 'em each week. And post them up somewhere.
  23. type in expert as an option in the installer which should force it to ask you what to do.
  24. remove the hdd= entry for mdk 10 and try again.
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