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  1. no worries, you're just missing some Python lib files. urpmq -yp python and see what type of python packages are available.
  2. Yes it does because /.kde/share/config/kdm will take you to there regardless (if it existed) whereas .kde/share/config/kdm would take you to a hidden directory called .kde in your present directory. However that will only install a new KDE theme, not a KDM theme Whereas http://linuxmigrations.hd.free.fr/kdtheme.png Will install a kdm theme (I already clicked on administrator mode) ah, see I don't even have that option in the KDE CC. I guess dexter found which package I am missing. Thanks. Yep your right just looking for the kdetheme manager (which gets installed as default on Kubuntu & Fedora 5) then realised that I have to install it first. NP though its in there though just do a urpmi kdetheme & you should be good to go... ah, thank you dexter. That explains why I don't have that option in the KDE CC. I'll look for the the kdetheme package. Thanks. That's a lot better and shorter than the way I was doing it...sheesh.
  3. I don't see it. Where is it? http://www2.hawaii.edu/~gmorales/where_is_it.jpg You were never told about such a directory, but rather about ~/.kde/share/config/kdm ~/ is your HOME base folder. The dot before kde means a hidden directory. If you still do not have this directory at your system, then you are likely running Gnome. It doesn't matter, I don't need to have the "~/" in front because by default the shell is on my home folder already. It took me to the same place but there is no kdm directory in the config directory. And no, I'm not running Gnome.
  4. no where do I see a KDM theme manager. While, I can login to login manager as admin, how do I open up KDE CC as an admin? I'm stoked, this config has lead me to use all the KDM themes that I've always been trying. This time with this cool theme. http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php?content=26718 I went to the /usr/share/mdk/dm that contains directory which contains all the files for the login. Except, this particular package is missing a KDM.theme file. So open up an editor and create a new file that contains [GdmGreeterTheme] Description=LoveKDE KDM Theme Encoding=UTF-8 Greeter=login-scan-fusion.xml Name=login-scan 'fusion' Screenshot=preview.png Save the file as "KdmGreeterTheme.desktop" Put that in the directory /usr/share/mdk/dm and restart KDE. Be sure to backup original files. Cheers!
  5. well, my goofing around has lead me how to create 4 desktops like before. However, this disables compiz. I'm actually in the process of figuring out how to config it back to the cube. but, for those who don't like the cube and like the traditional 4+ desktop look. first I went to /etc/kde/kdm then opened up the backgroundrc file with an editor. There's a line that says MultiWallpaperMode=NoMulti but I switched it to MultiWallpaperMode=Multi restarted KDE and all of a sudden I have the default 4 desktops now. http://www2.hawaii.edu/~gmorales/desktops.jpg however, be aware that typing "NoMulti" back in the file doesn't bring back the cube. I have to reconfigure compiz.
  6. ok, I figured it out. But it's different from the above instructions. First off, there is no directory /.kde/share/config/kdm I went to /usr/share/mdk/dm that contains all the files for the login. I first backed up the files in there, then copied the files from this theme from kde-look.org http://www.kde-look.org/help/index.php?type=40 restarted KDE and voila!
  7. while there is a KDM configuration theme in the KDE control center, it is only things like font and what not. It's not a theme manager.
  8. How do I configure KDM? I don't know if I'm blind, but I'm wondering why I don't see some kind of GUI manager to configure KDM. If there is none, I wonder why Mandriva didn't make one. I downloaded a few KDM themes from kde-look.org and I'd like to apply theme. I've been trying to find the path of the config file but have come up empty. Any help I would appreciate.
  9. I didn't realize it, but I guess there are 4 desktops by default. I'm just so accustomed to having 4 desktops that I can change the wallpaper for each. But I'm loving the cube, and the alt+ctrl + up that gives you that mac like feature. Pulling and stretching windows like a rubberband was a trip to. I dig it.
  10. Here's the command I've always used to rip DVD's, works like a charm. Mplayer and its requirements like mencoder are required. mplayer dvd://1 -dumpstream -dumpfile /home/user/Movies/filename.vob you can change the file extension to whatever format such as mplayer dvd://1 -dumpstream -dumpfile /home/user/Movies/filename.avi or mplayer dvd://1 -dumpstream -dumpfile /home/user/Movies/filename.mpg It works with a bunch of different codecs even mp4.
  11. I'm using KDE with xgl and compiz but for some reason, I can't create multiple desktops. In the section, put the number 4, but when I hit ok, it just stays as 1.
  12. I use road runner and have a Toshiba PCX2500 cable modem. I don't think that cable modems should be a problem in Linux because it's just Ethernet.
  13. what exactly are you saying? install 2005LE but update my repositories with 2006 sources?
  14. oh hello, didn't even think to check my boot partition size. Funny, it's only using 13MB. Ok, for future reference, I'm not making it bigger than 64MB next time.
  15. I want to redo my RAID setup and I was curious as to what size is enough for the boot partion for the RAID array? my current setup has a 1GB boot partition, but something is telling me that is overkill, but I have no idea.
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