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  1. The hype around the ati card (x800) vs the 6800 seems to always favor nvidia in windows games, there are some opengl/directx variances. I have been researching this for a while and I have decided on the 6800 gt. I hate the lame ati control panel... compared to nvidias it is pure poo. if your going 64 do yourself a favor and go nvidia. Also there are 16 rendering pipelines vs ati's 12. also get a nice powersupply like the enermax... more is better ;) Peep my sig for my system specs. One more note, I have tried suse's 64bit edition and it is a huge headache... all 32bit os's for me till they are not so buggy... the xp pro64 was a compatibility nightmare as well.
  2. I got the sata working outta the box no probs with suse, mandrake and knoppix... I have the same kt800 chipset.
  3. Update for all you asus/ athlon64 users, in order to install mandy 10, you have to disable support for legacy usb devices in the bios. Found that tidbit in the pclinuxos forums! back in mandy, got lilo back and I am happy... fianlly outta suse hell
  4. Big deal... bleh I have used xp 64 beta and upon discovering that none of my asus apps (cool n quiet, asus probe, ect...) would not install I bagged it for 32bit xp pro sp1, which has been doing quite nicely thus far. I have suse 9.1 pro, I paid for it for the 64bit dvd. I was really, REALLY dissapointed with it, it was a chore to get the os to install, and get my ethernet controller recognized, nvidia drivers were such a headache I bagged the 64 version all together. Yes I do have 90 days of "limited" support from suse, I called a few times and after dealing with there rude techs and answers like the 64 bit isnt compatible with this or that yet... I went to re-install the 32 bit version. Again I am disappointed with yast, I dont like the fact that suse is trying to mimic windows, and the drivers for nvidia took a while to get installed after dealing with kernel-source files and header files and a lack of "make" and the other cli tools I got right off the bat from Mandrake. I will say Im a linux n00b still, I have been a mandrake user since november when I bought 9.2. I loved it, it worked great and I learned so much about linux. Now I stay in wondows ALWAYS. I managed to get my machine doing all the things I want and set up just how I like it, something that has been a real headache in suse. I built this machine to dual boot, I want to play games and have a secure stable os. What I have as of now is a fast machine that looks gorgeous, plays the games I want it to play and comes with all the instability and insecurity of microsoft. I want mandy 64 for my next try at linux on this box... after suse I know im not ready for gentoo or debian. I miss urpmi and mcc and all the things that made me like mandy so much on my old box. On a side note, mandy wont install on this machine for some reason... bleh
  5. I have been scouring deviantart.com for a nice high-res ET icon as well as google but cannot find one... anyone know by chance where to find some icons like this? prefferably 128x128, its for my dock bar. -C
  6. it will be time for a 6800 when that comes out
  7. Well suse parts different than mandy... I dont really have a home partition, yet I see a home folder... its strange. So as far as I can tell I just have a swap and a / partition.
  8. Is there a way to save data that I moved onto my linux drive when doing a re-install? I have suse 9.1 pro 64 thats kinda mucked up... buggy... ect. I am thinking of installing gentoo but cannot afford the loss of this data (35 gigs) I have it all in a nice folder so its ez to locate- I have no other drive to move it to so anyone got an idea? Id rather not burn 5 cd's . Thanx Board buddys!
  9. this has been rolling around my mind for the past few days! heh I might do it if there is a way I can keep the data I moved off my ide drive to the SATA (suse) drive to make room on my ide for winxp. I have alot of pictures and all my old mixes/ demos as mp3's that I cant let go of! I have been reading on linuxquestios.org about another user with my same problem in 9.1. Its strange, I jus wish I hadnt paid $60 for a distro I cant even use. -C
  10. heh... increase voltage to superlowlatency ram... viola... less errors
  11. I feel that... Im doing everything from XP right now... I have 9.1 pro for 64 but am having alot of troubles getting it to see my eth card/ controller. WAHHH I have tried a few things, but w/o the internet its about as good as a soup sandwich. I like some things, but overall miss mandy horribly... I bought this distro for the 64bit ver. It has been buggy to say the least, if I could jus get online I could get nvida drivers and be happy... update the sys and rock this athlon fx like it needs to be rocked... oh well support isnt so nice imho... good luck... still waiting for mandy 64
  12. I cant seem to get suse to install on my raptor in the 64 bit version (havent tried 32) says something like "crc error" and cannot mount root filesystem to hd6a... something like that... maybe Ill look up the exact message. I have tried both via and promise sata controllers and the promise one gives me a similar but different error. anyone tried installing 64 on sata? thanx -C
  13. Yes my firebird in winxp always seemed a bit faster than my firefox using kde, after doing this I have seen some noticable increases on pages that used to take just plain too long to load. I had a bad time with 0.9, that was horrendously slow for me. B) -C
  14. Found this one in the AMD forums 1. Type "about:config" in the adress field. 2. Set the value of network.http.pipelining to "true". 3. Set the value of network.http.pipelining.maxrequests to "100". 4. Set the value of network.http.proxy.pipelining to "true" 5. Set the value of nglayout.initialpaint.delay to "0" Taken from http://www.computerbb.org/about150.html seems to really improve page loading times -C
  15. chin808

    winmx on linux?

    gtk-gnutella is worlds beter than anything I have tried... edonkey and xmule
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