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  1. a link to a site listing window apps and the linux equivalent....could come in handy: http://www.libervis.com/mediawiki%20index....nt_Software.htm [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  2. i dont think the hd manufacturer or type of hd connection is going to make any difference to installing/using mandrake. i have mine on a western digital, IDE duel boot with w2k pro.no problems
  3. hey, thanks i tried them all and wrote them all down, (my mind is not what it use to be)
  4. hi, is there in linux a command to bring up a list of running processes, like the ctrl -alt-del combo in windows?
  5. reconfigured


    couldnt tell you, ive only used the free versions. i know they did add a firewall recently and purchased ewido anti-malware. look for a "all in one suite" coming soon.
  6. reconfigured


    and the best for windows is the one you keep updated
  7. reconfigured


    thanks for replies. i never looked under the options tab. ive been using avg free in windows for many years, i will have to try the linux version.
  8. reconfigured


    hello, when scanning with klamAV, what is the significance of under the heading in klamAV "name of virus found" it lists 5 files as: Zip.exceededFilesLimit and the "status" for each as Loose. it asks to quarantine these files. thanks [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  9. thanks for replies, i will stick with Proxomitron, since iam familiar with it and hopefully can get it going via WINE.
  10. hello, does anyone know of or use a local HTTP proxy for filtering garbage. something like the great Proxomitron for windows. or has anyone used Proxomitron via wine.
  11. thanks, it seems selecting a few different sources in urmpi solved the problem.
  12. when using mandrakeLinux update (for security,bug and normal updates) or installing software(urmpi sources) iam getting lots of: "missing signature (couldnt open file)" i dont continue with the installation although iam pretty sure it would be ok to do so. had no problems a month or so ago. whats the cause of this? is this like the file isnt "signed" or something?
  13. ahh the debate, stealth vs closed
  14. reconfigured


    is there a ipconfig utility in linux?
  15. ok, now it makes sense. thanks for replies...........
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