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  1. When the Mac OS becomes available for all types of machines, then it will be a winner.. also doesn't mac os now allow linux apps to run? Not sure..
  2. How often do we try something at home or at work that would be of interest to other members? We assume that we will just post a question if we have one. If you are about to embark on a project that you think will be of interest to others, then the Workbench is the place for you! Other users may develop the project in tandom or as a group with you. When done with the project, the poster should write a How-To so that others may enjoy the benefit of the poster's hard work :P Typically, a Workbench project is started with a simple posting stating the goal of the project. This will be a short summary about what you are up too and what the hoped for results will be. Please note that if you are the only member working on a project and have decided not to do it, simply delete the thread. Moderators will keep an eye out for inactive threads and will attempt to contact the owner prior to deleting a thread. Please direct any questions to a moderator or admin.. Thank You Cannonfodder
  3. Cannonfodder

    MySQL Error

    This information is pretty old so you shouldn't do this.. You can uninstall MYSQL but first.. Learn about software updates.. You need to learn how to setup your sources so you can update properly. Afterwards, your error may go away. Topics to look for are software updates urpmi easyurpmi
  4. Usually the first step in a situation like this is to verify that the ISO image you downloaded is correct before you burn the CD. Have you done this? If not, and are not sure how to, do a search for md5sum or go look in our FAQ section... let us know how you make out ;)
  5. It's too big to describe if you don't know the terminology or background. Try a google first if you haven't. Look for unix / sco / linus / linux copyright so on.. lots of good info on this board too.
  6. Basically with most common boot loader.. MBR (master boot record) contains a pointer and other info pointing to the partition containing more boot loader info. Lose the partition or renumber them, and the MBR can't find its mother ;)
  7. I've run Win2k in several partitions on the same hard drive. All it cares about is that boot.ini file. I'm assuming you are formatted for NTFS and are having trouble even being able to edit the file right? Do you actually have a hall.dll in your system32 folder? I do..
  8. Certified in what? You mean Redhat or systems development? Me? None of the above :unsure:
  9. I was about to ask where you live.. I make double in California what I made in upstate New York.. depends on where you live.. You can also try to find an association of graphic designers (e.g. group that meets once a month) and ask aroound for local pricing info..
  10. Smartest thing you can do for yourself is get a second drive. Many benefits to having one and putting linux on the second drive keeps the partition table in your windows drive safe and sound.. It's very easy to mess it up if you are not familiar with messing with it.. not saying you shouldn't mess it up though :)
  11. Remember to contact your local papers!
  12. Not attempting to address solutions to your problems here and the following comment is meant in the best of intentions.. Two weeks isn't enough to draw your conclusions. Try a few months and then you will have a better understanding of linux and also of windows (linux does that to you). Some of your points are not true E.g. #1.. although I can see how you might derive them..
  13. Whatever you do... Make sure you backup your important data first including your c:\documents & settings folder for your user account. Just in case ;) Additionally, I usually recommend that you obtain a second hard drive to install linux on. It's much safer for your XP installation and kinda guarantees that you will not make a mistake with your linux partitions or attempt to do something that is not compatible.. yes it can happen!
  14. Your first example worked, however, it brought up various lines such as a = "parameter: " + somefunction() Maybe regular expressions can't do it? Wish I had more time to figure this but if anyone has any more input please add here. Most coders I know are familiar with regex but don't really know it in/out..
  15. ooooh, and I thought you were a bunch of gee whiz hackers!
  16. I've been reading how-tos on regular expressions but haven't figured this out... hasn't clicked. I want to build a regular expression that does the following.. 1. case-insensitive 2. Finds the following pattern para*() where * is anything, characters or spaces, tabs whatever.. Any propeller heads out there? Additionally, an extra would be to take the same but the match would have to be any match parameters() parameter() paramete() paramet() parame() param() para() I'm using a company search engine so it has to be a regex, so it can't be linux specific.. Help?
  17. Also, you can install linux first and then when all is set, you can go back and install XP. Just have to restore the linux boot loader afterwards..
  18. I would just reinstall and do a minimum install.. see if it resolves. If not, boot with a CD or floppy and go to your /etc folder and read the file /etc/lilo.conf and type lilo to get any error messages. You will probably have to type chroot {whatever the path to your root directory} before you try editing or typing lilo..
  19. Here's what I would do.. Separate the issues.. 1. Disconnect your XP drive physically. Just disconnect the power. Now you don't have to worry about damaging the os and you can troubleshoot the install process. 2. When you get to the partitioning screen, select a custom partitioning option. Then do the partitioning yourself. This allows you to see it and agree with it before you commit. 3. Do an absolute minimum install. You just want to get it going. 4. When ready, hook them both back up and do the install again using what you have learned. I have been using mandrake and xp or 2k for quite a while with no issues..
  20. I don't have an answer for you, but if you want to get it done, try doing a direct connect without the firewall (just temporarily) assuming you have a cable modem or DSL what not. Afterwards, you can reset-up your network again with the firewall going.. not the best answer..
  21. As many of us know, figuring out regular expressions isn't intuitive... here's a tutorial I gleaned from work! I'm sure there are better ones out there.. yeah yeah its written by microsoft..
  22. Scroll to the bottom of the page. There are 4 projects that deal with burning a CD that contains partimage. I have so far used the top one (System Rescue CD).. :)
  23. Just uninstall the bootloader for mandrake, install 98, and then reinstall it. That way everyone is happy ;)
  24. That's a NORTON GHOST issue. I suspect they do not support it or you are not making your ghost correctly. Try this if you want to explore :) www.partimage.org It's free and you can download an ISO to burn to a CD.
  25. If you go to your /boot folder cd /boot You will see the kernel you are running. Uninstall your incorrect kernel source and this time do a urpmi kernel-source and type in the full or almost full name of the kernel so that you get the correct source.. If you already did this, then you must have something else going on..
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