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  1. capnkirby


    I'd honestly be very suprised if there are any 3d drivers out there for it, I used to have one as well, and found the windowz drivers lacking. Capn
  2. I find they are about equal in ability and function. You can adjust speed of down and upload easily and can configure about anything you want in either. The biggest difference I see is Bittornado uses individual screens for each torrent, much like a download window where Azureus opens one interface with torrents listed either in the uploading or downloading window and will shrink to the system tray. Personally I prefer Azureus for it's single interface design and it's ability to run from the system tray. Capn
  3. It's only wrong if it doesnt' work..... Capn
  4. I've run into similar issues with Firebird, simple solution was to un-install it, delete the /home/you/.thunderbird file and than install it again. Dumb, I know, but it has worked in getting some things working..... Capn
  5. Well that sucks, I hadn't subscribed yet, but I sure had planned to. Hopefully they will try again in a short time. Capn
  6. While I have not used it, I understand that Kget works quite well for this also. I would think that bittorent would be quite workable as well.... Capn
  7. I think the thing that strikes me as being one of the things I love most about Linux is mentioned by Banjo when he says that he contacted the quantas developer directly for help and received it. How often does that happen on the windoz side of the fence?? I had an error in burning something using K3b the other day, the error message stated to e-mail me (the developer) the above error report. You gotta love that kind of community and group dynamics..... Capn
  8. Agreed, Smoothwall rocks! I've been using it for well over a year now with no problems of any kind! Capn
  9. PCLInuxOS for me, which is what I am using already, while I like MDK a lot, I really appreciate the personal attention one gets with this distro as well as it is very cutting edge, packages are usually in unstable within a day of release. Very Cool! I have tried and was also very pleased with Ubuntu, although I missed the system configuration simplicity of PCLOS and MDK. Capn
  10. capnkirby

    ATI 9200

    My bad, Sorry for the mis-information.....
  11. capnkirby

    ATI 9200

    While I am not sure about the cause of your specific error, the 9200 is not "supported" by the current ATI drivers. Capn
  12. x.org plays a bit differently, in my config it is "Keyboard" and did not work when not capitalized, you can find more about it Here. Good Luck Capn
  13. There should not be any problem running any standard 32 bit OS on the athlon 64, that after all is the cool part about it, it goes both ways... Capn
  14. Got 2.8 up and running, nothing too special, looks like a lot of bug fixes and basic updates to me. Still looks like Gnome and acts like Gnome which is cool by me!! Capn
  15. Been using grip, it's served my needs thus far.... Capn
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