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  1. I've changed some values in, euh, sorry I forgot, it's a file that belongs to harddrake. I added value `umask=0000', and when I plugged flashdrive in, harddrake autodetect it and then adding appropriate entry in fstab and then mount it with umask=0000. All users can get all access.
  2. Not too sure, but PHPBB has a better search engine, CMIIW. But IPB's interface is way better, and of course it's lots-of-features too.
  3. I'm sorry....... :( But why don't you just remove the libdvdcss and then play that DVD again. If it works, then the libdvdcss is the reason. Anyway I'm using 10.1, I don't know what's wrong in 10.2 or later.
  4. Try install libdvdcss then, I hope this useful. I have no problem in playing DVDs with both xine and MPlayer. But OK, MPlayer only plays the movies while xine can access the menus too.
  5. I think avidemux is one of transcode's tools. CMIIW.
  6. cp -avf /home/ian/documents/downloads/mozilla/thunderbird/ /usr/local/mozilla/ You will end up with /usr/local/mozilla/thunderbird/
  7. idud

    MP3's in Linux?

    mpg123? mpg321?
  8. $ unzip file.zip $ bunzip2 file.bz2 $ tar xjvf file.tar.bz2
  9. Hmm, there's nothing to worry, I think. Port 23 is closed. Btw, is your loopback interface. There's an interesting story about this IP number in this forum, search for ``Terrible IRC Hacker''.
  10. I don't have any other ``gun''. Wget is my best weapon. Sorry.
  11. Proxy user? Proxy passwd?
  12. $ ln -fs "/home/wolf/Installed Apps/Firefox/firefox" "/home/wolf/Desktop/FireFox"
  13. /etc/xinetd.d/telnet is a normal file, and it comes from package telnetd. So if the file doesn't exist, it means that you don't have any telnet-run-from-xinetd service running on port 23. (I feel strange now) How about the output from this command: $ nmap -P0 localhost
  14. Wget will recursively lists all files under the directory that you wish to download, and save it to .listing. But wildcards is not allowed in HTTP. So I think the problem is your http_proxy, CMIIW. Can you just unexport the http_proxy and use only ftp_proxy? So wget will try to connect to the server's ftp port. Or maybe you can add the servers ftp port number, such as ftp://ftp.aso.ee:21/pub/Mandrake/official/2005/i586/*. Btw, can you translate the error messages to English? I don't understand Estonian.
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