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  1. Damn Small Linux does not load (stop when it detects hardware). Puppy Linux very is seemed the Windows 95. This computer does not go to have access the InterNet, and it does not have important if it does not exist more updates. The problems is RAM and HD, the recommended is 64 RAM and 4 GB HD ?
  2. best is to wait to leave OpenOffice 2.0 , I used m95, and I did not like, had an error that don't convert .doc for the native format of the OpenOffice, then I came back to 1.1.3 version and I'm happy with this version (1.1.3) Sorry my english
  3. Mandrake Linux 7.2 would be a good system for very old a personal computer ? The computer is a Celeron 433 1GB HD 32 MB RAM, Onboard Sorry my English
  4. Install Mplayer from PLF ( http://plf.zarb.org/ ) To install PLF Packges with Mandrake Control Center visit http://www.linuxfordummies.org/addmedia/
  5. Plgu the camera, set to PTP Mode, and run flphoto
  6. I have Mandrake Linux 10.1 Community Edition with Kenel 2.6.10 from cooker, cdrecord, cdrdao from cooker too, i can't burn cds, only root burn, with Kenel 2.6.8 and cdrecord, cdrdao of mdk cds i can burn cds with any user, but kernel 2.6.10 is better in much aspects compared with 2.6.8 what i solve this problem?????? ito solve this problem i install kernel 2.6.7 from my cd of best linux apps, this kernel is perfect
  7. Nero 6.6 is the best but th linux version is poor compared with the windows version Linux Version Nero Burning Rom Windows Version Nero StartSmart 2 Nero Burning ROM 6 Nero Express 6 NeroVision Express 3 Nero PhotoSnap Nero Recode 2 Nero ShowTime 2 Nero MediaHome Nero BackItUp Nero Wave Editor 2 Nero SoundTrax Nero Media Player Nero Cover Designer Nero Toolkit Nero ImageDrive InCD 4
  8. Damn Small Linux Puppy Linux or Mandrake Linux 8.x
  9. luizmdk


    KBasic is IDE for BASIC ? One good alternation free of charge is the HBasic HBasic
  10. How I upgrade the KDE 3.2.3 to KDE 3.3 using the packages of CD4 of Mandrake 10.1 Community ? Now is all right :P
  11. OK I have KDE 3,23 installed in Mandrake 10.1. I have the 5 cds of the Community version. I Want To Bring Up To Date the KDE for version 3.3 with the packages that are in cd4??? How that I bring update with packages of cd4? They had understood now When I wrote the first topic I took many
  12. As I update KDE 3.2.3 of the MDK 10.1 Community for KDE 3.3 with the packages of the CD4
  13. None and my father makes me pressure I to stop to use Linux
  14. Firefox 0.9.2 Extensions: 1- DOM Inspector 2- Image Zoom
  15. I already tried in the 2 programs and the problem continues. Already I moved in settings and nothing
  16. I have Mandrake 10.0 Community im my computer, i bought one dvd for the computer and the videos are not functioning correctly, the sound functions normally but the videos are with the modified totalmentes colors and I repaired that the same he happens with videos MPG DIVX and any another format. this is not a problem of my plate of video therefore in windows the videos functions well. please help me
  17. luizmdk

    WMP alternative

    MPlayer, Totem, Kaffeine, Juk (Juk is my favourite)
  18. I taste very of the Bittorrent and to twirl the Kazza saw Wine :P
  19. They stop to argue on which system is better this never took the nothing without counting that it is a bag to argue
  20. I have the MandrakeMove but my favourite Live-CD is the Kurumin Linux (Based on Knoppix), Of preference the Kacike edition
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