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  1. What version of Mandy are you using and do you have gstreamer installed? Ken
  2. Please. Have you ever made a typo or heard of such a thing?If you have nothing useful to contribute then please don't. @anirudh As I said I'm really out of my depth here, we'll just have to wait for someone with more knowledge to respond. Ken
  3. I'm out of my depth here but try running XFdrake as root, then try startx again, I'm not to hopeful with the framebuffer error. Another thing, you asked about md5sums and someone gave you a link. Did you check the sum of the download and more important of the burnt CD? A bad download or burn can cause all sorts of strange problems. Ken
  4. Your using what operating system to do this? Ken
  5. Then as I told Ian, user = guest, no passwordand root will also have no password. And despite the warnings about running a GUI as root (well founded) there is no danger in doing so from a Live CD. Ken
  6. :P Me too. Going mad that is.It's been a few years for me too. The One installer just dumps the running system to the hard drive so you end up with a guest account with no password. I can't remember if you have an opportunity to set the root password or add a user but the user guest will be there. Ken
  7. Ian, he installed One so he probably didn't setup a user.The default user with a One install is guest with no password. I'm not sure about root. Ken
  8. Unless it's imperative that the stick is auto mounted, comment out or remove the entry for it in /etc/fstab. Then when you plug it in you should get a pop up allowing you to mount and open it in Dolphin with user read write privileges. Ken
  9. When it gets to the blinking dash on the black screen press Ctrl+Alt+F1 which hopefully gets you to a login prompt.Login there and use startx to try and start the desktop. Report any errors you get if it doesn't start. Ken
  10. Mandriva now has urpmi-recover, although CLI only it may be integrated with the GUI in the future.Simply put, it repackages and saves your old RPM before upgrading so that you can revert to it even if it no longer exists on the mirrors or other media that you have. It's a great idea and probably what your looking for. Ken Edit: It does save your old RPMs when upgrading from the GUI, it's only the setup and recovery that is CLI only.
  11. Yes that's normal when using UUIDs, there is no need change anything. Ken
  12. If it's not showing then your repositories are not setup correctly, try adding them again. Ken
  13. Your welcome, I'm glad you got it sorted. Ken
  14. I'm a slow typist :D but I see you found swap.It should be easy to edit fstab now. It isn't mandatory to change the dev name in fstab only the UUID but wouldn't hurt. Ken
  15. That means that /dev/sdc5 which fstab thinks is swap does not exist. It's strange that diskdrake is not rewriting fstab when you delete and recreate the swap, possibly a bug. There is probably a command to get the information you need out of /dev/disk/by-uuid but I don't know it. As the only way to copy the UUID from diskdrake is pen and paper then manually enter it in fstab which would be pron to mistakes, you could try blkid again. This time try blkid /dev/sdc7 it should return something like this if not increment the dev number until you find the swap. Once you've found the swap it should be easy to change the UUID in fstab using copy and paste and an editor. @ ffi, if he wasn't root he would have got "command not found" not nothing. Ken
  16. Does the out put of blkid /dev/sdc5 match the entry in fstab? Ken
  17. It sound like the swap entry is not getting written to fstab. Please post the contents of your /etc/fstab file. Ken
  18. The only odd thing I see is the [/b] at the end. If it is really there and not a typo, try removing it. Ken
  19. The first one is easy, K3b can do it. Just use the copy DVD tool, it will write an image to the hard drive then it will open the tray and ask you to insert a blank DVD. The second one, I have no idea. Ken
  20. First welcome. Second we need to know how you connect to the internet. Dialup modem, ADSL etc before we can help. Ken
  21. noauto, would be the culprit. :D Ken
  22. I don't use Windows so can't really tell you how to burn the downloaded image other that say it must be burnt as an image not a file. But I can say (484,416KB) for the Mandriva ONE 2009 KDE4 int cdrom i586 iso wrong, it should be just over 702MB (736,574,392B). Ken
  23. Compulsory, yet free and no link to a download? I'm guessing that a visit to the local KGB office will get me a copy on a floppy. Ken
  24. As I said install kernel-desktop-latest, as root urpmi kernel-desktop-latest That will fix things. Ken
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