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  1. I have a E220 with me at the moment, but I haven't tried it in Linux. It works well in OS X though, so that gives me hope. When I have a moment I'll see if I can get it up and running and let you know...
  2. I don't think anyone is trying to prove their geek abilities. Gentoo isn't that difficult to install and use. What Mysti has achieved was above average and high on the geek scale, but that's because Mysti rocks, not just because Gentoo is awesome. LFS is the geekiest Linux to install, hands down. I just don't have the time /+ inclination.
  3. Nah mate, everyone knows that Paul runs Jesus' own Linux.
  4. Aha... sorry, I couldn't tell that from your post. Well then you should follow the directions to compile the packages, as advised. You might also find some help with this on the Scribus forums, as other Mandriva user have undoubtedly ended up with the same situation.
  5. Try switching consoles from the black screen by hitting ctrl+alt+f2 All the f keys through 7 represent different consoles, so try them all.
  6. You should install software on Mandriva using the inherent package manager (urpmi). You can invoke it from the command line in a terminal or access it via GUIs in the MCC. Your first stop should be our Easy Urpmi page to set it up. After that you will be able to install Scribus with a: # urpmi scribus Or via the user interface in the control panel. Compiling software in Mandriva is touch-n-go and not advisable unless you have no other option. Disclosure: I have never installed Scribus on Mandriva, but I am confident that it is in one of the regular repositories. Post here with outcomes if my suggestion does not work.
  7. Well it probably could have compiled against Arch or Slackware, but I like punting Gentoo and fielding the consequences
  8. But lets not forget that in another distribution you might never have got it working ;) Seriously, the Gentoo community is way active and I've gotten things right with bleeding edge packages in Gentoo that I haven't managed in any of the other distros I regularly use. I love Gentoo too, for its flexibility amongst other things. And I don't mind the compile times at all. Couldn't bother me less.
  9. ...yet. Weird, I thought it did video, but I was thinking of the OSX Beta. My bad. Anyway, it's only a matter of time before it does. I wish someone would build a Pidgin-based IM for Pocket PC. All the unified IMs for Windows Mobile either suck or aren't free.
  10. Just on aside on the whole video / audio things - lets not forget that Skype is available for Linux and masterfully handles both audio and video...
  11. I'm so proud of Anna - she had a good idea that has grown into a really awesome project. I'm fully behind us supporting MCN.
  12. Have you installed the Nvidia drivers? In order to make use of direct rendering you must first install and enable proprietary drivers from Nvidia. There are instructions all over the Internet for doing so, including many posts on this board, which can be found via our search function. Remember when posting here to give us as much information as you can, as this helps us to more easily and rapidly respond to your question - so how did you try and enable your rendering? What error messages / other symptoms are you encountering? What version of the driver are you using? etc...
  13. Nice Then you can even just let Mandriva auto-partition the drive and tell it to format the entire thing, unless you want to set up the partitions yourself. Just curious - did you buy Vista?
  14. Just to clarify; Vista was supposed to use a new filesystem, which was then cancelled. It uses plain NTFS now - which can be accessed from Linux. But if you're going for a complete replacement on the OS, Mandriva can format the drive to a 'better' filesystem such as ReiserFS or ext 3. Just remember to backup your files. If you're planning to completely replace Vista with Mandriva, IE leave no trace of Windows, then just follow the options to format your drive. But this is not a migration - the installer will wipe out the Windows partition completely and replace it with a Linux FS.
  15. Doesn't look half bad - if you're into that kind of thing. I always appreciate the cross-platform stuff, since I use OSX, Linux and Windows.
  16. I have it set that way, but I still get emailed every time there is a comment held in moderation...which has been 100+ times daily lately. That shouldn't happen - I don't get any notification for posts that Akismet captures. Are you referring to the spam that slips past Akismet?
  17. Stick with Wordpress - just enable the Akismet anti-spam plugin. Also make sure you're on the latest version. I have two Wordpress sites, and don't have problems with either. BTW - you can set Wordpress so that all posts must be approved before appearing.
  18. Not sure what to suggest then. I guess the next best place to look is on the Transgaming community forums. We're gonna get busted for going offtopic here anyway :unsure:
  19. No surprises and I think they're making the right decision. Ubuntu is undoubtedly the most friendly desktop distro at the moment IMHO. Plus, you know the laptop will be very good on compatibility with Linux, so if you don't like Ubuntu you can still buy it and load whatever you want - at least you aren't paying for Windows ;) Of course, this may just be a rumour that will turn out false...
  20. SoulSe

    Hi, I have a question

    Seriously iph, you've been carrying on about angband since I've known you. What do you see in it? I would rather grate my knuckles... Works fine for me :unsure: For games, that is... don't use it for anything else.
  21. Turn off the firewall in the MCC and see if it works. Then you can work on which port to open up.
  22. SoulSe

    Hi, I have a question

    There is a nice library of native Linux Games (All of Id's games run natively, so does UT2004 and some others) but if you're a serious gamer it won't be enough for you. I was a Cedega subscriber for a long time and it ran all the games I needed it to (HL2, World of Warcraft, etc.) but some of them did take a little convincing ;) Otherwise, dual-booting is an option - but virtualised Windows is not. You can not have direct rendering for graphics in a virtual environment. Yet. Just booting into Windows for games is not the end of the world. Your sensitive info will still be safe and sound in your Linux partition.
  23. Warcraft 3 was the first game that was fully supported by WineX (now Cedega) IIRC. The Battle Net stuff should also work well, might be a connection problem elsewhere (firewall?). You could try running it in WINE and see if you get the same problem. WINE is coming along nicely on the gaming front.
  24. I unsubscribed from Transgaming sometime last year. I had Windows installed in a spare partition and I figured - why pay to make a Windows game work in Linux when I have Windows? I was just playing WoW at the time, just one game.... rather just boot into Windows to play and save my self the bother. Besides, I mostly used to play on my Mac anyway. That's become my general approach. I don't have much time these days to tinker with Linux and make things work. So much so that it's been months since I last booted into Linux at all :sad: I have a Linux server I use for stuff and ssh into that every day, but desktop Linux is a non-entity with me right now. So when I do have time to play games (last time was over a month ago) I want them to just work. That said, Cedega has always been an awesome project and I would recommend it to any serious gamers. I do agree with you though that Wine is worthy of attention. Until WINE has better gaming support, however, Cedega is good for people who want to get up and running quickly.
  25. Have you voted for it? Transgaming really do follow the community on what games to support. But being the astute fellow that you are, I'm sure I don't have to tell you that :P I remember in the old WineX days there were countless arguments here and elsewhere about whether or not the project (now called Cedega) did more good or harm to Linux gaming. I don't want to strike it up again, but I think Cedega is awesome.
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