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  1. in case you haven't got all your repositories. Go to http://urpmi.org/easyurpmi you select the version of MDK. From there you pick the same servers for the main and contrib. For the plf, I usually pick the mandrake forum. Sign in as root in the command line and type "urpmi.removemedia -a" then back to easy urpmi site and copy paste the code you get from clicking on the step 3 button. Voila! all dependecies are automatically downloaded.
  2. fissy, what are you doing here in a mandrake forum? trolling?
  3. liquidzoo gave the solution. You have to fix your repositories. I did a fuzzy logic search on livecd and it turned up with a package called "mklivecd" if I wanted to install it, it'll automatically download the dependencies.
  4. is it just me, or are tarballs extremely shaky? it seems like out of 4 tarballs, only 1 can be installed successfully. I know that the typical install process is sh ./configure, make, make install. I always read the install.txt file because the process seems to change. The part where I run into trouble is the make install part. I seem to always get some kind of error there. It is frustrating. I'm amazed when people complain about rpm's. In my experience, they have been very reliable. Only once had a rpm not work on me. That was only because it was compiled for SuSe. Am I missing something? I want to install mutella.
  5. Running multiple apps should not lockup any harware... perhaps slow it down but not lock it up. Anyway, you might not be having it but I sure am, along with others... Result of Google Search: nForce2 Lockup Problems Here is a more detailed/technical explanation of the problem: nForce2 woes with Linux cyclo lock up hardware? his apps are locking up. I suggested that he "nice" his compiling app so that his other apps will get more cpu and memory usage and wont lock up. to use the nice function, type "nice -n #" followed by the script. The '#' being any number from 0-19. The higher the number, the "nicer" it will be with other apps running. You can actually run nice with negative numbers, but it isn't recommended to go beyond -3. With this nice function, as I type, I am ripping a DVD, editing a vob file, listening to an mp3, and surfing the web at the same time with no hiccups. I'd like to see windows do that. All I have is a 1.47Ghz t-bred Athlon and 512MB of PC2700 RAM.
  6. after doing a search at http://freshmeat.net, the 2 highest rated gnutella based p2p was Qtella and Mutella. Both had high ratings. Mutella has a nice ass gui. if not, you could try running kazaa or imesh in wine.
  7. I think k3b is great. If you don't like it you can use nautilus(spelling?) which I believe is a gnome app. I've used nautilus before. I kinda like it. I like how I can right click on any file, and select "burn with nautilus."
  8. it's a little annoying to me that I have to open kmix every time I reboot to adjust the volume. I wish it stayed in the system tray all the time. I guess I could always make a app quick launch icon.
  9. I've been using 10.0 official for about a week. I've had my Asus A7N8X Deluxe rev. 1.04 for a while now, just got a RMA replacement though. I don't experience ANY lockups. I wonder where you heard that from. Most likely user error. I don't mess with the APIC. if you got lock ups during java programs compiling, that's probably because compiling is a memory hog. That's like you trying to run apps while b-unzipping. You should read up on how to "nice" your programs. Basically you can controll how much resources a certain app may use. So you can have the compiling going on in the background and not lock up other apps.
  10. don't hesitate to get the Asus A7N8X Deluxe. I have it and I love it. I too had some quirks with 9.2, but 10.0 official is sooooo much better than 9.2. All the bugs I had are gone. My Ati 9800 pro works "straight out the box." No more sound issues. I'm loving 10.0 so much, I'm ordering the powerpack DVD
  11. try a program called "xawtv" my uncle has a card with a similar model. While we didn't configure it, the program did look promising.
  12. steve, after I put the script in from easyurpmi site, I do a "urpmi.update -a" just in case. :D
  13. well, since you're gonna re-install windows, you should do that first. Doing a fresh install will wipe out lilo. After installing windows, you can proceed in installing mandrake. In the bootloader part, place it at the first sector of the root partition. remember in a dual boot setup with windows, you always have to install windows first before anything else. It's a bitch like that.
  14. if the gui doesn't work out for you, you can always do "urpme packagename" this is what I did to remove totem player. I did "urpme totem" and it was gone forever. urpmi : install urpmq -yp : fuzzy logic search for rpm packages urpme : removes package I don't know why people use the "rpm ..blah blah blah" as if they are using redhat or something.
  15. you need at least 3 hard drives to do RAID 5.
  16. thanks, it worked. Gotta remember that command :D
  17. this has happend to me before. When I go to the GUI mandrake update, and update all the packages, I seem to lose KDE apps from the start menu. Such as OpenOffice. After the updates, the shortcuts dissappeared from the taskbar and is no longer in the menu. It's not uninstalled. I can still access it from typing "ooffice" in the command line, but I like how it was before. What's the solution?
  18. not sure if this link will work, but there was a same question posted in the hardware folder. Look for my reply. http://www.mandrakeusers.org/index.php?sho...howtopic=12417#
  19. aRTee, I have installed libdvdcss2, there was no libdvdcss. But I still can't see DVD's. I get this error "Error Opening/Initializing the selected video_out(-vo) device"
  20. I think I've tried that once too, after seeing that it worked for someone, but it didn't work either. I went back to 9.2 since many of my devices weren't working properly in 10.0.
  21. well, for starters, to extract a b zipped file, you sign in as root by typing "su" in the console followed by the password when prompt. then type "bunzip2 filename.bz2" so in your case you'd type "bunzip2 comtrend_ct350_2.4.20.tar.bz2" that will unzip it to a tarball. So from there you can extract the tarball and type "tar -xvf comtrend_ct350_2.4.20.tar" if you feel fancy, you can do that all on 1 line: "bunzip2 comtrend_ct350_2.4.20.tar.bz2 && tar -xvf comtrend_ct350_2.4.20.tar" even though you can use ark or something like that, it is very good to become familiar with the command line. :D
  22. thanks all for your replies, but I chucked this card, returned it and got a D-Link. I knew the D-Link would work. that Kingston NIC, while it was only $10, was sketchy. Downloads would lock up, it was a trip. I never heard of a Kingston NIC before. It even had a Kingston chip! huh? odd.
  23. I have an SB Platinum eX and I'm wondering how you got your sound to work in 10.0? I'v e used both the "audigy" and "snd-Emu10k1" driver and none of them work.
  24. I have a SB Audigy 1, and in Mandrake 10.0, both OSS and ALSA drivers don't work. The ALSA driver in 9.2 however works.
  25. SurfahBoy808

    USB 2.0

    usb support for me in mandrake 10.0 && 9.2 for that matter, is that it doesn't work well with my sandisk usb 2.0 flash drive. When I plug it in, an icon appears on the desktop, but when I try to open it, I get an error. Either that, or it will hang. Also, my usb webcam doesn't work. Hopefully this will get fixed in the full version of 10.0.
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