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  1. OS X does, in fact, have "right-click" option's (or, menu's, for the most part). If you only have one button on your mouse, they can be accessed via CTRL+Click (or, on trackpads, clicking with two fingers - if you set right options in your trackpad preferences). If KDE4 truly does not have any right-click options, then it is alone in that.
  2. Most Intel Mac's are 64-bit, so 64-bit is pretty normal now. I don't recall if the first gen Intels were 64-bit. I would offer to test this at my job, under the various setups we have (Intel, PPC, various versions, even some old OS 9 machines) but I don't think my boss would be OK with that :( I will test it on my MBP when I get home tonight, then.
  3. No, actually, they don't. But I don't feel like starting that argument with you again. I already proved you wrong once (see your gconf-editor comment, etc.). While there are differences, there are more similarities then you are willing to admit to. Crap, I just went back on my promise from my earlier post. Damn.
  4. what are the contents of the shortcut file? (open it with a text editor) have you tried recreating the short cuts while fish is selected (instead of bash)?
  5. I'd be glad to run it. OS X Leopard (10.5.6), Intel, 64-bit. It does appear that you can only get Java 6 on Intel-based, 64-bit machines. Of course, that's just their built-in version. I imagine you can install "unsupported" versions via fink or darwinports.
  6. A simple comparison: the number of people who have a computer at work vs. the number who have one at home. Why is this important? Because people only have a choice (most of the time, anyways) as to what they run on their home computer. If the don't have a home computer, or use their work computer to do more web browsing than there home (i.e. don't have internet), it would easily skew these results. I think that's something that's hardly ever taken into account when doing these statistics, and it could have an effect on the results.
  7. perhaps the partition that was created was no good? corrupt partition table? not that it matters, since the issue has been solved :)
  8. Is your wireless access point 802.11g capable? And 802.11g card should run faster than 802.11b, no questions asked. Another possibility is that you have an appliance that is interfering with the 802.11g connection, but this is a rare occurrence.
  9. tyme

    Mandriva won't boot

    i think you have an extra root= in there: should probably be just:
  10. I believe, by default, Mandriva's ssh requires a password on any account you want to login to. That looks like xorg.log, and doesn't seem to contain useful errors, though I've never seen this before: I'm not sure how relevant that error may be. What this sounds like to me, given the space /var/log is eating, is that there is some kind of recurring error (which causes other issues once the related log file in /var/log has eaten sufficient space). I did a quick google search for the above error, and found a post of someone experiencing similar problems. They resolved the issue by re-installing kdebase-kdm - give that a try.
  11. thought i'd resurrect this thread.... :D
  12. according to the wikipedia article, several linux media players are capable of playing .m4a, including amarok - so apparently it's a matter of getting the right plugin. there are also m4a to mp3 converters out there.
  13. short answer, in a terminal/console (as root): # mount -o loop /path/to/your.iso /path/to/mount/at/ a bit more explained (though still terminal based) here HTH
  14. tyme

    installing a touchscreen

    please provide more information, i.e. trouchscreen make and model.
  15. out of curiosity - what makes you say that? it's a screenlet, I forget the name at the moment (not at home) but I believe it's part of the default set that comes with the program.
  16. check /var/log/dmesg.log and messages.log for any errors around the time the freeze occurs - should help narrow down the cause.
  17. [click for larger (3360x1050) image] Background: tripleNeuron GTK2 theme: Glow Water Dark (modified "Selected items" color) Metacity theme: nm156 dark wide Icons: Dropline Neu!
  18. is the sound coming from your speakers, or from the computer tower itself (internal speaker)?
  19. you'll note that i didn't say we, on this forum, don't care about other distributions, etc. - i simply said that, in this thread, it was not helpful to the original posters issue. yes, ian, your post could be taken as you suggested. however, i believe i correctly categorized scarecrows post. tux: thanks for sharing your RPM. this is what Linux is about - helping others and sharing your knowledge/work.
  20. while it's all great and wonderful that you guys were able to install it easily in your distribution of choice, this topic is about Handbrake on Mandriva (and the possibility of creating and sharing an RPM of it) - subtly gloating about how easy it was to install on ubuntu/arch is of no help to the original poster (and could be seen as flame bait). JMHO, anyways ;)
  21. if you make the rpm, i could provide a place to upload it to. if nothing else, you could share it with the users of this board :)
  22. Ubuntu's default kernel, and I believe all packages, are compiled to i386, which is why Ubuntu doesn't have this problem. Only distributions with a kernel compiled to i686 are candidates for exhibiting this issue.
  23. tyme

    Video Captures

    what program are you using to record them? and, what format are they in? last, what permissions do they have immediately after initial creation?
  24. so the fix would require having a way to identify the specific cpu's where this occurs, and override the detected type?
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