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  1. I just noticed something different on your apache test page.. The first line says this: hmmm, never seen that before.
  2. try creating some different folder in /var/www/html/ for experiment's sake... name it "test" and put a copy of "index.html" in that "test" folder. You should be able to view it in a browser just by going to localhost/test/ BTW: you can make index.html (or any web page) in whatever text editor you prefer or could use an editor such as mozilla's composer.
  3. nope.... just when you change a config file or a service / module.
  4. that would be the web page you have been trying to access... IF its not there... then your not going to get it and apache is gonna try to access other files instead... but apache has been configured not to show them, which is why your getting the forbidden messages. I attached a plain index file for your use. index.html
  5. Do these folders exist in /var/www/html/ kilimanjaro-files openaccess Do you have index.html files in those folders? I think he thought he saw a fish in your avatar. :P
  6. if this index file exists... what happens when you try to access it through a web browser: http://localhost/kilimanjaro-files/index.html This is a different service and basically is not ran through apache configs. We need to make sure your apache stuff is configured correctly first.
  7. Is this what yer looking for ? This seems to be for a modem ? Is the sound card a seperate issue then ? IF so, I think the most popular sound card amongst nix users is Sound Blaster. I have been using Sound Blaster cards since Mandrake 8.0 without much problems.
  8. Welcome to MUSB Clarke, If you nose around a bit on the FTP servers you will find some amd64 ISOs. Here's one set of the last "release candidate": ftp://sunsite.uio.no/pub/unix/linux/Mandr...evel/iso/amd64/ Or maybe you could tackle a "net" install from this source: ftp://sunsite.uio.no/pub/unix/linux/Mandr...ommunity/amd64/ * P2P might work too ;) * good luck and wish I had one of those setups coming to my desk. :P
  9. You don't need to buy or sign up for anything Michel. You already have a connection. Just install either apache if you want to serve up webpages or something like proftp if your looking to transfer files thru FTP from a remote computer. You will be able to connect to your server then via your IP address. http://83.134.xxx.xx/ or ftp://83.134.xxx.xx:21 with your normal... username password Then as others said... if you want to use a domain name in place of the IP, you can get that service at the places mentioned.
  10. Yep... "--add-this-kernel" works just like they said it should. But this seems to be running 30 % slower than the previous driver on my system. And glxgears seems to freeze or skip a beat every second. But it does seem to be running smooth. Oh, and I don't know if it helped any, but I reinstalled the source and also uninstalled all the other kernels I wasn't using.
  11. :woot_jump: BINGO ! Mandrake Linux
  12. I installed these nvidia drivers hundreds of times, but I can't get this 6111 version installed either. Here's what is installed: [scoopy@localhost scoopy]$ rpm -qa | grep kernel kernel- kernel- kernel- kernel- kernel- kernel-source-2.6.3-16mdk [scoopy@localhost scoopy]$ uname -r 2.6.3-16mdk So, yes I have the matching source and also am running a later kernel version than the "-4" and still have the same problem... So next I tried bvc's method... both in /usr/src/linux-2.6.3-16mdk and in /lib/modules/2.6.3-16mdk ( wasn't sure which source needed fixin' here ) No errors spit out and so we try again ... still fails. So now I try this other method to: sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-6111-pkg1.run --extract-only and then "make install" I notice that "rivafb driver" message is gone, but still no go: Seems it is NOT finding the kernel to install to. Guess I try this next ? sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-6111-pkg1.run --add-this-kernel sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-6111-pkg1-custom.run But I am not sure of the correct syntax here: sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-6111-pkg1.run --add-2.6.3-16mdk
  13. You have Kmix or aumix installed and running ?
  14. what files are we trying to delete? Guessing you installed something and want to remove this, but it will depend on what type of file you installed. Is it from the "Install Software" program, was it a RPM, or was it from source? Or maybe its something else your trying to remove ???
  15. I believe most of us here turn that welcome screen off and delete those icons and then add the extra sources to urpm's database ourself. You can do this as Sarissi said or with CLI (command line) The main source would be your Install CD's, and then you may want to add another for the updates and another for contrib. Also poplular is PLF. The easiest way is to follow along here: http://urpmi.org/easyurpmi/index.php
  16. Good idea. I am gonna work on this from the other end... running Linux apps in Windows.
  17. My weatherman seems to have quit his job with gDesklets. It was working but the last week or so it only reports "Retrieval Failed" was using this addy: http://weather.yahoo.com/forecast/USPA1325.html I did see some sort of copyright notice flash by during a recent shutdown. Anybody knows what happen?
  18. scoopy

    Lost Documentation

    mandrake-doc-common seems to be just icons... perhaps your looking for something similiar. Following along with my attachment might help you find the right "doc" rpm you want to install
  19. Been battling this same bug here with MDK 10 official and KDE updated to 3.2.3 I was thinking... there is always more than one way to do things and have been trying different commands to accomplish this home file manager. So currently, I right click on desktop icon and select Properties. In the tab for Application and the line for Command, I currently have kfmclient openURL %u Its working at this time, but, I have since forgotten what was originally in there and wondering what all you are using there ?
  20. huh.. what.. it worked. wish things would go as smooth with my own databases. Thanks for letting us know how it worked out and... Your Welcome. :D
  21. This should work... no guarantees tho. Log on to servers' phpMyAdmin Click on the link to "Databases" Click on "desty2k" Click on the tab "SQL" Click the "Browse" button to your local copy of "nuke.sql" (you don't need to upload this w/ the other files... can be in your ~home) Click "go" and it should populate your database with the tables nuke needs. Hopefully that works, if not, I would delete that database they created and create a new one (name it "nuke") by using the create button on the first page you get when you log in to phpMyAdmin. Then do the steps above again.
  22. /*I take it your trying to setup a php-nuke site*/ you could also try webmin or phpMyAdmin to get this done. Use either one to create a new database and then inport that nuke.sql file.
  23. Sure... For KDE install this: kdegraphics-ksnapshot-3.2.3-4mdk
  24. Got to give it a quick once over. Looks promising. My first thoughts are it needs a table of contents and maybe a section on the benifits Linux has over the other guys. (Why Linux ?) What do you intend to do with the book ?
  25. Have no idea what that program is but I would look in /usr/bin and try and find something there close to FreeWnn in its name and try running that from console.
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