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  1. I recall a wonderfully effective howto on getting bogofilter to work with Evolution. However, I couldn't find it in my search results today. Where'd it go? And what would a post be without the banana?
  2. Yes, this is one of the features I appreciate in Opera. It will even restore you to the portion of the page you were viewing too.
  3. Did you catch that I had already seen that thread and tried what it said? Not to say that it's not helpful, but it didn't solve my problem....
  4. I've been messing with it a bit for the last 48 hours. I think maybe a reinstall is next?
  5. I started up my laptop today for the first time in a while and the PCMCIA network card wouldn't load. I quickly (despite the slowness of the computer :)) realised that it was not the network configuration, but that the card wasn't even loaded.... Blast! First of all, I did see this thread and tried the solution listed therein. (I did have an empty modprobe.preload, so that was a helpful tip.) After such, I have the following: $ service pcmcia restart Shutting down PCMCIA services: done. Starting PCMCIA services: cardmgr[1378]: no sockets found! done. $ cardctl ident open_sock(): No such device There are no lights on the card. I've also tried rebooting a number of times. Anyone have any ideas why this wouldn't be working anymore? (Thanks for the help, LZ! )
  6. I'm interested to know: how is flux better than xfwm? I could never get flux to look anywhere near decent and xfwm has very intuitive and featureful support. (Is that a word?)
  7. Well, I don't use any KDE programs and I'm not suffering from any lack. ;)
  8. Sign a petition: http://www.petitiononline.com/linuxswp/petition.html
  9. A service? Oh man.... What's wrong with a cron job?
  10. I thought it'd be nice for all of us to see each other's ifcfg's, to compare notes as it were. Post yours! :P This is the one I use and while it used to work, for some reason now all I get is "Network is unreachable" errors when trying to ping the outside world. Card: Netgear WG311 Driver: Madwifi File: /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-ath0 STARTMODE=hotplug DEVICE=ath0 BOOTPROTO=static IPADDR= NETWORK= ONBOOT=yes WIRELESS=yes WIRELESS_MODE=Managed # syntax from http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/forum.php?thread_id=3220174&forum_id=33958 WIRELESS_KEY=off WIRELESS_AP=xx:xx:xx:xx WIRELESS_CHANNEL=6 WIRELESS_ESSID=linksys Mods, I think this is the appropriate forum for this thread; sorry if it's not.
  11. I do have other distros, and I'm thinking of doing this as some sort of way to contribute to Mandrake; fortunately, that howto spells it out pretty well. :)
  12. Cool, a weekend project. Thanks for the advice bvc. So that's (as) stable (as Cooker gets) for you? i.e. no problem with "mixed" packages?
  13. I have Gentoo on a fresh system right now (I had to wipe my Mandrake system to partition this baby the way I want it, but now I figure I could put 8 distros hereon if I so choose! ) So I would like to put Cooker on next and am wondering the best way to do it after reading Mandrake's howto: Somehow use Gentoo to begin the cooker installation (chroot'ing?) or to download the necessary RPMS (I have the space) Install MDK 10 OE first and then upgrade via cooker urpmi mirrors (The boot disk option won't work for me, as I have a wireless card as my only current internet access.) What do you think?
  14. Welcome to the forums! My guess would be that you need to toss the card some options using iwconfig, particularly the gateway. Something like `iwconfig wlan0 gateway` (I'm not totally sure about the syntax; man iwconfig to get it right.) Then, once you have the card working, make a script: /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-wlan0. Put the arguments therein: GATEWAY= etc. and you're good to go every time you start up. :) At least, this works for my Atheros card, hope this helps!
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