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  1. mandriva is working fine pal.... I just wanted to know what commands meant
  2. Thanks pal.... that worked.... Can I know what are those commands for???? don't know anything here.... just asked out of enthusiasm Thanks to all who took time to post in this thread to help me
  3. I am just saying that remaining linux distros(fedora, ubuntu) are working fine without any errors. I don't know much about these, so just telling whats going on with my system when I m trying particular things. So that one can guess what might be the problem
  4. at that black screen(like command window) i tried some combinations of ctrl+alt+(some fn key)... then a lot appeared on my screen... I guess that is what happeneing while mandriva is loading.... I found these errors in the screen and I guess they are the possible errors which make linux install stall. now i give what i saw on the black screen (date) local host kernel eth0: no IPV6 routers present (date) local host logger: Error: shorewall start failed (date) local host kdm[3013]: xserver for display: unexpectedly (date) local host kdm[3013]:Unable to fireup local display:0; disabling I hope this might be useful in solving my problem.... @K Bergen I have given this command "XFdrake" with root login and some options came with "xserver" as title. I selected the video driver best suited for my mother board and what should I do next??? after that the black screen is returning back with "Using '/etc/nvidia-current/ld.so.conf' to provide 'gl-conf' at the top and root at the bottom of the screen What should I do next??? I have left some unpartitioned space exclusively for installing mandriva.... I guess tat is not a problem relating to disc format.... P.S: ubuntu7 is working fine.... just installed that.....
  5. There's no problem with burning and i checked the MD5 sums... I wil try that code and give a reply ASAP
  6. the failed message in the video is for "need_remove_empty_extended" And the output for your commands for "startx" --> can't run in frame buffermode. Please specify the bus IDS for all frame buffer services waiting for xserver to begin accepting connections giving up xinit: Connection reset by peer(err no 104): unable to connect to xserver xinit: No such process(error no3): Server error for"lspci" I am giving the info about video driver VGA compatible controller nvidia corporation geforce 6150SE nForce 430(rev a2)
  7. I logged on to guest account.... after that What should i do??? I just know that if I press "su" i l go to root.... tell me how to continue install from there on....
  8. can u people tell me how to calculate md5 hash given a particular iso file
  9. I didn't install mandriva till now.... this things are happening when I boot with mandriva disc
  10. What's the login I should use.... what ever i press its reappearig
  11. http://in.youtube.com/watch?v=zuuV_W_5wbg This is what happens when i boot using mandriva.... please watch the video and assessmy condition
  12. hi friends I am new to linux .... a week back I installed fedora 7 and it installed fine.... I heard the mandriva is good for a user who want to switch from windows. So i have downloaded a file from a torrent mentioned in mandriva home site. the file name was "mandriva-linux-one-2009-KDE4-int-cdrom-i586" I burned it to a cd and restarted the computer. It started booting quite well. Then a black screen came with a blinking hyphen just like DOS except for that the whole screen is empty. Since I didn't knew what to do i pressed ctrl+alt+del and it moved on a bit and the progress bar started stopped. I waited around an hour thinking that it is installing the OS. But nothing happened. I don't know what problem was. Please tell me what to do. I left 7 gb space unpartioned like I did while I installed Fedora. Please give any possible solutions My CPU details are: AMD 64X2 2.2GHZ , 2GB ram, M2N-MX mother board, SATA 320 hard disc at 5400 RPM
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