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  1. I gave up!! I CAN'T find ANY reason, why some work and some don't. It's totally independend from GL, because i get some GL-savers working, some not. Here's a list of my 10.0-Workstation-nonworking-savers: Lightning Lorenz-Attractor Maze Ripples Morphing Lines Munch Penrose Squiral Galaxy FlipFlop GLSnake XJack Jigsaw vidwhacker xsublim Apple ][ Pong
  2. I just can't select every GL-screensaver, half of them just show up black?! Does somebody have an idea to solve this?
  3. Just a bad story: 1. downloaded the free MNF 2. installed it 3. couldn't log into it over LAN. Took me half an hour to find out, that the shorewall did run from the beginning with default settings 4. Had taken the firewall out of the server-room again to connect it to keyboard and monitor in another room to log into and stop the shorewall 5. NOW, i could log into it over LAN 6. configured all settings EXACTLY according the english manual with screenshots. Have exactly the same features as described in the manual (two NICs, one pointing to a DSL-modem) 8. deleted the DMZ-zone, cause i don't need it 9. shorewall was broken 10. found out, that "DMZ" wasn't deleted all over, just in some files, not in every 11. deleted DMZ by hand in all config's 12. shorewall started up again 13. added ONE default masquerading route for the clients, EXCACTLY as described in the docs 14. however, the clients couldn't connect. Only the firewall is in the internet (yes, gateways are defined as should and yes, DNS works) 15. spent additional 4 hours to find the error in the network/iptables-rules until i gave up and decided to take another product, hopefully MUCH more professional (next i will try out shorewall) ........ :bounce8: [moved from Installing Mandrake by spinynorman]
  4. After having uninstalled all screensavers and reinstalled them (Original Distro-packages), including rss_glx and kde-opengl-screensavers, there are no GL-savers any more?! Is there a trigger i'll have to push somewhere?
  5. Yes. The problem is, that all pages with alittle bit more content than text get wrong. The printer alleges "out of memory" several times when i am trying to print bigger pages. At my opinion, the cups doesn't correctly synchronize with the onboard-memory of the printer....
  6. I've tried out now every delivered driver in printerdrake, always the same result: The printer prints only parts of the pages! The first half, 2 third, some times only some stripes..... It's a Laserjet 5SI, connected over TCP. Any ideas?? Doesn't make a good impression that i am the only one with linux AND am the only one who can't print clearly... Greets, qd
  7. Hi again, i want to add an LM10 user, that is VERY secure for me, what means that he/she shouldn't be allowed to do anything but using the applications from the menus. Additionally, this user should not be able to view the filesystem above his home. I thought about removing the read and execute rights for "others" from all files, but i am pretty sure, that i will break my system with this method, so i am asking, what you have done.... Greets, qeldroma
  8. Hello again, i never did something with samba, so i've got no clue, what i will have to fight with. What do i want? Tomorrow, i'll have to connect a Mandrake-client to a LAN with Win2000-stucture. The difficulty is, that i'll not have the time to correct something or search a problem! In Detail, i'll have to show up, that Mandrake on Desktop is usable(!!!) and that there is no problem at all to integrate it in Win2000. Therefore, i will show the installation and after that, the integration in LAN. Can someone PLEASE give me a failsafe step-by-step guide to connect the Mandrake-client as a win2000-client to the LAN without any problem? Please have in mind, that some persons will have a look over my shoulder, so this should take not more than some seconds... The things i'll have to show is that i want to browse shared ressources, so there is a login as a Win2000-user needed. Additionally, i want to use a printer in the network which is managed by< user-rights, too. I am doing this a little bit right out of the blue, but i amsure, that Mandrake can do it, so please give me a help Moved by Ixthusdan
  9. Hello together ! I've got severe problems on several distributions to print some specific PDF or OO-documents. Because nor CUPS neither linux-printing are really in the mood to feel responsible, i am searching now for other users, to narrow down the problem with them. Who wants to contribute?
  10. Reason for RPM is the neat integration of OO in Mandrake. If you install the source from OO directly it is not so well suited in the distro and i would have to finetune a lot. So a LM-RPM would be the easiest way...
  11. Does someone has one? OpenOffice 1.1.1 (important) for LM 9.2? I tried to use the cooker/LM10.0 one, but then i would have to reinstall nearly the whole system because of dependencies
  12. After about one year, i restarted my Homepage with a lot of additional informations about Tweaking X Setting up Terminal-Servers Filesystemhierarchy Filesystembenchmarks etc.. So perhaps you can find there what you searched for since longer (I hope B) ) Greets, Qeldroma
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