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  1. What you need is a udev rule for the 3g. I only have a rudimentary understanding of udev rules and can't be of much help but this link and/or a web search may help. http://reactivated.net/udevrules.php
  2. How did you remove the kernels? If you still have the install medea "the DVD not the live CD" start an installation and when asked choose to upgrade. That may give you a bootable kernel.
  3. Welcome to the forum Rick. What operating system are you using? I've heard of problems such as you're seeing on some versions of Windows but not on Linux. Ken
  4. If you installed a 32bit version and have 4GB or more of ram kernel-server is installed to take full advantage of the ram. Installing the new kernel is not a problem as the old kernel is not removed and can be booted if you have problems with the new one. Ken
  5. I'm still using Mandriva 2008.1 on my laptop and it works the way you say you want. I just right click on the wifi icon and mouse over "Wireless connections" in the pop-up menu which then shows all connections within range I then click on the desired one. I only have to enter a key or password the first time I connect to a network which requires one and the system remembers it for next time. Ken
  6. Have you tried going through the Display option?
  7. The restricted repository was for PowerPack commercially licensed software and only available directly from Mandriva. I'm not sure if it exists anymore.
  8. For what it's worth updating via MCC only looks at repositories marked as Update whereas urpmi --auto-update looks at all enabled repositories, even newly added ones.
  9. K Bergen


    Have you filed a bug report? Without that no one will know there's a problem to fix.
  10. I just reread your origanal post and that's expected behaviour. A mounted CD or DVD will always be read only, it can't be otherwise. Why the device notifier is not seeing them I don't know but for now just un-comment the /dev/sr0 line in /etc/fstab. For write access you need blank media and a burning program, either GUI or CLI.
  11. As far as I know optical drives like USB drives should not have an /etc/fstab entry. So what happens if you remove or comment out the /dev/sr0 line?
  12. John, you'll probably want to make two shares /home and /MixedMedia.For access I found "allow real remote root access" works best if you're going to create directories on the remote share.
  13. There's no need to partition the stick or wipe it as writing an ISO to the stick using dd or Mandriva-seed wipes the entire stick. Also the hybrid ISO's when written to a USB stick will show up in MCC as a CD/DVD burner not as a hard drive. I've found gparted useful to partition and use the unused space on the stick on a Linux system although Windows fails to find more than the first partition.
  14. Since the disks are the same size and if you have a Live CD dd might be a good option. Boot the CD open a terminal and su to root, then dd if=/dev/sdX of=/dev/sdY where X is the old disk and Y is the new disk.
  15. It is possible but I think you'll find that the slower bus speed of the PCI slot even with a high end card will not give much an increase over a low end AGP card.
  16. You're correct Ian, I'll have to learn to read. :D Also of note is that the working machine is running an older kernel than the problem machine. When/if he updates the kernel on his machine he may run into the same problem.
  17. Looking back the working system was a desktop kernel and the problem one was a server kernel which I ignored at the time as I thought that the only difference in the server kernel was support for PAE (Physical Address Extensions) but it may have security measures built in that require the full path to usb_modeswitch in udev rules. We'll never know until someone files a bug report so that the developers can look at the problem.
  18. Yes of course he has every right to seek help here or anywhere else he feels comfortable and he did get the help he needed here. :D What I was trying to point out which I guess I didn't fully explain is that if it is a bug in usb_modeswitch, usb_modeswitch-data or the kernel-server and it does look like a bug in one of those it will not get fixed if it's never reported. Yes one can search the Internet for workarounds for problems like (dude67) has found for his problem but wouldn't it be better if the problem was fixed at its source so that it just worked? @ dude67 If you decide to report this on the Mageia forum or file a bug report at https://bugs.mageia.org/ (it's up to you) it is not a problem to give a link to this thread rather than starting at the beginning and retyping everything. By the way I do have the utmost respect for the members here and the help they give or I would not be here. :D
  19. dude67, no one can force you to join the Mageia community and report bugs and no one can prevent your use of Mageia. :D The choice is yours, the loss is that other Mageia users and developers learn nothing from your experiences but as I said the choice is yours.
  20. The last question is the easy one. :D Both systems recognized it as a 12d1:1446 or mass storage mode, on one system usb_modeswitch did it's job and switched it to a 12d1:1506 or modem mode, on the other it didn't. The question now becomes why and that's why I asked about security settings. If one is set to Standard and the other to a higher level it might explain things.
  21. # Huawei, newer modems ATTRS{idVendor}=="12d1", ATTRS{idProduct}=="1446", RUN+="usb_modeswitch '%b/%k'" This is the rule in ‎/lib/udev/rules.d/40-usb_modeswitch.rules that works on one of the computers but not the other. Note that the full path to usb_modeswitch is not used. I don't know if this is a bug or the result of security setting and as I don't have the hardware I can't test or report a bug.
  22. I'm glad you got it sorted but a few questions remain. Why did it work out of the box on one piece of hardware and not another? Why did you seek help here on a Mandriva forum rather than on the Mageia forum? You know that few if any Mageia developers hang out here and if they don't know about a problem it won't be fixed. Please report the problem on the Mageia forum so others won't have to jump through the hoops that you did.
  23. There is modemmanager in the repositories but I doubt it has anything to do with usb_modeswitch. It seems that everything is working but not automatically. Now that you've enabled logging is a log created when you manually invoke usb_modeswitch? Also are the security levels the same on the two systems?
  24. A shot in the dark as I don't have anyway to test but do you have file /etc/usb_modeswitch.conf on the problem computer and if so what are the contents of said file.
  25. usb_modeswitch requires usb_modeswitch-data so you can't have one without the other. This is for Ubuntu but shows you how to make a udev rule for your modem. Edit: I forgot the link The link
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